Volume 2

Taker went home, angry, frustrated, worried. Chris, Darcy...they were the greatest loves of his life....now they were threatened. For now, he would have to play out Macmahon's sick plot. But...somehow, he would end this madness...somehow. He stomped into the house and headed straight to his bedroom. Chris was in the nursery feeding Darcy. She heard the door to their bedroom slam. "Storm, watch Darcy for me please. I have a feeling things didn't go well. Chris handed Darcy to Storm then went to check on Taker. She cautiously opened the door and found her husband sitting on the bed, a look of caged fury on his face. She thought he hadn't noticed her and she began to shut the door. "Chris....please, don't leave..." He said trying as best he could to calm down. Chris walked over to him and sat in front of him. "He's threatened us...threatened you and Darcy. He won't let me out of this. He's bound and determined to make us all suffer."

"What did he say?" Chris asked stretching her hand out and laying it against Taker's face. "If I didn't do as I was told, then I would not find you and Darcy in good condition when I came home....if I found you at all."

Chris went pale. Her life now was in danger, and so was that of her daughter...their daughter. "I can't understand this. Why? Why is he doing this to us?"

"He wants to push Austin as much as possible. No one else with either work with him or he won't work with anyone else. It's just me and a few others...and Kane isn't going to be in for an easy time either."

"Kane? What did Kane do?"

"He helped me with the attack on Macmhon...so he too is being punished for his rebellion. It's all my fault. I'm the one who facilitated this whole thing. I'm the one who dragged you into this. I wish he would just take it out on me. You, Darcy, Kane, Storm, Paul...none of you deserve to suffer like this."

"You didn't drag me into anything. When I finally let my heart trust and I came to you, it was the best thing that hapepend to me. I have you, and a protective family. There has to be someway we can turn the tables on Macmahon."

"I don't know how we can, he holds everything...everything."