For seven years now almost I've watched you. Intrigued by your mystery and awed by your skill, and enthralled by the strange beauty that only you possess. You've been a source of strength to me in times of darkness. All that I want to say in my heart...alas, I cannot. It would not be appropriate for me to reveal such feelings...not of lust, not of wanton desire...only of love and admiration. For years now I've watched you grow and evolve, your character ever changing, yet staying the same. My walls covered with your visage, your voice always playing in my mind...but sometimes, it hurts because I know I will never know you. I know that I'm only a face in a sea of millions...nameless in a sea of names. It means so much to me when I see you...and when you're gone, I feel so empty. It's never the same when you are gone. It would mean so much to just look into your eyes, to touch your beautiful face just once...but it is a privilage I'll never have. I see so many getting the chance to get close to you, if even for a second. I will never have that chance. I wish, I hope, I pray...but I guess in truth, it's never meant to be. I can only watch you from afar...only see you through a tv screen. Sometimes I cry knowing it means so much to me...but I guess it's not to be. So I guess I will have to be content by watching you on a glass screen. I guess....that is all I'm permitted to have. But, I guess that at least seeing you on a screen and seeing you in all your glory that way is better than not seeing you at all. Sometimes I just wish that for once this dream I've had for so long would come true...even if it was only once...I just wish that once, I could be the lucky one to meet you.

I can only hope that maybe somehow you'll find this and read it....I just wish I could meet you....even if it's only once.