Volume 4

Part 15

Days of planning finally came to ahead. The maids and other servants were putting up decorations for the wedding that would soon follow. Storm and Chris were in the private bedroom, careful to keep the door locked so that Kane could not *accidentally* barge in on them while Chris did Storm's makeup. The old tradition went that it was bad luck for the groom to see the bride before they were married, though Storm and Chris giggled that Kane had more than *seen* his blushing bride.

Taker was in his bedroom getting ready. It seemed ironic that not long before he had worn the tux when he and Chris got married. Now he was about to wear the exact same one as the best man at Kane's wedding. Paul of course, as he did Chris, would give Storm away. It gave him some joy that his only son had found love and was about to get married. He feared this day might never come, but now his only fear was walking properly as so he would not fall on his face and make a complete fool out of himself. Of course, the buffet line was a different story, and then, he didn't care about propriety. He just loved the food. Kane stood in front of the mirror looking at his reflection. He looked very dashing in his deep scarlet tuxedo. He figured since he wore red most of the time anyway, he might as well do it now. He looked down at his mask, then at his face. "No, this is my wedding day, and I'll be damned if I'm going to walk down the isle in this damned mask. For one day, I'm going without it." Kane said to himself fixing his hair. Storm found his face beautiful, Chris thought him handsome, though he did not yet know that she had seen him. Taker saw nothing wrong with his baby brother's appearance, and of course, Paul would have no one insulting his baby son's appearance.

Kane dusted any loose hairs from his suit and then left his bedroom. He saw his older brother emerge from his room as well, looking for his own bride. "She is still with Storm. They should be out in a few moments." Kane said. "Kane, I'm glad this day has finally come for you. I see you're going without your mask." "Brother, I wear that damned thing so often, just for once, I want to go without it." Kane said. "Frankly, I don't understand why you wear it at all. You're face is not that terrible." Taker replied. "Because Macmanhon demands it. He thinks me somekind of freak."

"Now enough of that. You're getting married today to someone who loves you very much. I'll not have you getting depressed because of a damned wrestling promoter. When the time is right, he will pay a very cruel price for the pain he's caused us. Not to mention the pain he has done to mother and father's memory."

"He will pay brother."

"Yes, when he least expects it. But enough of this. You're getting married, so think of nothing else but the wedding. And let's both pray your father does not make an absolute hog out of himself this time." Taker said rolling his eyes up. He and Kane shared a quiet chuckle before checking to see if their women were ready. Taker knocked on the door. "Chris, it's almost time." He called. "We're almost ready. Just a few more minutes." Chris shouted. "All right. I'll tell the others to get ready." Her husband called back as he and Kane went to take their places. Chris helped Storm put the final touch on her hair, a deep red rose. The two looked each other over making sure they looked as good as they could look. The two *sisters* hugged each other before getting ready to leave the room. "Are you sure I look all right Chris?"

"You look absolutely beautiful! Kane is very lucky to have you in his life. I'm lucky to have you as my sister. I'm lucky to have Taker for my husband, and you and Kane for in-laws. Well, *sister* it's time for us to go. You're husband to be is waiting.." Chris said with a nervous giggle. "Yes. I'm so nervous."

"Everything will be fine Storm. I know I was very nervous too when Taker and I got married. But you love Kane, and Kane loves you. All will go well. I can feel it. Now come on, everyone's waiting." Chris said as she and Storm rushed out to start the wedding. The bride's maids assembled wearing silver satin dresses, while Chris wore a black velvet dress, and Storm wore her red velvet and satin wedding dress. One of the maids who had a talented voice sang "All I ask of You" from the musical Phantom of the Opera. Storm took Paul's arm as he led her down the isle where Kane waited for her, Taker standing beside him waiting for Chris to join him. She walked behind Storm as they ceremoniously walked toward the priest. The guest stood in honor of the bride, and as she and Paul and the human entourage entered behind them, the company remained standing until everyone stopped and took their places. The guests were seated. Storm stood beside Kane, her hands trembling both with joy and anxiety. Chris took her place beside Taker as they were seated. Paul took his seat as well, and the ceremony began. The preacher gave his speech, and then it was time for the vows to be exchanged. Kane and Storm faced each other. "Storm, as my brother's bride has done for him, so now have you done the same for me. You have brought light into what I was convinced would be a life of darkness and isolation. You saw my face, and loved me despite my imperfections. You gave me something I never believed I would ever truly have, love. I will be forever grateful that God sent me as loving a bride as you. Forever shall I love, cherish, adore and care for you, all the days of my life."

"Kane, from the first moment I saw you I knew your soul had so much light, so much love to give, and so much love that needed to be given. I looked into your eyes and saw the most beautiful soul any woman could ever see. And when you heard my heart call out to you, it meant more to me than the entire world. I will always love you my beloved Kane, now and for all time." With vows proclaimed, the rings were then exchanged. Then, the final statement that the two had been waiting for, "You may now kiss the bride." The preacher stated. Of course, Kane being tall beyond compare, just like his older brother, and Storm being so little, Kane knelt before his bride and they kissed before all that saw them. They turned around and began the traditional walk out of the crowd, everyone throwing rice upon them. Then, just as Kane and Storm reached the end of the hall, Storm, with her back turned, took the bouquet of scarlet roses and threw them over her head. One of the bride's maids caught it. The guests clapped and cheered as the newlyweds exited. Then everyone assembled in the dining hall for the reception.

Part 16

Soon the dining hall was full of people. Storm and Kane talked with some while Chris and Taker were surrounded by others. A young girl that recognized Chris walked over to her. "Christine, do you remember me?" "Yes, I saw you at the house show in Nashville. Jade, right." "Yes. It's true. You and Taker are married." "Yes. We got married not too long ago." Chris replied. "Oh, this is Cindy. She somehow sensed Taker would marry. She saw you in a dream." Jade said. "Really?" Taker asked. "Yes. I could sense the woman you chose to be your bride would have powers. You do have powers, don't you Chris?" "Yes, I do. Taker had reached out to me, though I didn't know what the heck was going on at the time. But when I opened myself up and allowed myself to believe and trust his heart, I finally understood."

Storm stood along side her new husband. Paul stood with other guests beaming of the good news of his son's marriage. Kane could only gaze down at his bride, as she looked up at him as well, both clinging tightly to each other. People stood all around them, eating food, then came time to cut the wedding cake. Kane fed Storm, and Storm fed Kane, though he practically had to kneel down so she could reach him. They kissed each other afterwards. It was obvious the two were getting a little cagey being surrounded by all these people. Both of them were very shy, and also anxious to get on with the honeymoon. It was getting late as several hours had passed. One by one, the guests offered their well wishes to the bride and groom, and left. Pretty soon, the house would soon have peace again, with the exception of the two couples who now resided in it. Soon, night fell, and the two couples retired to their rooms. Kane and Storm looked at each other, both of them blushing. Neither could believe how anxious they felt, for it wasn't the first time they had been together. Storm walked up to Kane. Her face was as red as his tuxedo. He smiled warmly at her knowing he was just as nervous, though he had no idea why. "Kane, I...I don't know why we're so nervous. It isn't like we've never been together." Storm said. "I...I know." Kane said looking down and then at the bed. He walked over to it and sat down, holding out his hand. Storm walked over to Kane and sat beside him. She lifted her hand and touched his face. He pulled her into his arms and gently placed his lips up on hers. They kissed long and deep, and lay down beside each other. Kane reached back and unzipped Storm's dress. He gently slipped it off her shoulders. Her arms free, Storm reached out and started unbuttoning Kane's shirt. It didn't take them too long to undress each other. Kane lay on his back and pulled Storm to him, the upper half of her body on top so she could rest her head against his massive chest. She looked at him as he touched her cheek. "I can't believe you and I are married now Kane." p> "I thought I'd never have a wedding. I thought I'd never be married. You changed all that for me Storm, and I can never repay you enough for coming into my life." "I love you Kane." "I love you too sweet Storm." Kane replied to his wife. They lay together slowly loving each other, enjoying the closeness they felt for each other.

Part 17

The next morning, Kane and Storm packed up and decided to go away to the mountains for their honeymoon. It suited them both, it was quiet, private, and away from all the stresses of the world they would soon have to return to when the honeymoon ended. "We'll be back in a few days. I trust you two won't get too lonely without us." Kane said smirking beneath his mask. "Chris and I will try to survive without you for the weekend." Taker said somewhat sarcastically. Chris looked up at him with that familiar look in her eye. "Yah, we'll think of something whilst you two are gone." She laughed. "From the noise coming from your bedroom, it sounds like you two think up several things." Kane chuckled. "Sister, will you be ok? It seems so strange us parting for the first time since we met." "Storm, you're going to the mountains with your husband for your honeymoon. It isn't like you're not never coming back." Chris said hugging her sister reassuringly. "Ohh, I guess it's just honeymoon anticipation. I can't wait for us to get up there." "You two go on ahead now. The car is waiting." Paul said straightening up his suit. "Paul, for God's sake, you're sending Kane and Storm in a hearse?" "What else would I send them in? Go on, go on, run along, and you be careful. You know there are dangers up there." "Father, I'm a grown man. Storm and I will be just fine." "Yes, yes, I know. I guess I'll have to stop calling you my boy. You're a man now.."

"Will someone please stop the sentimental stuff before I get sick?" Taker grumbled. Paul just looked at him. "Don't mind him honey. He's a lot softer than what he leads people to believe." Paul said to Storm. "Now, you two go off and have a good time. Tell us all about it when you get home." Storm and Chris exchanged one last hug before she and Kane turned and left the house. "Well, things are going to be quiet around here I guess. And look, I know you two are madly in love with each other, but could you please hold it down. Sounds like two wild animals going at in there." Taker and Chris didn't say a thing. They just stood there with wicked grins on their faces.

Several hours into the day, Storm and Kane finally arrived at the cabin Paul had reserved for them. It was a nice place, simple, yet warm and inviting. It was private and no one but Kane and Storm would be there. The two waited for the hearse to pull up to the driveway and stop. Then they got out and walked up to the cabin. They watched the hearse pull away leaving them to together to enjoy a private honeymoon. They walked into the kitchen and saw Paul had stocked the cabin so there would be no need to go for food. Everything he knew Kane liked was there. And of course had made sure the cupboard was also to Storm's preferences. "Sitting in that car made me awful stiff. How about you and I go for a walk. The weather isn't too terribly cold right now, and it would give both of us a chance to stretch out before dinner." Kane said stretching out his massive arms. "Yes. I'd like that. I'm kind of sore myself after sitting down all that time." Storm said. She and Kane left their luggage where it was deciding to unpack it later. They walked outside the cabin. Kane decided to leave his mask off. The trails were not that used this time of year, making them perfect for Kane to walk in the outside world without having to be so self conscious of himself. He and Storm started walking hand in hand along the trail. The wind was brisk, but not too cold. It made Storm shiver lightly causing Kane to put his arm around her trying to keep her warm. They walked along the trail and took in the scents of the wild flowers and cedar that traveled on the wind. They watched squirrels and chipmunks running up along the trees, and heard birds chirping melodiously. "It's so beautiful up here Kane. It's so quiet, I'd almost hate to leave it." "My father brought me up here once; it was several years after the fire. That's how he was able to reserve the cabin for us without difficulty. A friend of his whom he was partners with for a short time owned the cabin. He said that father could use the cabin anytime he needed. And that's how he got it for us." "He seems so much nicer than his character is allowed to be portrayed. I don't understand why he and Taker must be made to look so evil."

"It is my belief that my brother is being punished for standing up to Macmanhon. He is the most evil man I have ever met." "Kane, you don't have to talk about it anymore. I should not have brought it up. We're on our honeymoon. This is our time, not Macmanhon's. Oh Kane, look, a deer." Storm said as she watched it spring away. "This place is so beautiful, so quiet. Where did your brother and Chris go on their honeymoon?" "Of all places, New Orleans. It was Chris' idea. For a moment my brother could not imagine for the life of him why she wanted to spend their honeymoon in such a crowded place, that is until he found out that the spirits are just as active as the living. He found it very fascinating, as did she. They talked about it for days afterwards. "I'm getting hungry. Let's go back to the cabin and fix dinner. After all, there are two more days for us to enjoy the outside here." Storm said feeling her stomach rumble. "All right." Kane replied.

Part 18

Kane and Storm returned to the cabin. Storm took off her soft wool coat and went into the kitchen. She found some frozen salmon and in the fridge, a head of crisp lettuce along with some tomatoes, onions and garlic. She also found a long loaf of garlic toast in the breadbox. The salad was tempting, but she wasn't much in the mood for fish at the moment, then she found what she was looking for, a box of spaghetti. Storm got a pot and ran hot water in it from the sink. Then she placed it on the rather old-fashioned looking pot bellied stove and let the water boil. Once it had come to a boil, she put the pasta in and let it cook. Kane was in the living room putting logs in the hearth and then setting them ablaze. He fooled with turning the logs with the fire place poker to spark the flames and even them out. He saw Storm stroll into the living room and sit beside him. "I've got some spaghetti cooking. I also found some garlic toast and the makings for a salad."

"Sounds like you're being an industrious little woman aren't you? Now why don't you rest yourself while I go finish up dinner."

"All right dear..." Storm said as she sat on the bear skin rug by the fireplace. She watched the flames dance and crackle. The motions of the fire seemed to hypnotize her for a moment. Her eyes glazed over for a moment, entranced by the dancing flames. Then she felt the large hand of her husband nudge her gently. She turned with a start. "Did I startle you?" "Oh, no Kane. I guess I just got a little caught up in watching the flames. I didn't notice you there for a moment." "Yes, they can be very, .... entrancing." Kane replied. "Is something wrong?" Storm asked. "No. I just thought I would let you know dinner is ready." "Oh, good. I'm starved."

Storm and Kane went into the rustic looking dining room where the food was all lay out. A huge bowl of spaghetti, next to it, sauce made of tomatoes, garlic, basil and oregano, and in a huge salad bowl full of ice that held lettuce, tomatoes, onions, and some carrots. And in a bottle was an Italian dressing. And after all that, there in a bucket of ice, was a bottle of red wine. Kane took it out of the ice and with one swift move of his massive arm, pried the cork from the bottle. Then he poured a glass for Storm, then for himself. Then they fixed themselves dinner and ate. They just looked into each other's eyes for a very long time. Kane politely took a napkin and wiped the edge of Storm's chin when a rivulet of sauce dripped down. "Thank you dear." She said with a giggle. They finished eating and then went back into the living room. They sat down at the hearth and watched the flames dancing on the logs, the brilliant oranges mingling with the deep blues, causing deep greenish embers to spark. "So beautiful." Storm said again mesmerized by the dancing flames. "Yes they are." Kane replied looking at his wife. Slowly their eyes were diverted from the flames. They looked deeply into each other's eyes and their faces inched closer together until their lips met in a slow kiss. Kane put his massive arms around Storm and laid her back on the rug. There they made love and fell asleep on the rug next to the hearth.

Part 19

The next morning, Kane and Storm woke up. The fire had long since burned out, though the embers of the passion between husband and wife still burned hot. covered only by a thin sheet Storm had brought into the living room, she looked at Kane and reached up to touch his face. "I love you Kane." Storm sighed looking into his blue-gray eyes. "Storm, sometimes I cannot fathom how my life has changed since you came into my life. I never imagined any woman could love me the way you do. You actually give me a true reason to live. You give me reason for walking in the daylight without that damned mask I have to wear. You accepted me, my face, my soul." "Of course I do Kane. I've told you before, you're not a terrible person, but you were mistreated and taken advantage of. People misjudged you. And the storyline that you and your father and brother must play out does not help things. But it is not what the rest of the world thinks of you. It is what you feel about yourself, and what the people who love you think about you. You have your father, your older brother, Chris, and myself. We are your family Kane, and we will not abandon you, no matter what a script may call for. I love you Kane. You're the dearest person in my heart." Storm said pressing her head against Kane's chest listening to his heartbeat. "Why don't we go fix some breakfast. Then we can go out into the woods and look over the mountains."

"All right." Kane replied. They got up and got dressed, and then headed into the kitchen to fix some breakfast.

An hour later, Storm and Kane went walking outside the cabin, the skies were misty as clouds hung over the horizon giving an overcast view. Then came a rumble of thunder. Kane looked up at the clouds noticing they were growing heavier. "I don't think we're going to be going to far love. Looks like the sky is ready to let loose the torrent."

"Yes, it does. Well, we can always stay here on the porch and watch it rain." Storm said. Just as she spoke, rain began to fall from the sky, in a mist at first, but progressively grew to a steady downpour. The rain came down in straight bands for almost an hour as Kane and Storm stood outside, leaning against the rails, but finally, they had to go in after the wind began to pick up and it forced them to seek shelter in the house. "Weather is getting rough out there. It's been a while since I've seen rain that heavy. Looks like we're going to be spending the day indoors." Kane said. "As long as I'm with you, it doesn't matter." Storm sighed as Kane pulled her into his arms.

Volume 5