Part 11 Adjusting

Several days passed as Chris soon learned to adjust to her new home and her new family. The Acolytes were not that emotional, they kept to themselves, though The Brood was beginning to take a liking to Chris, and of course, Midian, having become the dark philosopher that Taker had made him into, shared a great many ideas with Chris. She knew for a long time that she had powers, and that she tapped into views and realms that ordinary people had no desire to go. She had her views on death, rebirth, the spirit world, the purpose of dreams, sometimes she could talk even the Undertaker into a head spin. It amazed him how interested she was in the things he too believed in.

"No, without a doubt the greatest vampire movie ever made was The Lost Boys." Gangrel proclaimed proudly. "Interview with the Vampire. Anne Rice is undoubtedly the queen of vampire fiction." Christian said refuting Gangrel's claims. "You're both wrong. I say it was Dracula! That is the definitive vampire movie!" Edge declared. "All right, let's ask Chris and see what she says." Gangrel replied haughtily. "Yah Chris, what's your take on this. Which is the best movie?"

"They're all excellent movies, I know cause I have all three on video, but, if you want the definitive vampire movie, it would have to be the movie called "Nosferato." Chris replied. "Nosferato?" The three said together. "But that movie isn't even in color, and there's no sound to it." Edge said with a puzzled look on his face. "True Edge, but it was the definitive vampire movie, what do you think spawned all the other movies. It gave credence to the vampire lore that came out of Europe and Romania. Vampires were not essentially beautiful, romantic creatures that wore tux's and capes. They were ugly, hideous things that had the appearence of a corpse and smelled of death. And they weren't aristocratic either, which is the only contridiction in "Noserato." Vampires were usually loved ones who had come back from the dead to bring death upon their living family members."

The brood sat in amazement. "What good are they then?" Gangrel sneered and proceeded to drink his imfamous thick red liquid from a silver chalice. "It's true. Of course, there are far too many legends about vampires to count. Some lore hold that the very first vampire existed at the same time as the very first man Adam. It is believed that a woman named Lilith was Adam's first wife. Eve came after Lilith refused to comply with Adam about how they were to be positioned during sex. She ran away and was eventually replaced by Eve. Of course, that is only one interperatation. There are some legends that describe vampires as not even looking human."

"You seem to know a lot about these things." Said a deep voice. Chris turned around to find the Undertaker standing in the doorway, a somewhat amused look on his face. "I read and watch a lot of documentories. The knowledge comes in handy."

Part 12 The Spy

Later on that day, Viscera snuck a cell phone out of his jacket. He began to dial a number. The phone rang, and then, a voice called over the other end. "You have some information for me?"

"You better believe it. This Ministry ain't all powerful like that dead man wants you to believe. There's a weakness I think you'll want to exploit."

"Yes, a weakness on the Undertaker is well worth exploiting. What is this *weakness*?"

"Believe it or not the dead man's got the hots for a girl he brought here a several days back. He calls her Chris. He's damn in love with this girl. We can use her to destroy him and his whole army o rif-raff." Viscera said coldly.

"Good. Very good. This will indeed prove useful. Stay there for now and play along with his game. Any suffering you have incurred you will be well compensated for, I promise you."

"I hope so. When do I call you again?"

"There will be a message for you at the next venue. You'll recieve your instructions then. Is the Undertaker on to you?"

"He don't suspect a thing, Mr. Macmahon."

"Good. All is going according to plan. Kane will be out of my hair after tomorrow night, then you will recieve instructions on what to do with the girl."

"Understood." Viscera quickly turned off the phone and then hid it before anyone saw him. He laughed evily to himself and then rubbed his hands together thinking of the wealth Macmahon would soon give him. Then he returned to the front room knowing the time had almost come for the Ministry to convine. Chris was away in her room taking a nap when she felt a gentle tapping upon her shoulder. She opened her eyes and sleepily rubbed them and stretched her arms. She saw Taker standing there at her bedside. "Is everything all right?" Chris asked wearily. "Things are fine. I want you to come with me for a moment. I have something for you."

"All right." Chris said getting up off her bed and following Taker. He walked outside the mansion with Chris walking beside him. "What is it you have for me?" Chris asked with a hint of curiosity. "You will see. I worry you do not get enough time outside, so I got something I think will motivate you to get out more. Midian, bring him." Taker ordered. Chris' eyes widened in amazement as Midian walked out with a huge black stallion trotting slowly beside him. She looked in awe at the animal. He had to be the blackest of all horses. "Oh he's...he's gorgeous!" Chris exclaimed as she looked at the animal. "He's yours." Taker said, a small hint of a smile crossing his lips. "I....I don't know what to say. He's, he's absolutely stunning."

"Don't worry, he's already saddle broken. I would be a little careful though. He can be a little high spirited." Midian said patting the horse's neck.

Chris walked up to the stallion and patted his neck. The horse instantly nuzzled Chris. She looked at him in amazement. She suddely realized what the horse reminded her of. "My dream carrier. Nightstar...."

"Dream carrier?" Midian asked puzzled.

"Yes, in my dreams I rode a huge black stallion that I named Nightstar. And that is who this horse reminds me of."

Part 13 Kidnapped!

Chris lay in her bed sleeping. Night had fallen and she was tired from a day of riding and getting to know her new companion. She was unaware that someone stood at her door watching her sleep, The Undertaker. Did she know just how much the Lord of Darkness had come to cherish her? Her presence with him gave him some light to his dark soul, a light that he was convinced he would never feel or have, but with her, now he felt it. What was it about her that fascinated him so much? Was it her innocence, her strength, her will, or perhaps it was all of these things that captivated him so. He had seen what happened to the girls of her world. They most likely came from broken homes, or came from good homes but were just rebellious and willing to take risks they should not have. He watched them become the play things of men, prostitutes, strippers, drug addicts, drug dealers, madams, even cold blooded killers. Chris was none of those things. She had resisted the temptations, the evils of her world. That she had that much strength, perhaps that is what made him so fond of her. Innocence like hers was rare in the world of mortals…and in his world, it didn't exist at all. He would do all in his power, holy or not to protect her. One such as her was indeed rare, and one so rare had to be protected.

He wanted to stay there, never wanting this moment to end. She was so beautiful when she slept, so peaceful, like a child though she be a grown woman. He realized how much he loved her. At first he thought of making her a part of the ministry, only to protect her, but now, he would make her even more than that. He would make her his wife if she would consent to it. But then he wondered if they became so involved, would the innocence he so cherished be lost? Would she be the same if they married? He loved her, but did not want to force into something she was not prepared for. He felt confusion. He felt himself losing focus. It was something he could not worry about now. Chris was there. He knew she loved him. And if she so desired to become his bride, she would let him know. That she was there, that she wanted to be with him, for the moment, was all that mattered.

Viscera too stood in watch of the two…but love and innocence were the last things on his mind. He had other ideas, like helping Vincent Macmahon end the Ministry of Darkness once and for all, and Chris was the key to its destruction. He hid in the shadows so Taker would not see him. Tomorrow night was the next house show, and the Ministry planned to be there in full force.

Chris awoke the next morning. She got up and found a huge silver platter next to her. She saw that breakfast had been prepared for her. She found a note lying next to the covered platter. "Chris, I and the others have had to leave early to get ready for the house show later on. I've made sure you're provided for. We will return late tonight. Taker."

"I guess I'm on my own today." Chris said to herself and took off the lid. There was French toast, strawberry syrup, and sliced bananas. "Oh he read me like a book." Chris said and began to eat. Afterwards she got dressed and looked in the huge door mirror to see if she approved of her new look. She wore a black mini flutter skirt and a black velvet body suit. Black shimmer tights and black suede boots completed the outfit. She left her room and left the mansion to go get Nightstar.

Meanwhile, Taker and his soldiers arrived at the arena and prepared for the day's events. While deep in thought, Viscera snuck away. Test, the corporation's hired gun was waiting for him. "Mr. Macmahon sends his regards." Test replied arrogantly. "The plan in here?" Viscera inquired. "All you'll ever need to know. The guns are in place at the mansion. No one knows anything. The girl is kidnapped, and we use her to get the walking dead to end this crusade of his." Test answered. "Sounds good, sounds real good." Viscera chuckled coldly. "Mr. Macmahon will be in touch soon."

Chris walked into the makeshift stable Taker had made for Nightstar until a more suitable one could be constructed. She neared the stallion as it began to whinny and toss his head nervously. "Whoa, what is it boy? What's wrong?" Chris asked. Without warning Nightstar suddenly reared up and neighed loudly. "Grab her!" A voice shouted. Before Chris could scream she found herself restrained by armed men. "Shut up! Do as you're told, and you live. Mr. Macmahon has got plans for you."

Taker halted his meditations for a moment. He sensed something was wrong. But could not figure out what it was that disturbed him. Midian noticed the change in Taker's demeanor. "Master, what is wrong?" He asked. "I don't know, but something isn't right. As soon as the show is done, we must head back to the mansion. I want to be sure Chris is all right." Taker answered in a serious tone. Test sneaked around the corner. He looked at Viscera and got close enough to pass a note to him. "We've got her." It read. Visceral smiled to himself knowing his own revenge would be close at hand. He'd make Taker pay for forcing him into the Ministry. But the doings did not go without witness. Another member of the corporation, Chyna, saw what was going on. She watched as the two conspired. She, like Viscera, was not as she appeared to be. Chyna was a spy as well, but she was out to stop the corporation, but for D-X, not the Ministry. She decided it was time to take manners into her own hands.

Part 14 The Plan

Chris awoke to find herself in a room; it was small and dark, no windows, nothing. There was only a locked door. She felt a sudden wave of both fear and anger rush over her. Macmahon, she should have known that a scum bag like him would be behind this. But what puzzled her was how in hell did he know where she was, or who she was. Taker would not have told anyone outside the Ministry of her existance, let alone a bastard like Vince. How could he possibly have known? Then it struck her. She remembered how she asked Midian about Viscera's conduct and his lack of respect. Midian, The Brood, The Acolytes, Paul Bearer, none of them could have told Macmahon, and most certainly not Taker himself. That left only one person left, Viscera. Now she knew who the traitor was. But at the moment, she had bigger problems. What did Vince have planned for her? Would he kill her? Keep her captive until the Ministry was destroyed? Would he let his corporate thugs have their way with her? All the possibilities frightened her to no end. Then the door opened. There stood the members of the Corporation, including the two main leaders, Vince and Shane Macmahon. "So, you must be the little darling who has stolen the heart of our dear Undertaker."

Chris looked at the Macmahon's with sheer hatred. The sight of them both made her physically ill. "Don't you speak the name of the Lord of Darkness with such disrespect." She growled. "Oh but you must understand. It is HE who has disrespected me. You see; I was hoping that it would not have to come to this. But after his actions last week, I'm afraid I had no choice in the matter. You see; he made me do this. By threatening me in that way, and then causing the weak link in the corporation, Kane, to lose that inferno match last week, well, I'm afraid I had to respond with drastic measures of my own." Vince said with a sneer.

"And just how is it he threatened you? What could be so horrible that you had to resort to kidnapping me? He is the life blood of your company. He's done so much for you, and how do you repay him?" Chris hissed.

"Life blood….Ha! The man is death itself. He's a demon! He's the devil himself! How can you even show concern for the man who caused you to end up in the mess you're in now?" Vince sneered back. Chris looked at him, showing not one grain of fear. "I love him. You and the whole world may sneer and condemn me if you will but I will not ever leave him. I will remain faithful to him until there is no breath left within me. I shall love him till time's end." Chris proclaimed defiantly. "Well, times end may come very soon for you my dear. Because if the Undertaker doesn't give up this ridiculous crusade to take MY company away from me, you'll be the next person he buries."

"Let's not kill her too son boss….I think she's kind of cute myself. Maybe we could * change * her attitude." Test said looking at Chris with eyes of lust. "Later Test. Business before pleasure." Shane interjected. Chyna looked on; growing ill of the treatment Chris was receiving. She knew how Chris felt. Though not as romantic as Chris, Chyna knew what it was to love. It was a love she had to put on hold to be D-X's spy. No one knew it, but she was not a true member of the Corporation. She very much loved Triple H. But that love had to be given up for now for the better of the group. She was going to get Chris out, somehow.

Part 15 Dark Rage

Taker and the Ministry left for the mansion after the show. Something, Taker knew something was not right, and he wanted to get home as soon as possible to make sure Chris was ok. He was not prepared for what he would find. "Chris, Chris, you here?" He called. No answer. Now he was beginning to worry. "Maybe she's upstairs and she didn't hear you." Midian said. "No. Something is not right here." Taker said and then looked back out the door to find Nightstar roaming outside the stables. "The stable..something's happened."

A sense of fear washing over him, he walked quickly to the stables as Midian took Nightstar's halter and led him back to his stall. Taker looked and saw the signs of struggle. He knew then what had happend, and who had done it. "Dear God...they took her. They took Chris." Taker growled under his breath. "But why? Why would Vince take Chris?" Midian asked. "I want to know how in hell Macmahon even knew about Chris. There was no way he could have known about her being with us. I never told her." Taker then glared at Paul Bearer. "I didn't tell him."

"Master you know the acolytes and I would not betray your trust. We would have guarded Chris with our lives." Midian said truthfully. "We would not have told Vince about Chris. We don't even like the man. Besides, I've never had someone stand up to me in a debate the way she did. She has spirit." Gangrel said with a hint of respect and admiration. That left one person, Viscera. "I should have known." Taker growled becoming visibly infuriated. "You don't have any proof. How could I tell Vince bout your little concubine." Viscera snarled. "That alone is proof of your guilt. You did it didn't you? You set her up."

"What you gonna do bout it? I better tell you right now if you have your goons lay one hand on me, your woman gonna end up in a whole lot of pain. See, they got they got me wired dead man. If you so much as lay a hand on me, then the girl is gonna bite the dust. And if you don't believe me...I'll be more than glad to call up ol Vinnie Mac myself. I got his phone right here. In fact, I believe my instructions are to call him right now." Viscera sneered evilly. "You traitor! How dare you betray our lord!" Midian shouted. "Shut up! Just remember who's holding the cards. You're not gonna muscle in on me this time dead man. I told you I didn't want nothing to do with you, or your band of rif raf. Now, you're gonna set me free."

"Don't count on it." Taker snarled. "Oh yes you are Undertaker." A voice said from a speaker. It was Vince Macmahon, speaking over a pa system that was connected to the cell phone. "Macmahon, I should have known you'd be cowardly enough to attack one of my own while I was gone. Let her go, and I let your hitman here live." Taker growled. "Oh no, it's the other way around. You're going to let *MY* corporate hitman go, or the girl is going to be the next person you bury." Macmahoh threatened. "Macmahon, so help me, if you harm one hair on her head..."

"I don't believe you're in the position to make threats anymore. You see, you had a chance to know your place, but you refused. You see no one, not even you, can challenge my corporation. I am, and always will be the owner of this company. I will run things the way I see fit, and I will do whatever I choose to keep it that way. And there is nothing you can do to stop me. Of course, you can pursue this crusade of will get the girl killed, but then again Taker, why should you care? What's so special bout this girl?"

"A bastard like you wouldn't understand." Taker replied angrily. "Oh come now. I don't believe it. The Lord of Darkness, gone soft, over a woman? Why I thought I'd never see the day. Now the rules are simple. You will free my man from your little army, and you will give up trying to take the WWF away from me, or....I will have to see that this poor, sweet, innocent girl's life is*cut down in her prime...* isn't that how you would phrase it?" Macmahon sneered. "I'm warning you..."

"And I'm warning you. Back off. You can't win this war Taker. You give up, and the girl lives, you keep on, and she dies, and you'll be defeated anyway. Now, I believe the limo is coming to pick my partner up. I trust you will let him go safely. I'd hate for anything to happen to your little friend here." Macmahon replied coldly. Then, Taker's heart froze. "Taker! Don't do it! Don't let him go!" The last thing he heard was a muffled cry....the last thing he heard from Chris. "What's it going to be Taker? Your crusade, or the girl's life."

"Damn you to hell Vincent Macmahon. Let him go." Taker growled. "But master we can't..."

"You heard me! Let him go!" Taker yelled thunderously. "Good to see you have some sense of compassion left in you after all. Now, I expect you to show up at Titan towers tomorrow morning, and then, you'll prove to me that you're going to end this Ministry of yours. I want you to sign in my presence a statement saying you will not attemtp to take WWF away from me, and then, also in my presence, you will disband the Ministry of Darkness. Agreed?"

"Master no, you can't." Midian said. "I have no choice Midian." Taker replied gritting his teeth at what he was about to say. "....Agreed."

"Good. Then we understand each other then. As soon as you have done what I asked, then I will turn the girl over to you. I want to keep her for now, to make sure you don't get any ideas." Macmahon said with a laugh and then his voice faded out. Taker stood there looking at Viscera with pure hatred in his eyes. "The Devil damn you to hell Vincent Macmahon."

"Hey, it was your fault dead man. You shouldn't have trusted me, and you shouldn't have left her alone. See ya in the morning, dead dog..." Viscera said as he laughed out the door. Taker looked at the remaining members of the ministry, and then down at the floor. "They are going to pay for this." He snarled and stomped off. The other members dared not follow him. They all had felt his wrath, and dared not to incur that wrath again.

Volume 4