Volume 5

Part 20

The rains became fierce as the wind began to blow hard. Storm and Kane went into their bedroom. Kane had made a fire in the hearth so the cabin would not grow too cold. Storm felt him scoop her up into his massive arms. "Kane," Kane pressed his lips to hers. He laid her down on the bed. "You stay here love. I'll be right back." Kane said with a Cheshire cat like grin. Storm waited anxiously on the bed waiting for her husband to return. He returned carrying a bottle of wine, a glass and a bowl of strawberries. "And what might those be for love?" Storm asked raising one eyebrow. "You'll soon find out my sweet." Kane said with a sly grin. He set the things down and sat beside Storm pulling her into his arms. He pressed his lips onto her neck eliciting a soft moan from her. Patiently the two undressed each other. Storm reached up and touched Kane's chest. She heard the quiet growl rumble from within. His large hands roamed all across her body. He pressed his lips ever lovingly against her breasts. "Oh Kane," she sighed. He felt her soft hands on his muscular shoulders, rubbing his neck, and wrapping his long brown hair around her fingers.

He sat up and got the bowl of strawberries setting it between him and Storm, then he poured a glass of wine. He dipped a strawberry in the wine and then proceeded to hold it up to Storm's mouth. Before she could bite into it he teasingly pulled it away. "Kane, how am I supposed to eat it when you pull it away from me like that?" Kane chuckled softly and smiled at his wife. "If you want it dear, you have to come get it." Kane said putting the end of it in his mouth."

"Ohhh, so that's your little game." Storm giggled. She leaned forward and opened her mouth taking the exposed end of the berry between her lips. They both bit at the same splitting the berry in half. After eating it, they kissed once more, their tongues exploring savoring the sweet taste of the strawberry and the wine in their mouths. Kane took another berry and put it in the wine as well. He took it back out and softly touched it to Storm's neck. She sighed feeling the coolness against her warm skin. Kane pressed his mouth to her neck lapping the wine that dripped down to her chest. Storm laid back as her husband continued to suck the liquid running down her neck. She felt him gliding the berry across the curves of her breasts. She moaned in ecstasy feeling him lick the wine where it had dropped. "Kane, my sweet Kane." She groaned.

He looked back up and she grabbed his face. Pulling him to her she kissed him passionately. She took a berry and bit off the tip of it, then ran the exposed part along Kane's chest. She sat up and kissed the red juice as it trickled down. Kane sighed feeling the soft lips of his wife against his massive chest. They held each other, touching, caressing until they ached to be joined. "Kane, oh Kane please." Storm sighed. "Yes my darling. My body aches for you." Kane moaned softly. Storm laid back as Kane lay over her, sliding ever so slowly into her. She put her arms around him holding him tightly as he rested his weight on his elbows. He slowly began to move within her. With great ease he glided back and fourth within her. His breathing became shallow as he felt her surround him in her warmth. "My love," he sighed. "Kane, my beloved." Storm moaned arching her back. The sensations grew stronger and stronger as she felt the waves of pleasure crash over her body. She felt Kane's muscles stiffen letting her know how close he was. The tension soon becoming too much, they both cried out their release. Kane fell off of Storm, heaving for air. Storm too feeling drained lay beside her husband as he took her into his arms. "I love you Kane." She sighed snuggling up to him. He put the wine and strawberries back on the night stand and took one to feed to Storm. She nibbled on it contentedly. The sound of the pouring rain made them both begin to feel sleepy. Kane pulled the huge comforter over them both. They both held each other tightly and slowly drifted off as the rain lulled them to sleep.

Part 21

The night came as Storm and Kane laid together in bed. Though they'd been a sleep for a while, they woke up and looked into each other's eyes. This was their last night up in the cabin. Tomorrow they would head back home. "It's been so wonderful up here Kane. I hope we are able to come up here again someday." "I do to Storm." Kane replied wrapping his massive arms around Storm. She snuggled up to him feeling the warmth of his giant body. "I imagine Chris and Taker must miss us." She sighed. "They'll do without us for one more night. Besides, I can imagine Chris and my brother have been so wrapped up in their own passions, we may not have even crossed their minds." Kane said with a soft chuckle. "No. She thinks about me. I can sense it. She's probably doing every thing she can to avoid too much stress, what with the baby and all."


"Yes Kane." "Do you think you and I will ever have a child someday?" "If that is what we both want. I've thought about being a mother. I would give you a child if that is what you wanted." "It's as you said, what we both want. But we don't have to worry about that right now. This is our last night up here. I just want to enjoy it with you."

"So do I dear Kane, so do I." Husband and wife laid still once more in each other's arms and fell asleep. The rains gradually ceased, and the night passed quietly away into dawn.

Morning came as the sun shined through the shaded windows. Storm wearily opened her eyes and began to stir in Kane's arms. Kane felt the moving of his wife and himself awakened from his sleep. "Morning love." He said softly. "Oh, the skies have cleared up. At least the weather will be nice for the trip back home." Storm replied. "We had better get ready. The car will be here to pick us up within the hour." "I'll miss this place." Storm said. "Don't worry love. We can come back up here soon. All I have to do is tell father and I'm sure he can arrange it for us." Kane replied. They got up and got dressed. Both enjoyed a quiet breakfast together before checking to see they had packed everything they'd brought on the trip. The car drove up and the two newlyweds got in and were on their way home.

Part 22

Storm, still a little sleepy snuggled up to Kane and rested her head upon his massive chest. He had his mask back on seeing as they were entering town again. It felt almost strange to wear it once more, but the storyline and the description Mcmanhon told him to live up to, the mask had to go back on. But it was wonderful those few fleeting days, able to walk about without fear of someone seeing him. But now it was back to reality and back home where his older brother, father and Chris would be waiting for him and his bride Storm. The car pulled up. Kane gently nudged Storm awake. "We're home love." "Oh, I must have fallen asleep. I guess I better wake up." Storm replied. She and Kane felt the car come to a stop. A butler and house maid came out to get the luggage. Kane and Storm emerged from the car and walked inside the house. Chris rushed up to Storm and hugged her. "Ohh, I've missed you sis." Chris said. "I missed you too. Oh Kane and I had the most wonderful time." "Come on. You can tell me all about it while I help you unpack." Chris said as she and Storm went upstairs. Taker came out and looked at his brother, a grim look on his face. "Brother, what is it?" "I've been given the script for the next few weeks. Mcmanhon is trying his best to push me too far. I can't believe what he wants me to do."

"What, what is it that's so horrible?" Kane asked. "Oh, it's this whole thing with Austin, son." Paul answered. "The things we're gonna have to do shouldn't even be telecast on live television, but we have to go through with it none the less. As if the attack from behind isn't enough, now Taker and I have to kidnap Austin from his hospital bed, then try to bury him alive, then, oh it's too horrible to even think about." Paul ranted, his wide face turning red. "What, what is it?" "We have to enact a scene where I try to enbalm Austin, ...alive." Taker said sucking in a sharp breath. "Good God." Kane gasped. "Yes, that's what I thought. But that's nothing compared to the two following weeks up to this damned Buried Alive match. And that bastard swore there would never be another one like it."

"I can't believe what that, that, Macmanhon is gonna make us do. Kane, I hate to have to tell you how the script will go, but it reads I have to force you into a mental institution. That sob, make me force my son into the loony bin...ohh" Paul started clutching his heart. "Father!" Kane gasped. "Paul, Paul calm down! You know what the doctor said. You cannot stress out on this. Kane and I know it's only a damn script. Quite frankly I'd love to slap Mcmanhon on a table and enbalm him alive!"

"Why is he doing this to us?" Kane asked helping his father to sit down. "I'm all right son. I'll be fine. I just hate that you and your brother have to go through this mess, and I'm sorry you had to hear it now, just after you came back from your honeymoon."

"Don't worry about father. My brother and I can handle it. It's best right now to make things as stressless as possible. Remember Chris is carrying a baby. And soon she'll be showing and that means the baby will be more vunerable if she suffers undue stress. Things must be as calm as possible around here." Kane explained. "That must be first and foremost on our minds. Chris is already beginning to show slightly. She has an appointment with the doctor next week. I want things as calm as possible for her. She's been through so much already. She tries to hide it, but she knows this script bothers me. She tries so hard to keep me focused, but she needs to take more care of herself than me."

Storm and Chris were unpacking and talking about how wonderful the stay in the mountains was. "So did anything *interesting* happen?" Chris asked with a sly smile. "Now, now sister, a lady never kisses and tells,... but sisters are a different matter." Storm said with a giggle. "Oh, he was so sweet. We walked in the woods, watched the sun set over the moutains, and had the most romantic evenings. He is the sweetest man I've ever known."

"I'm glad you two have each other...ohh," Chris said holding her head suddenly. "Chris! Are you all right? Here, sit down." Storm gasped seeing Chris' face contorted in pain. "Ohhh, these damn dizzy spells. I'll be glad when they go away."

"Here, I'll help you to your bedroom."

"She can't be stressed out when..." Taker looked up to see Storm leading Chris to her and Taker's bedroom. "Chris. Chris are you all right?" He called seeing how weak she looked. "She's all right. It's just a dizzy spell. She'll be all right." Storm said seeing the worried look on Taker's face. "Chris, love, are you ok?"

"I'm fine Taker. I am pregnant after all. These things happen. I'll be all right."

Part 23

Several days passed. The script was not kind. It was only a few days before a crucial match with Austin. Taker knew the stress was getting to him, but he tried very hard not to show it to Chris. He knew she worried aobut him, and he didn't want her getting over stressed. He knew she might have problems with the pregnancy if stress got too high. He did his best to act calm around her, but that night, he couldn't. Chris found him in their room, his head buried in his hands. His eyes red. "Taker?" Chris asked softly. She walked up to him, but was careful to keep her distance. He looked up. He knew she'd seen the terrible spectacle with Monday night. "Chris, it...it's ok. I'm just stressed out. I tried, I tried not let you see me like this. I...just didn't want to worry you." Taker said trying to compose himself. "It's about that thing with Austin isn't it?"

"I didn't want you to see that. Chris, I wish you didn't have to see me act like this. I know it hurts you, this damned script, hurts you, me, Kane, and in that it hurts Storm, Paul. Oh Damn Him Macmanhon!" Taker yelled. Chris stepped back from him. She knew he would never intentionally hurt her, but still, when he got angry, he could be nasty. "Chris, I'm, I'm sorry. Please, don't be frightened. You know I could never hurt you. Please, come to me." His voice softly beckoned. Chris immideately walked to him and went into his arms. "Love, I hate that you have to see me like this."

"It's all right. We'll all get through this. Ohhhh, my head." Chris said as she felt a throbbing headache coming on. "Honey, oh, I've gotten you all stressed out. Here, you lay down. Easy now, just lay down easy." Chris climbed on the bed and laid down. Taker sat at her side, gently pushing the bangs away from her forehead. "Ohhh, feel so dizzy."

"It's ok honey. You're body is adjusting."

"I know. The doctor said these things are typically normal. They just hurt like hell when they happen. I'll be ok." Chris said rubbing her head. Taker leaned over her kissing her with great tenderness. She responded putting her arms around him. "Things will get better. You have to believe that." She whispered. "I know. My love, carrying our child, I just want you to take care of yourself. Do not over worry yourself over me. I'll be all right. I do not express my pain to others openly very much. It's who I am. But I will be all right. Don't worry about me love." He said leaning over her, nuzzling her gently.

Storm and Kane watched from a distance, then they returned to their own bedroom. "My brother, he's so unhappy. He hates this. This thing with Austin, it's grown so old. No one is happy with it, accept Mcmanhon. My father, he...he was so upset after the inncident. I think I could here him praying for forgiveness the whole night. I've never seen him so unhappy. And what I had to do to him..." Kane lowered his head, a tear fell from beneath the red mask. "Kane, it's all right. Paul knows you didn't mean it intentionally." Storm said putting her arms around Kane. But the stress became too much for him and he fell to his knees weeping. "Kane, oh Kane, it's all right." Storm said kneeling beside her husband.

Chris asleep, Taker walked out of their room. Paul came around the hall at the same time. Paul heard a hoarse weeping coming from Kane and Storm's bedroom. "Oh no, he's upset himself again. Damn Vince Mcmanhon. He's made my son a nervous wreck!"

"Get a hold on yourself Paul. He sees you upset it's gonna make him worse. I'll see if I can get him to calm down." Taker said. Paul waited outside as Taker sent Storm out so he could talk to Kane alone. "He's so upset Paul. He feels he's wronged you. He feels he's wronged his brother by helping Austin." "He's very emotional. I over protect him I do. I feel just as terrible, that damned script calling to send him to an institution. He's about the sanest man in the WWF besides his brother. I'm just sorry you and Chris have to see all this. I know it upsets her too. I worry bout her, poor thing, carrying the baby and all."

"Chris is taking it very well, a little too well sometimes. Taker worries about her. She takes so much on herself." Storm said. "I know. I think you both are the best things to happen to my boys. Well, the Undertaker isn't my son, but he's Kane's brother, and he's like a son to me. It's terrible the things we've had to do to one another cause of Mcmanhon's sick mind. I didn't want Kane in the WWF, but, he wanted it so bad. He wanted to be like his brother. I just don't want him suffering the way his brother has."

"We will all get through this. Right now, we all need to be here for Chris. She is the most important person right now." "Yes. Her carrying that little baby, sometimes I find it hard to believe Undertaker being a father." Paul said. "Paul, there is something I have been meaning to discuss with you. Kane and I have thought about someday having a baby ourselves. I wanted to get your thoughts on that. I know Kane and I are married, but we didn't want to do this without you having a say in the matter."

"Well, you're a grown young lady, and Kane is a grown man. But, somehow, I don't think it would be a good idea right now. I worry enough about Taker worrying about Chris. So much stress, it wouldn't be a good idea right now. But, I don't own him. It's whatever you and Kane decide. I'm just a father giving fatherly advice."

"Well, perhaps after this all blows over, you'll be a grandfather giving grandfatherly advice." "Oh heavens, don't go on that. I'm way too young to be called a grandfather."

"Well, your input is very important to Kane, and to me. I don't think a baby for us both right now would be a good idea either. When this whole mess blows over, maybe then we can concentrate on starting a family."

"You'll have my full blessing dear. I know I never told you this, but you've made a big difference in my son's life. After that one incident, I thought I'd never let another woman near him again. But, you I can tell are very devoted to him." "I am Paul. He's my heart and soul. I'd never do anything to hurt him." Storm said.

Part 24

While Paul and Storm discussed things, Taker attempted to calm his baby brother down. "Kane, you have to get a hold on yourself. Paul knows you meant him no harm." "Brother, I feel so ashamed! I caused you to get dragged off to an institution, I put my father down a sewer...I can't take this anymore!"

"KANE! Stop it! You have got to get a hold of yourself. You have to let this go Kane. You cannot let Mcmanhon get to you." Taker said firmly. "Why brother, why is he making us do this to each other?" Kane sobbed. "He's evil. Evil in ways that people don't understand. The man is a tyrant. I hate him just as much as you do Kane. He's taken so much from us. I've lost the fans, I almost lost my family because of that bastard. Chris sees me upset, and it upsets her. And right now her being pregnant, she does not need any undue stress. I know things are hard on you Kane. Things are hard on all of us. But you must be strong. I know that's not easy, but you must have strength. Mcmanhon will pay for what he's done to us. I promise you that. He will pay." Taker growled. "Come on now, calm down. You don't want Storm to see you like this do you? Everything will work itself out." Taker said. Storm walked back into the room finding Kane on the floor on his knees beside his brother. She went and knelt beside Kane. "Kane, are you all right?"

"I'm sorry Storm. I don't mean for you to see me so upset. I...I should not let this bother me so." Kane said with a sigh. "Oh Kane, it's all right. This has all been so hard on you. Everything will be all right love. Taker, you should go be with Chris now. Kane will be safe with me." Storm said as she helped Kane up. They watched Taker leave. Storm led Kane to their bed and helped him sit down. His mask off, he buried his head in his hands and openly wept. Storm put her arms around him and laid his head against her chest. "Oh dear sweet Kane, it's all right. Your father and brother love you very much. Chris cares about you. I love you more than you know. Please, please don't be sad. You've done no wrong. Shhh, hush my love. It's all right now. It's all right. Everything is going to be all right." Storm whispered softly cradling Kane in her arms.

Taker walked through the hall shaking his head in dismay. "Taker, is Kane all right?" Paul asked. "I don't know. Storm is with him now. Hopefully she will be able to calm him where I cannot. Damn that bastard Mcmanhon! Damn him to hell! I'll make him pay for this, all the suffering he's caused our family."

"All right, that's enough. I don't need you getting upset. You need to stay calm for Chris. She's what we need to focus on right now. We have to make sure she's under as little stress as possible."

"I know. The baby is growing faster now. She's already beginning to show. She's going to need me more now than ever before. She will need all of us. She's going through changes she's not used to. It scares her sometimes." Taker said, his voice full of concern. "Chris will be well taken care of. You know Kane,I,you or Storm will let nothing happen to her. But you must stay focused. Sunday night is going to be difficult. I honestly despise this match, but, there's nothing can be done to change it." Paul said. "I only want to get it done and over with. Then hopefully get it out of my mind. I want as much time to focus on Chris now as I can get. I only wish she did not have to see me like this. It upsets her, seeing me hated. It's amazing her strength. Most would have left me by now. Yet, she stands by me."

"That's because she understands you the way most people can't or refuse to. She doesn't see evil with you, Taker. She sees the love you have for her. She's more forgiving than most people. I don't know where she got her strength from, but it's there." "She's been through a lot in her young life. Her heart's been broken many times. And I know it breaks her heart now to see me hated. But she stands by me none the less."

Part 25

Kane lay on his back, tears still coming from his eyes. Storm laid over him, gently wiping his tears away, stroking his cheek. "It's all right Kane. I'm here." Storm said softly. Kane reached up and touched his brides face. "I, I'm sorry you have had to see me like this."

"Oh Kane, you have nothing to apologize for. It's all right to shed tears. Sometimes weeping is the only way to purge the suffering from your soul. Everything will be all right my love." Storm said gently. Kane took Storm into his arms. She laid her head up on his massive chest. "I love you Kane." Storm sighed. "And I love you Storm. You've accepted me as I am. I'm forever greatful for that."

"Yours is a beautiful soul Kane. Even after all that has happened to you, you have a kind and gentle heart. That is what makes you beautiful Kane. It doesn't matter what people see on the outside. I don't see the scars on your face as terrible because your soul makes them disapear in my eyes. Yours is one of the most beautiful souls I've ever seen. Kane,..." Storm sighed as Kane pulled her face to his capturing her lips in a soft, passionate kiss. She snuggled close to him, holding onto him very tightly. Storm looked at her husband, and suddenly locked her lips onto his with fierce passion. The suddeness nearly shocked him to death. He put his arms around her, tightening his embrace around her. She pressed her lips against his neck and started unbuttoning his shirt. "Oh Kane, my love I want you!" Storm sighed tossing her head back pressing her hands on Kane's chest. He unbuttoned her velvet blouse and slowly unhooked her bra. She let out a gasp of pleasure feeling his mouth against her swelling breasts. "Oh Kane, my beautiful Kane!" Storm sighed loudly. She put her hands arms around his neck pressing him fiercly to her. He took hold of her and laid her down. While he unbuttoned the rest of her dress, she quickly unhooked his belt and undid his jeans. "Kane, my darling, oh I need you!"

That did it for Kane. The pleas of his wife, her want for him, his want for her. "Kane, please, now!" Storm gasped. Kane rose abover her as she wrapped her legs around him. "OH!" She cried feeling him enter her. She held onto him tightly as he moved within her. Her body tense, her inner mucsucles tightening, gripping him like a vice. "Storm!" Kane yelled feeling her pulling him in as deep as he could go. "Oh Kane!" She gasped in pleasure. They moved together at a frenzied pace until niether of them could stand the sensations anymore. They cried out at the same time. Kane shuddered as his seed spilled deep within Storm's body. He collasped as he fell off of her, breathing ragged and heavy. Storm laid her head upon Kane's chest as he took her hand in his. "I love you Kane." She sighed. "I love you Storm, my soul."

Kane and Storm laid asleep most of the night. Taker, who could not sleep, walked about the house. The trouble the script had caused, the stress it put on Taker and his lovedones. The angry screams of the people haunted his ears, allowing him no rest. It was not long before he was joined by his wife. "Taker. Are you all right?" Chris asked softly. She walked over to her husband who put a massive arm around her. "I..I just can't sleep Chris. All this stress, all the turmoil over this story line, it just has me undone." Taker said holding Chris to him. Her stomach was growing larger to accomodate the growing child. They both noticed they couldn't stand face to face as they usually did. It would be awhile before they could do that again. Chris stood sideways with her husband holding her as close to him as he could. "Chris, you really should be in bed." "I know, but I had to get up and walk, or else I'd really be sore." Chris said. "I know dear. Forgive me that I worry so. I do not mean to come down upon you so much. I guess I worry so for you and the others." Taker said softly. "Especially Kane." "Yes, my brother, this is all so hard for him to understand. He thinks one thing but is told to do another. I hated having to fight him, having to trap and trick him, and him having to do the same to me, and Paul having to be in the middle of it. Mcmanhon, that bastard. He's the cause of all this. So damned set on his damned ratings. Look, I, won't go into it. I don't want you seeing me upset. You've had to see that enough." "Come on husband, let's go back to bed. You'll feel better once we've slept."

"I don't know that I can sleep love."

"Well, there are other things we can do in our bedroom besides sleep." Chris said as a wicked smile crept across her face. The couple walked back hand in hand to their bedroom.

The next morning, the two couples woke up and met in the kitchen to have breakfast. "Kane, are you feeling better?" Chris asked softly, her voice full of concern. "Yes, I'm better Chris." Kane replied. "How are you feeling sis?" Storm asked. "I'm a little dizzy, but I'm ok. I go to the doctor today for an ultrasound." Chris said. As she spoke, the phone rang. Paul went to answer it. "No Mr. Mcmanhon he cannot. He is busy today and has no time for you." Paul said sternly over the phone. "Look Bearer, you tell Undertaker he has to be at this press conference it is of vital importance. I must have him present." "Look Taker cannot be bothered by you. I will go in his place." Paul said sterner than before. "And may I ask why the Undertaker cannot be present." Demanded Macmanhon. Taker went to the phone and took it from Paul. "Because I'm going with my wife to the doctor for her ultrasound and cannot be bothered with your nonsense. You want one of us there, you can take Paul or take nothing. Goodbye." Taker growled and slammed down the phone. He walked back into the kitchen. Paul looked at him. "I'm not letting him interfer in my life like this Paul. This day is very important to Chris and by the almighty I am going to be there with her. Maybe he doesn't regard family as sacred, but I do. Don't worry Chris, I'll be there with you."

"I know."

"Well, I guess I have some packing to do. You four I trust will be all right whilst I'm gone?" Paul asked. "Paul, we're all adults here. We'll be fine."

"Very well. I'll be back in a few days. I don't know what the hell it is that Macmanhon wants, but it must be important." Paul said. "You go on father. We'll be all right." Kane said. Paul went to get his things packed and signaled for a chuaffure to take him to the airport. As they finished breakfast, the four watched him go.

Book Three Dark Lords Daughter