Volume 2

Part 6

Chris and Taker walked into the nursery. She put Darcy in her new crib and covered her up. "She must be so sleepy. She's already in dream land." Chris said pulling a small blanket over her sleeping daughter. "I'm glad you both are home finally. You have no idea how much I've missed you." Taker said taking Chris into his arms. "That bed got very lonely without you in it."

"It got equally as lonely in the hospital without you. I don't want to be away from you so long...I missed you so much. Ohh, I don't know about you but I'm starving. One can only live on hospital food for so long." Chris said. "Then let's go fix something. I haven't eaten in a while myself. You go on ahead. I'll be with you in a moment." Taker watched Chris head off to the kitchen. He stood there a moment watching his newborn daughter sleeping. "Little angel....I never dreamed this day would come. I never imagined myself a father. I never thought a man like myself could love. Yet, here I am. Married and now a father. I will do everything in my power to protect you and your mother. Anyone who wants to hurt either of you, will go through me first."

Part 7

The next day Taker and Chris woke up for the first time in days in the same bed. Though both of them would have been more than willing to make up for *lost time*, they both knew that Chris was physically not ready for such a thing yet. Her body still had to recover from the birth. It would be a little while before they could be lovers again. But that was a small inconvience to them both. They were together again, and that is all that matter to them both...together, with their little Darcy. The morning light brought with it a loud cry coming from the nursery. "Darcy's awake. She must be hungry. I'll go see to her."

"No. You rest. I am a father now, and I better start learning how to take care of our daughter. Besides, you went through the toughest battle giving birth to her. Now you lay down and let me see to her love." Taker said as he got up and quickly slid into a pair of jeans and went to see to Darcy, now screaming bloody murder. "There now, it's all right. Your father's here now. Daddy's here now." He said gently picking the tiny baby up and cradleling her in his arms. He heard lumbering footsteps behind him and knew that it was Kane. "Is she all right?" The big man in red asked. "Oh she's fine. She is a baby after all. She can't talk. I would guess she's hungry." Taker replied. "She has the deepest eyes." Kane said. Darcy stopped crying for a moment and looked at this huge stranger. Her eyes widened at the funny looking thing that ususally would be a person's face. She tilted her head to the side. "Hmmm, she's already taking after her uncle." Her father replied. The brothers both shared a laugh and left the room. "I'm taking Darcy to see her mother. I think that's part of the reason she's crying. She wants both her parents." Taker said and carried his new born daughter to see her mother. "She wants her mother." He said as Chris sat up in bed. He handed Darcy to Chris and watched mother and child bonding. "It all seems so strange, me being a father." Taker said looking down at what were now the two most important females in his life. "What seems strange about it? I think you'll make a very good father for Darcy. I only hope I can be a good mother to her." Chris replied. "Of course you'll be a good mother. I guess, I don't know, it all just feels strange."

"Well, it will feel a little bit strange for a while. You and I have a transition to go through now. When we started out it was you and I. Now, it's you, I and Darcy. We'll have sleepless nights to overcome. Not to mention the emotional transition we both will go through. We have this little life now, and she will depend upon us both to get her through her growing years. I admit I am just a little bit scared. I'm afraid I'll make the wrong decsisions for her. Or that I'll be too protective, or that you'll be too protective..."

"Too late, I'm already too protective. Anyone who wants to mess with my family will deal with me. We put too much effort into making this family." Taker replied. "Sometimes I think we put more effort into making this baby..." Chris said with a sly grin. "Now love, don't talk about things our daughter is too young to understand."

"Oh come on...if she isn't affected by what we did before she came out..."

"You miss me that much do you?" Taker asked smirking at his wife. "What do you think?" Chris smirked back as she fed Darcy some formula. "I think your hormones are coming back to normal. But I think you need to wait a little longer. I just want to be sure your body has fully recovered."

Darcy looked up at her father and started to giggle and drool. She opened her eyes wide and reached up for him. "Ohhhh, you want your daddy sweetie pie...you want your drop dead gorgeous father..huh, you want daddy..want daddy.. Gee, you have this affect on her and she's not even a month old."

"I think she gets it from her mother." Taker said raising one eyebrow slightly. "Come on little girl. I think you want to go back to your nap. I'll take her back to the nursery." He said and took Darcy into his massive arms. As he walked across the hall, he saw Paul walking in his direction as Kane stood against the wall. "Ohhh, don't you dare think of putting that baby to bed yet. Now you just hand me that little darling..."

"But Paul she just..."

"Oh now just calm down. Not like I don't have experince handling a baby. That's right you sweet little thing...come to your Uncle Paul.." But just as he lifted her up in the air, the formula she had just taken in quickly came back out. Paul stood there with the spit up formula on his chubby face. Taker tried desperately not to bust out laughing, but the comedy of the moment got the better of him. "I think she's seen enough of me now." Paul scowled wiping the formula off his face. "Funny, your brother did the same thing, at the same age."

"I tried to warn you." Taker said nearly choking from laughing so hard. "Come on little one. I think you need to go back to your nap." Taker replied and carried the gurgling infant back to her crib. "All right now you little devil, let go of my hair. You have a bit of you *uncle Paul* in you don't you? I have to wonder just how much of this family is going to show up in you little one." Darcy reached up for her father. "Now now, little one...you need to go back to sleep. I'll see you later on. I promise." Taker turned to leave, which elicited a series of shrill cries from the tiny child. Not knowing what to do, he turned around and stood by the side of Darcy's crib. The child became quiet again. "It's appearent you're not going to let me go until you want me to isn't it?"

He reached his hand into the crib gently patting the little child upon her head. She grabbed at one of his fingers and latched onto it. "Oh are we going to hold me hostage now little one?" He chuckled softly picking his tiny daughter into his arms. "Oh very well, if you insist upon it." He said and carried Darcy into his and Chris' bedroom. "Wouldn't go to sleep?" Chris asked. A deep sigh, "No. She is obviously going to stay awake for the moment. I guess you and I have a lot to get used to now."

"Yes, we do. Course, after all, you should know by now the affect you have upon women."

"She's only an infant." "Yah, but she already knows what to look for in a man....I know her mother does." Chris said as her eyes focused in on those of her husband. "Yes, she does." Taker replied smiling wickedly back at his wife. "I'm going to go help Storm with something. I'll be back in a little while." Chris said and lightly kissed her husband. Taker sat there on the bed with his tiny daughter in his massive arms. The child slowly began to drift off to sleep. He looked down at her and nuzzled her carefully. Such a tiny thing in the arms of this massive man. Soon, she was asleep. He was about to get up and carry her to her crib. He looked at the sleeping baby and felt his own eyes grow heavy. Before too long, Taker himself was asleep. Chris and Storm walked in the room to find father and daughter both sound asleep. "Oh Chris look at them. They look so sweet."

Chris giggled softly. "Poor guy, he must be exgxausted. I think he must have got up every few minutes to check on her." Chris said as she went over to Taker and Darcy. "Come on little one. I want some time alone with daddy now."

Darcy twitched lightly as Chris picked her up. "Here sis, I'll take her to her crib."

"Thanks Storm. You go on with auntie Storm. Mommy see you later sweet heart."

Storm took Darcy back to her crib without her waking up. Chris decided to straddle her husband and wake him up. She nudged his neck and kissed his lips softly. His eyes slowly opened. "Either you are my wife or my daughter grew up just a tad too fast."

"Right on the first statement." Chris giggled. "Mmmm...it feels like an eternity since I've held you." Taker sighed.

"Well, it's not exactly easy to hold a woman when her stomach goes out for miles." Chris replied. "It seems like it's been an eternity since we've done something else as well." He said looking into her eyes. "You know love, it has been awhile now. I don't think it would hurt for you and I to get *involved* again."

"You miss me that much?" Chris asked feeling her body being rolled onto her back. "More than you can possibly imagine."

Part 8

That day Taker and Chris spent time getting *reaquainted* with each other. They spent the night holding each other, loving, just enjoying their first real night together. Kane and Storm had agreed to watch Darcy so her parents could, least for one night, have time together. Neither of them could have imagined how rough things would get in the coming weeks.

It had been a few weeks since the incident on the last Raw involving Austin and the symbol. Fan responce since the whole feud had begun had not been positive. And things were only going to get worse. He'd been going over the script...and was very hesitant about what he was looking at. "Oh God. I do not like this. Vince has got to be kidding me. Sacrifice someone on live television! Oh Dear God help me!" Taker shouted. Chris walked into their bedroom hearing her husband. She had Darcy in her arms. "What is it?"

"This damn script. I can't belive what they expect me to do after I come back off that damn match I had with Austin. I have to start some group...you remember this Ministry buisness he's been hyping...well, it's coming true. I'm just not comfortable with what he expects of me. It's not real....I'm supposed to wear something on my wrist, fake skin filled with something to look like blood...but the whole prospect of this all....the fans hate me enough as it is. They're REALLY going to hate me now."

"I don't give a damn what fans think. They turned on you a long time ago. They can all just stay with Austin for all I care. You can't let them get to you. They change their loyalties as quickly as they change their underwear. You just have to look past them. You know that your number 1 fan will always be here with you." Chris said then looked down at Darcy..."Make the *fans*."

Taker looked at his wife and daughter. "I sometimes think you both are the only two I have left. You're the only two that make this worth while anymore. You two are all I have left sometimes. I just hope Darcy will know that what happens in the ring and what happens at home are two different things. I don't what our little one getting the wrong idea about her father."

"She will know always that her father is a gentle and loving man. She will know nothing of what goes on in the ring...not if you or I can help it." Chris replied.

"I just don't want you getting the wrong idea about me. You have no idea of the things I'm going to have to do. I hate the very thought of doing it...but this is the job I love. I can't just leave it cause of a stupid angle."

"No one expects you too. It's none of anyone's business. You do what you have to do." Chris replied. She and Taker looked down at little Darcy looking up at them both. It scared Taker to death what he was going to have to do in the ring, and what his tiny daughter would think of him if she ever found out.

Part 9

It was the night before Raw and neither Taker nor Kane could get any sleep. They both knew this angle would soon pit them against each other. "Damn him." Taker growled under his breath. He stood out on the veranda of the mansion while his wife slept. He looked a tad different than he did before Rock Bottom. He shaved off his mustache and let his beard grow. Something that the rest of the family seemed to find amusing for some reason. But he found no amusement in what he was going to have to do. He heard the lumbering footsteps of his brother coming behind him. "You couldn't sleep either." He said as Kane approached. "No. Why is he doing this to us brother?" Kane asked with a growl. "Because he cares only about this damn feud with him and Austin. I swear Kane, he's obsessed with this. He will stop at nothing to keep this up. He is so concerned with his own damn self image. He'll do anything for ratings Kane, anything. He dragged what happened to our family. Then made me lie about what happened. I hated myself that night. I hated myself."

"It was not your fault brother. It was Macmahon who has put us all through hell." Kane said. "Well, brace yourself brother...Hell is relocating to Earth...literally." Taker said hanging his head down. "Dear God forgive me for what I must do."

**to be cont**

Book Four: The Dark Lord's Ministry