The Lords Series Book Three:

Dark Lord's Daughter

Volume 1

Part 1

Several months had passed, and the duration of the pregnancy was coming to an end. The time for the child to be born would be any time now. Chris laid in bed now for the most part. Her over swollen stomach did not allow her to walk much. And if her health was a concern to her husband before, the Undertaker was even more protective of her now. The baby kicked quite frequently, causing Chris discomfort. But she found a little joy in that discomfort knowing her baby was healthy and active. She laid in bed. Her whole body sore and sensitve. Intimacy at this point had pretty much become impossible. But not all intimacy required sexual contact. Just being together was enough for husband and wife at this point. Her husband was beside her. He nuzzled her head softly, his hand gently rubbing her swollen stomach. She jerked feeling the baby move. "Ohh, active little one, isn't it...hhh." Chris sucked in a sharp breath. Her face contorted in pain. "Chris, are you all right?" Taker asked, his eyes wide with concern. "I'm...I'm ok. I'm just really sore. You have to remember it gets kind of cramped in here." Chris said gasping in another sharp breath. "Love, are you sure. You're not,...."

"No Taker. If I were going into labor, believe me I'd know it." Chris said breathing in another sharp breath. "Ohhh, this is getting annoying." Chris said. Taker put his arm around her, rubbing her shoulder trying to soothe her. He put his hand upon her stomach, feeling where the baby was moving. He closed his eyes as they rolled back into his head. "Be calm my little one. You will come out into the world soon enough." Chris could not hear his words, for he conveyed them to the child with his mind. Amazingly the kicking stopped, and the child was still and began to sleep. It knew the sound of its father's voice. Knew his touch even though had not been born into the world. The pain stopped, and Chris felt calm for the moment. "Getting restless, isn't it?" She asked rubbing her belly. "Yes. The child could come any day now. The time is coming for it to be born."

"Hhhh, Taker, I'm....I'm scared. I've never been through this before." Chris said as another pain suddenly hit her. "It's all right Chris. It''s all right. I'm here. Kane and Storm and Paul are here. We will not let you go through this alone." "I know. I'm just scared." "I know. It's all right. You're family is here for you."

Several days passed, and one morning as Storm was taking Chris some breakfast, it happened. "OHHHHHH! Storm! Help me!" A scream came from Chris and Taker's bedroom. Storm dropped the plate and started running. She found Chris on the floor holding her stomach, a pool of fluid now surrounding her legs. "Ohhh Chris! Chris are you all right?" Storm gasped seeing Chris on the floor. "St...Storm...go...get..Taker...the" Chris gasped in pain.

"I'll get him. Hang on Chris." Storm said and ran yelling for Taker. "Taker! Taker she's gone into labor!" The call heard, the Undertaker ran like lightening. "Chris! I'm coming!" He yelled. He ran as fast as he possibly could. There was Chris, leaning on Storm who held her up. "Let me have her. Easy now honey, easy." He gasped as he picked her up in his massive arms. "Paul! Kane! Get down here she's gone into labor!" Taker yelled. Kane arrived very quickly, but, Paul, unfortunately could only waddle. "Kane, you get Storm into the car, then help me with Chris. Paul!"

"I'm coming I'm coming! Have a little mercy on me!" Paul huffed. "What you get for hogging the damn buffet table. Now hurry up she's in agony here."

After Kane got Storm in the car, he helped his older brother get Chris into the car. "Ohh, I don't know how much longer...ohhh," "Hang on Chris. We're gonna get you to a hospital. Just hang on." Taker said trying to keep his wife calm. "Ohhh, I don't think I can take much more...." "Come on honey, hang on. We're almost there." "Taker, I can't hold on anymore. This baby is coming out! It's coming out now!"

"No, not now. Please not now." "Ahhhhh! Oh God I feel like I'm being split in half!" "Paul stop the car! Stop the damn car!" Taker yelled. "All right, Storm, Kane, I'm gonna need you to help me. Chris, honey I'm gonna have to put you in the back. Here, Paul, I need you to take your coat off. We'll need it to catch the baby in." "But I just had this dry cleaned." "PAUL!"

"All right , all right. You're gonna be violent about it. Here, take the damn thing."

"All right, now move easy Chris, easy now. It's going to be ok. Just let me pick you up. All right, now open the back, if there's something in it then get it out!" "Nothing here!" Storm called. "Easy honey. It's gonna be ok. Everything's gonna be all right. Just breath honey, just breath." Taker said trying to keep his wife, and himself, calm. "Put her in easy. Easy Chris, easy." Storm noticed some blankets she's forgotten to unpack from her and Kane's trip to the mountains. "Good thing I left them in." She said to herself.

"Kane, pull the ramp out. That's the only way we're gonna get her in here." Taker instructed as Kane pulled the ramp out. "Ohhh, can't hold on." Chris gasped. "Please honey, just hold on a little while longer. We'll be at the hospital soon. I promise." The two brothers helped Chris lay back on the sliding ramp before they pushed it back in. Then Storm climbed in with her. "Kane, you go up front and make sure Paul stays calm. Storm and I have to stay back here with Chris." Kane nodded and went to help his father drive. "It's all right sister." Storm said taking Chris' hand. "Yes, everything will be all right." Taker said holding Chris' hand. "Ohh, something's coming!" Chris yelled.

"Oh no. Not now, the baby cannot be coming now!" Taker gasped. Then made the fatal mistake that all men seemed to make when their wives began to give birth, he looked. He had to know for sure if the baby was coming out, all he saw was what appeared to look like a ball, amidst blood and fluid. Chris was covered in it from the waist down. Before he knew what had happened, everything became blurry, and then black. Storm saw what had happened. "Chris, he....he passed out." "What, I'm in labor and he passed out." Chris gasped through the pain. "Ohhhhhhh!"

"It's all right Chris. It'll be over soon. Just try to breath. Here,..." Storm did her best to drag Chris unconscious husband over to her. "Chris, take his hand. He's out of it so he won't feel anything anyway. I'm going to have to catch the baby when it comes." Storm said getting between Chris' legs. "The head, it's coming out. Push Chris!" Storm yelled. Chris whipped her head back and roared desperately trying to push the baby out. She grabbed a hold of her unconscious husband's hand and started squeezing it for all she was worth. "Naahhhhhhhhhhhhh! Ouhhhhhhhh!" She screamed in pain. "Come on Chris! The head is out! You're almost there! Come on sis, just a little more! Come on, push with your strength!" Chris pushed as hard as she could. "That's it! It's almost out. Almost there! The baby is half way out! Come on, just one more push!"

By now Chris was growing very tired, her body wearing from the effort and pain, her breath heavy and weak. "One more, yes! It's out! The baby is out!" Storm cried as she began to clean the child off. At first, there was no noise. "Storm..." Chris gasped. "The baby...why doesn't it..." "Oh no! It's not breathing!"

"What!" Chris gasped feeling a wave of terror rush over her. "Hang on, let me clean the baby off." Storm said beginning to clean out the child's mouth. She dug out the blood and debris from it's mouth and listened for a heart beat, still, the child was still. "Hang on. It may need to be stimulated into breathing." Storm said putting the child upside down and thumping it's foot. Still, nothing happened. Storm feared the child had been still born. "No, come on. Come on baby! Breath!" Storm plead. She made sure the cord was not wrapped around the newborns throat. She held it's tiny chest to her ear and heard no heartbeat. Storm cleared the passaged way to the child's mouth and made sure it was not breathing. Then she began infant cpr not knowing what else to do. She took tiny but firm puffs and carefully blew them into the child's body and did very careful chest compressions. She listened, then cleared the mouth out again and continued the cycle.

"No, not our baby. Oh God, please, please, don't let our baby die!" Storm worked furiously but cautiously continued to work. "Come on, come on baby! Breath." Storm plead as she continued to breath life into the child. After the fifth try, Storm was about to give up hope, when all of the sudden, came a tiny wailing. Before here lay a tiny infant, screaming, kicking it's little arms and legs about, filling it's tiny lungs with the breath of life. "Oh sister! It's ok. The baby is breathing! Ohhh, it's, it's a girl! A daughter!" Storm exclaimed happily.

"A daughter, ohhh, let me see her..." Chris gasped wearily. "Here, let me finish cleaning her off. I'll get her wrapped up. Here she is my sister. Oh, she's beautiful." Storm said, her tears of joy running down her face. She handed the tiny crying child to her mother. Chris looked at her new born daughter. "Ohhh, she is beautiful." Chris said wearily. She looked over at her husband who was begininng to regain consciousness. He opened his eyes to see Chris smiling wearily at him. "Want to see your daughter....daddy?" Chris asked with a tired smile. Taker's eyes widened. There in his wife's arms was his tiny daughter. The new born looked up inquisitively at this huge man who now was her father. "What happened? Did I..."

"You took one look and fainted." Storm answered. "Chris, is she, all right..." He asked with concern. "Yes, she is now. Storm had to jumpstart her..." Chris said with a weak giggle. "She's she's beautiful. Our daughter, she's so beautiful." "Our daughter." Chris said her voice fading. "I'm, tired." Storm looked at her weary sister and tried to reassureher. "Don't worry Chris. I can hear Paul pulling up now. We're at the hospital." The knowledge that their daughter was safe now, Chris fell into a deep sleep from all her efforts. Taker looked at her, and their daughter.

Part 2

Paul drove up to the hospital and yelled out for the nurses. "Help, I got a girl having a baby back there!" "Correction. Had a baby. She needs a stretcher." Taker said climbing out of the herse. The orderlies wheeled out a stretcher. Carefully Chris and the baby were loaded onto it, her husband at her side. "Paul, you, Kane and Storm stay in the lobby. I have to go with Chris. Everything is all right. We had some distress. The baby may have to stay in the hospital for a day or two. But everything is fine. It's a girl." "A girl, a daughter." "Yes. A daughter. You all stay here. I have to go with Chris." Taker replied as he hurried off to be with Chris.

Paul and the others stood in the lobby waiting for news. "A girl. I can't believe it. And I was sure she was gonna have a boy." Paul said. "No, she had a girl. She's beautiful from I could see. I was afraid for a moment I was going to lose her. She wasn't breathing when she was born. I had to do cpr to get her started. I hope she'll be ok." Storm said with concern. "I'm sure she will be fine dear." Kane replied putting his massive arm around her. They waited in the lobby for news about the newest member of their family.

"I'd like to keep them both for at least two days. Just to make sure the trauma of the birth had no adverse affects on the baby. You're very lucky young lady to have such caring family." The doctor said. Chris looked up at her husband, wearily smiling. "Yes, I am. I'm very lucky." "The baby is in the nursery sleeping now. We have her on a monitor just in case. But everything should go well. She was born fairly close to the date. Her organs are well developed, and she appears to have no trouble breathing on her own. She should be able to nurse in the morning." "Thank you doctor." "I'm so tired. Ohhh, my whole body is killing me." Chris whimpered. "Here. I'll get the nurse to give you a sedative. That should help you sleep tonight. If all goes well, you and your daughter should be able to go home the day after tomorrow. Oh, do you have a name picked out for your daughter?" "My lord, I never thought of a name." Taker said suddenly remembering he'd never helped Chris think of a name for the child. "Darcy. Her name will be Darcy. Is that all right with you?" "Yes. It's beautiful." "All right. We'll go get the birth records ready. You're wife will probably fall asleep soon after the sedative takes affect." "Will you be all right love?" "I'll be fine. You go take the others home. I'll see you tomorrow." Chris replied wearily. "Chris, I love you." "I love you."

Taker returned to the lobby where the family was waiting for him. "She's resting now. Darcy, our daughter is fine. They should both be home in a day or so." "Good. All is well. We should get home now. All of us can visit in the morning." Paul said.

Part 3

Taker and company went home that night. He went to his bedroom. Sitting on his bed, it felt cold and empty for the first time since he and Chris got married. Only a few hours, and he missed her terribly. He rubbed the side that she usually slept on. She would be in bed beside him again he knew, but this first time with out her, it was hard for him. He could not imagine life without her. Storm and Kane saw the lonely expression on Taker's face. "She'll be back by tomorrow or the next day at the latest." Kane said. "I know. I just...miss her. That's all." Taker replied. He watched his brother and Storm head off to their bedroom. He looked at the empty bedside and wished his wife was with him. But he knew the seperation was only temporary. He laid down, not bothering to get undressed and went to sleep.

The next morning everyone got up and had breakfast. Then they went to the hospital. Chris was in the recovery room with little Darcy. She saw her husband standing in the doorway. "Come and see your daughter love." Chris said softly. Taker walked over to Chris who was holding Darcy in her arms. The tiny girl looked up with the deepest green eyes. Taker looked down upon his daughter, his green eyes gazing into hers. "Chris, she's, she's beautiful. Our daughter, our beautiful daughter." "Yes. She is beautiful, like her father and mother." Chris said. "Come in everyone. Darcy is awake." Chris said. Paul, Kane and Storm all gathered around Chris and Taker. "Oh my...isn't she a darling. Ohhh, she's just as pretty as a button." Paul said looking at the baby. "Oh sister, she's so beautiful. She has the most beautiful green eyes." Storm said. "Get's that from her father." Kane said. Darcy looked up at her father and reached out her tiny hand to touch his face. A tear fell from Taker's eye, his heart melting. His first born daughter, his first born child, knew who her father was. He reached out, the tiny hand of the Darcy reaching and grasping onto the larger hand of her father. She looked up at him, gurgling a little. Chris looked up at Taker, who could not help the wide smile on his face. The three stood around and adored little Darcy. "The doctor says I should be able to come home tomorrow. He just wants to keep Darcy and myself here to make sure all is ok. Then we both can come home." Chris said. "I hope you three don't mind, but Chris and I would like a little time alone."

"Of course brother." Kane said as he ushered Storm and Paul out. "We'll come back later sis." Storm called as she left. "Ok sister. I'll see you in a while." Chris said. She and Taker were alone together with their child. "She's so beautiful. I can't get over how beautiful her eyes are. I just can't believe she's ours." "She is ours love. Our little daughter, our beautiful little daughter. It's going to feel funny with her around now. I'm just getting used to the idea of being a father. This must be hard for you to get used to as well." "Yes. But I'm glad we have her. I'm glad she's ours."

part 4

Taker stayed with Chris and Darcy for quite some time. He was glad they both would be coming home the following day. Kane, Paul and Storm waited outside in the lobby hoping to get another glimpse of the new member of their family. Taker came out and motioned for the three to come in Chris' room with him. Chris was still holding Darcy who was now sound asleep. Storm went close to Chris and looked at her *sister and neice.* "Chris, she's so lovely. You're so lucky to have her. I only hope that someday Kane and I have a child as lovely." Storm said softly touching Darcy's face. "I think you will someday Storm. I know the child will have two very loving, very deserving parents." Chris said with a smile. "Darcy is very blessed. She has two of the most loving parents a child could be born to." "Thank you sis."

"All right, out of the way, I had a hand in this too." Paul muttered silently so as not to wake Darcy up. "Ohh, what a sweet little thing she is. I tell you, it's gonna be so nice to have a baby around the house." Paul was silent for a moment. "Well, you three go on and bond. I, uh, I'll be waiting out in the lobby. Kind of stuffy in here. I need some fresh air." Paul said as he walked away. Taker looked at him, sensing something was wrong, but didn't know what. Kane, who also sensed a sadness in his father, went to see what was wrong. Kane saw Paul standing outside the lobby door, a sad look on his face. "Father," Kane asked. "Are you feeling all right?"

"It's nothing son. I'm just a little down right now." Paul said. "Father, tell me what's bothering you." Knowing Kane would not relent, Paul finally told him what was troubling him. "It's just, I guess seeing that little baby, it made me think back to were born. I guess, sometimes it's still hard for me to see you as a grown man. Now you're married. Someday, you'll have a son or daughter, and you will understand who I feel now." "Father, I'm not going to up and leave this moment if that is what you're afraid of."

"Oh it's not that son. I'm feeling things you don't understand right now because you've never been a father. Like I said, someday, you'll understand the way I feel now. It's just not that easy to explain. You, you go on back and be with Storm and your brother, and Chris. Go on now. I'll be all right." Paul said, the expression in his voice, sad. Kane could not understand why his father was so sad, especially at a time when there should be great joy in the family. Kane looked back at his father for a moment, then walked back into Chris' room. Taker saw the expression under Kane's mask. He didn't have to see his face to sense something troubled his younger brother. "Chris, I'll be back in a while. I need a moment alone with Kane." Taker said. "Ok. I hope everything is all right." Chris said. "I'm sure things are fine. Paul and Kane and I have been under a lot of stress. I think Kane knows there's something wrong with Paul, and Paul won't say what. That bothers my brother. He doesn't like it when something is hidden from him." Taker replied.

Taker and Kane went out to discuss things. "Kane, what is it? Something's wrong." "I...I don't know. My father, this should be a joyous occasion, yet, he seems so sad. I don't understand why. All he said was someday I would understand when I was a father. It was like he had resigned himself to some sad fate. Brother, I don't understand why he is acting this way. Why he is so sad at a time he should be happy." Kane said. "Kane, you must understand, Paul has been very protective of you since, ... it happened after you were born. He's become so protective that he cannot bear to lose you, but, he knows that to try to keep you would make you unhappy. I don't understand it either, and I just became a father. Paul knows you've grown up now. He fears that you won't need him anymore." "He's my father. I will always need him."

"That is true, but it's hard for him to understand right now. I don't know. It's hard to make any sense of what any of us are feeling at the moment. This damned script, damn Mcmanhon. He's to blame for all this. Don't worry about your father Kane. He'll be all right." "I...I know. I guess deep down he's afraid I will leave him." Kane replied. "All fathers feel that way bout their children. We all grow up so fast. Come on, we'll have to leave the hospital soon and I want you and Storm to have a little time with me and Chris and Darcy." "All right brother."

Part 5

Kane and Storm stood along side Taker as they all looked at Chris and Darcy. Never had a moment been more precious. The tiny child looking up at her new family, and they looking with love upon her. But at the same time they felt joy, the brothers also felt an unrelenting sense of sorrow. Two very important people were missing, their parents. Taker and Kane looked at each other, feeling that emptiness. Kane decided he needed to be alone. Some time had passed, and he needed to get away. Storm walked along side him. "Kane, what is it? Why do I sense so much saddness in you?" She asked. Kane looked down at the ground. "My mother should have been here. She would have been a grandmother had she....lived."

"Oh Kane, your mother is with you in your heart. She looks down from the heavens and sees you. She would want you to be happy. You have a niece now, and your brother is her father. Your mother would be proud of you both." "It's so hard not to miss her though. It hurts more knowing all the horrible things my father was forced to say about her for the sake of a horrible script line. Mcmanhon never knew what truly happened."

"It will be all right Kane. We should go back and say good bye before we're missed." Storm said as she held onto him. "All right. It is getting late." Kane replied as he and Storm walked back into Chris' room. "We'll have to go now love. It's getting late. I'll be here to pick you and Darcy up in the morning." "All right. I love you." Chris said kissing her husband.

That night, Taker sat in his room, alone. He still missed Chris being at his side, but at least now he had the comfort of knowing she would be home the following morning. He looked up at the ceiling. Suddenly, tears started to roll down his eyes. "Mother..." He began to sob quietly. "Why, why were you taken away? You have a granddaughter and you'll never see her now. Why, why did it happen?" Paul walked by and saw his friend weeping. "Are you all right?" "I'm sorry Paul. Seeing Darcy, knowing, she'll never know her grandparents, specially her grandmother." Paul hung his head in sorrow. "Hard to believe it's been over 20 years. And that bastard Mcmanhon had to bring it all out into the open. She's looking over you from heaven. You and Kane both. Now, she'll watch over Darcy."

"I know. But it isn't the same as having her here. It should never have happened Paul. She should be here with her family." "I know, but ain't nothing we can do. It's really hard for Kane. I'm suprised he's taking this as well as he is." "He takes it just as hard as I do, he just doesn't show it as much as I do. It took all I had to keep from breaking down in front of Chris." "It's hard for all of us. I'll be glad when this story line is either axed or finished."

The next morning came. Taker went to the hospital where Chris and Darcy were waiting for him. The moment brought some joy to his heart. His wife and daughter were finally getting to come home. But it still did not erase all the sadness away. He felt this was a moment his mother should have been there to share, but ever since the fire that killed her and his father, he knew that would never be. He did his best to hide his feelings from Chris. She knew he was feeling bad about something, but at the moment, didn't press the issue. This was a happy moment for the new family. She wanted it to stay that way for the moment. "Finally coming home. I've missed you both terribly." Taker said hugging his young wife lovingly. "I've missed you too. I've been so used to waking up with you beside me, it got so lonely in that hospital bed." "You would not believe how cold our room has been without you in it. I'm glad you're home Chris. I've missed you so much." Taker replied. "I've missed all of you. I'm glad that I and our daughter are finally coming home."

To be cont.

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