Tell Me What You Dream At Night

By Denise Williams

I only recently saw you again and thatís when I noticed you had changed.

Everything you said and everything you did.

It got me thinking about something that Iíve always wondered.

What do you dream at night when you sleep?

Are your recent actions a result of your dreams?

Are your nightmares that bad that you have to bring them to life?

Were you scared by these dreams?

And why are you scaring everyone with what youíre doing, including me?

Somethingís going on inside your head.

I want to know what it is.

Should I be scared?

Can I help you in anyway whatsoever?

You know by now that Iím your friend.

You can tell me anything.

Yes, I know that I may be frightened at first, but as long as I can understand whatever it is youíre going through, Iím willing to take that risk.

Let me help you.

I want to make sure that all your dreams from now on are good ones and that the darkness is kind to you.

And you can finally rest in peace.

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