UT Gallerys

Here are some galleries I have built for those of us who simply cannot get enough of looking at The Lord of Darkness and his baby brother. Some of these pics, *the ministry gallery in particular* are screen captures donated by a dear friend of mine, Storm. Also, several of the Kane pics were also used with her permission from her sights. One gallery in particular will be a special gallery with visions of the Dark Lord as seen through the eyes of a talented young lady known as Kanike. I must stress that the pictures she has created for my sight are made specifically for my sight and may not be used on any sights other than mine.

Ministry Gallery

Enbalming pictures provided by Denise Willaims.

The Enbalming Incident

Screen Captures of Taker on Poltergiest

Kanike and Christine's Tribute to the Lord of Darkness

Screen shots from Sci Fi Heat

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Dark Creations