Volume 3

Part 10

Several days had passed since Chris' first real bout with morning sickness. As her hormones changed to prepare for the rest of her pregnancy, she found herself craving things she never thought in a millions years she'd find herself eating. For some reason, she found herself eating black olives smothered in honey, a concoction of an orange, sardines, pickles, and of all things, strawberry ice cream. She couldn't understand for the life of her what being pregnant had to do with wanting such horrible combinations. It certainly made more sense to her though why she threw up a lot.

Chris walked into the kitchen and got out the blender. She was not in the mood for anything solid, so she decided to whip herself up a milk shake. Though she would soon find milk was not the only thing going in it. And unbeknownst to her, Taker was standing in the kitchen watching what she was about to do. She took out milk, chocolate syrup, then half a cup of V-8, a raw egg, and for some unknown reason, added orange sherbet to the concoction. Taker couldn't believe she was putting all this together in the blender. The finishing touch, cherry cola. She whipped the horrid thing together and then poured it into a glass. Taker suddenly felt his stomach beginning to turn. "Oh God, she wouldn't." He suddenly found himself pressing his hand over his mouth as he watched her begin to gulp the shake down. Realizing what all was in it, he found himself hacking trying desperately not to hurl right there in front of his wife. Chris finished downing the shake when she heard a loud hacking cough. There was her husband, still with his hand over his mouth. "Are you ok..." Chris asked. Taker just looked at her. "Dear, do you think these, cravings of yours might be over soon." "Now you know I can't say when. Besides, it isn't all that bad, though I must admit the peach sorbet with pickle juice didn't set so well." With a window right next to him, he quickly opened it and proceeded to hack his head off. Chris just looked at him. "You just threw up out a window." She said. "Dear, I know you can't help what your body is going through, and you can tell me anything, just don't tell me what you had for lunch. Ohhhh, my head."

Part 11

It was a bit embarrassing that he had lost his lunch so to speak right there in front of his wife. But Chris didn't go bragging about it to Kane, Storm and Paul. She knew she would need understanding for all the vomiting fits she went through. And it was something to tell the child later on in life when it got older. She went to her and her husband's bedroom to lie down. She wasn't feeling so well. Taker walked in and found her drifting off to sleep. He sat beside her and gently pushed her bangs out of her face. He stroked her cheek softly as he gazed upon her warmly. So long ago, he had only dreamed of such a moment, and would not take this one for granted. He laid his hand upon her stomach knowing before long it would grow to accommodate the child that would quickly grow within it. Chris moved her hand knowing her husband was with her. She opened her eyes. "I...I'm sorry love. I didn't mean to wake you. I thought you were asleep." Taker said almost regretting that he had awoken her. "You didn't wake me. I just decided to lie down. I was feeling dizzy. I know this might sound stupid, but I'm scared. I've heard some horrible things about what happens during birth. I don't have a very high pain tolerance."

"I know. Everything will be all right. You have family here. Kane, Storm, Paul, myself, we'll all be here for you. You will not go into the unknown alone."

"I know. Sometimes I just can't help but be scared. My body is going through changes I've never experienced before. It's a scary thing for me."

"You won't go through it alone." Taker replied softly. He reclined back looking at his wife. She reached out her hand as he gently pulled her into his arms. She stretched out her legs and rested her head against his chest. Then, she fell asleep once more. He put his arms around her, holding her in his embrace. She felt safe, warm and instantly fell asleep. Taker nuzzled her head and began to feel tired himself. He let his head lay back and slightly to the side. His eyes closed and he fell into a quiet slumber.

Several days later Chris went to her doctor's appointment. She had an internal exam and then a blood test to make sure all hormonal changes were normal. Chris walked out of the office where Storm was waiting for her. She and Storm drove back to the house. "The doctor will call me in a few days with the results of the pap test and the blood test. All in all, she said things seem to be progressing well. But damn I wish she could have warmed up those damn instruments before she uses them." Chris said squirming in her seat for a moment. "I'm glad to hear things seem to be going all right. I was worried about you when you passed out." Storm said. "That's just part of the changes my body is going through. The doctor says it's nothing to worry about. It's only if I start experiencing symptoms of sever pain and bleeding that there would be a problem. Storm, how have things been between you and Kane?"

"He seemed so much stronger after I had talked to him and we...well, ... you know. He is so sweet and shy. I couldn't believe he was as shy as I was, yet, so... experienced. He told me of how a woman had used him. I guess that is why Taker told me was so hesitant to trust someone."

"He told me that Kane wasn't very trusting around strangers, but he trusted me cause Taker had told him so much about me. I couldn't believe how long Taker had been anticipating my arrival. And when I realized how much he loved me, how much he wanted and needed me, I realized that I loved him too. It was as if the love had been there all along, and it took something to wake it up. I remember the night I went to him and said I would marry him. I remember the look on his face when I found him; he was on the verge of true death. I think I must have just pulled him back from the door. It was Kane who came to me and told me he was dying. I could feel him dying. I was about to get in my car and drive back here, when there was a car with a chauffeur and Kane was standing in the driveway. He told me that Taker was dying and I was the only one who could save him. We rushed back here within 2 hours. I ran into his room and found him almost ready to surrender completely to the darkness. That is when I pulled him back. I told him that night I would marry him. And then the next night, he and I were married. And it was not long after that I learned I was pregnant." Chris explained. "I've felt a close connection to Kane ever since the first time I saw him. There was just something in his soul that called out to me. I'd never felt anything like it. There was so much anger, loneliness. He hated that he and his brother had to fight each other, to act like they despised one another. And to find out now that Paul had to go along with it too. It's terrible how a wrestling promoter has tried to destroy Kane's family." Storm said.

"I despise Macmanhon, both of them. His son is no better than he is. Taker and Kane and Paul don't deserve this. I know Taker has often talked of the terrible guilt Paul has for having to act like he turned on his son. It hurts Paul, it hurts Kane, and in that I know it hurts you, and it most definitely hurts Taker. He had so many that loved him; now, he's been abandoned. Only those of true faith stand with him, and me. It's so unfair." "Hopefully sometime soon all this madness will end sister." Storm replied.

Part 12

Storm and Chris arrived back home. Taker was in the living room waiting for Chris. He looked at Storm for a moment. "Kane wants to see you. He has something he wants to tell you."

"All right. I will see you later Chris." Storm said and hurried off to see Kane. Chris walked up to Taker and felt his arms go around her. "So, is all going well?" He asked. "As far as I know. She said she would call me in a few days with the results of the tests, but as far as she can tell, everything is going fine. What is it Kane want's to ask Storm? So I'm nosy, but I'm also curious." "He wouldn't say. All he told me was that when you and Storm returned from the doctor, he wanted to see her, and that it was important."

Storm went into Kane's room, but could not find him. "Kane?" She called. She found a note telling her to meet him in the room at the end of the hall. She walked to her destination and opened the door. Walking in, the room was dimmed the only light were dozens of long stemmed candles burning brightly. Storm walked in slowly feeling a sense of enchantment in the room. "Kane, are you here?" She called. "Yes Storm." His deep rasping voice answered. He seemed to appear out of nowhere as he stepped out of the shadows. Storm's eyes widened in amazement. He looked different somehow. He wore dark blue jeans, and a black polo shirt. But the most striking thing of all, he was without his mask. "Kane, you look gorgeous. Taker told me you wanted to see me. That you had something you needed to tell me." "Yes. I have something for you." Upon the table there was a small ring of candles, creating a circle of fire. "It is there, surrounded by the flames." He said. "What is it?" Storm asked with overwhelming curiosity. "Blow out the candles." Kane replied. Storm took in a deep breath and blew out the ring of fire. There she found a red silk box. She picked it up and opened it. There, nestled in soft black velvet, was a ring. The stone was a flaming red ruby surrounded by circle of onyx. Storm's eyes widened. She'd never seen such a beautiful ring in her life. The light of the candles made the facets of the ring seem to ignite with fire, as if flames were dancing upon the stone's surface. "Kane, it's gorgeous." "I want it to be your engagement ring." Kane said quietly. "Engagement...Kane,"

"Storm," Kane said walking over to Storm and getting down on one knee. "Will you marry me?" Storm felt for a minute as though she might faint, then she recovered her senses. She wrapped her arms around Kane, almost crying. "Yes! Yes I'll marry you. Ohh, yes I'll marry you Kane." Storm said through her tears of joy.

Chris and Taker were walking to their bedroom when Storm came rushing out, Kane lumbering behind her. Kane looked at his older brother and simply mouthed the words 'she said yes.' Chris looked up at her husband as she felt Storm suddenly hug her. "Chris, he asked me to marry him. Kane asked me to marry him!" "And you said yes I hope." "Well of course I said yes. Oh, I don't think I've ever felt so happy!"

"I'm so glad for you sister." Chris said hugging Storm. Then they both looked up at Taker who had a secretive little smirk on his face. "You knew the whole time didn't you, you devil." Chris said smirking back at her husband. "I didn't know a thing."

"Oh don't you stand there and lie...."

"I swear I didn't know a thing."

"And if you were made of wood your nose would be a mile long by now."

"All right, I knew. I can't hide anything from you can I?"

"From the jeans you wear you don't hide that much to begin with..." Chris said as an evil smile crossed her face. "You two will understand if Chris and I want to be alone for awhile." The Dark Lord growled grabbing Chris by the waist. "We'll see you two later." Chris snickered smacking her husband on the backside. Storm and Kane both shook their heads in unison hearing a squeal come out of the bedroom.

Part 13

Chris pinned her husband down upon the bed and quickly straddled him. "Excuse me, but aren't you pregnant?" Taker asked with a growl looking up at his wife. "I may be pregnant, but that doesn't mean I'm not frisky." Chris said grabbing a scarf and proceeding to tie her husand's hands to the bedroll. "What in God's name are you doing?" "What do you think husband? Chris said opening up the buttons of his shirt and pressing her lips against his chest. She rose up running her rounded nails up and down her chest. She laughed a seductively innocent laugh feeling her husband's body writhe under her. For once, someone was conquering him, and he liked it. She slid off him like a snake and pressed her lips against his stomach. All the while she was unbuttoning his jeans. He sucked in a sharp breath as she took him into her mouth. "Dear God woman!" He hissed pulling at the bonds that so securely kept his hands in place. She had him where she wanted him, and only she would decide when the sweet torture would end. She teased him with her nails and her tongue, feeling his body tense his breathing shallow, his growls becoming deep ecstatic roars. She continued her assault on his manhood, feeling it throb intensely, growing harder as she tightened her mouth around it. His groans becoming louder, then he sounded as if he were almost pleading with her to end the torture. Satisfied that she had gotten what she wanted from him, she stopped and climbed on top of him. She guided him within her and let him slide into her slowly. She leaned over him and laid her lips against his, kissing him deeply, passionately, and her mouth pressing against his with urgent force. Suddenly she heard a snap. Her husband had effectively released himself of his bonds and had quickly put his hands on Chris' hips holding her firmly to him. He pushed her to him, burying himself deeper within her. She groaned loudly feeling the full force of his thrusts within her. Before she knew what had happened, he'd rolled her onto her back and wrapped her legs around him. She clasped her arms around his neck holding herself firmly to him. He had gone as slow as he could for as long as he could, but his own desire got the better of him. His movements became faster, harder as his wife begged him to plunge deeper within her. With a burst of strength she forced him back onto his back and started moving on top of him. He practically ripped her shirt open desperate to get at her heaving breasts. She pressed his head to her swollen breasts groaning loudly feeling his lips engulf her painfully hard nipples. She could feel every nerve in her body on overload, but it was when she felt his hand slide between her thighs and stroke the throbbing nub that she lost all control and let out a loud cry of pleasure. Her climax caused her to tighten her muscles, gripping him like a vice, and that did it for him. They practically cried out together as they came. They both fell back and collapsed. Taker still gasping for air while Chris heaved on top of him still. Then, a suddenly urge of concern came over him, had he been too rough with her. "Chris, are you all right? Was I too rough with you?"

"No. The baby is fine. Our being intimate will not hurt it right now. The doctor said as long as the pregnancy goes well we can be as active as we wish, though in the later stages some, well.... positions might be impossible." Chris said blushing. "We'll worry about that when time comes for it. You have grown quiet bold love. What in the world ever possessed you?"

"I didn't make you uncomfortable did I?" "No. I meant when might you do that again...?" Said the Dark Lord with a dark smile. Chris looked at her husband. "When the inclination strikes the two of us again. But for now, I just feel tired. I think I over did it."

"Then sleep love. I've told the others we might not come out of our room for awhile." "Good. I don't think I could walk right now if I wanted to." "That makes for the two of us." Taker said with a yawn as he pulled his wife close to him and wrapped his arms around her.

Part 14

Several days passed as Kane, Storm, Taker, Chris and Paul discussed the plans for the wedding. As with Taker and Chris, the wedding would take place at the house. It would be a small, private wedding, a select number of people were invited. That's the way Kane and Storm wanted it, something small and intimate, not a huge gala affair.

Chris and Storm decided to go shopping for a wedding dress. Seeing as she was marrying Kane, she wanted to wear something red. It had to be elegant, yet, not too flashy. They looked around the mall and then to some of the fancier department stores. Several hours of trying on and looking at prices, it seemed that neither could find something suitable. Then, just as Storm and Chris were about to leave the mall in dismay, Storm spied exactly what she had been looking for; a long deep scarlet dress made of velvet and satin. "Chris, look at it. It's perfect! This is my wedding dress. Oh, I hope it will fit. I'm going to go try it on." Storm said and went to the dressing room to try on the dress. Chris waited outside and saw her dear sister emerge in the scarlet dress. "It is perfect. I think Kane would love you in it. Do you like it?"

"I love it Chris. It's just what I've been looking for." Storm exclaimed admiring how the dress looked upon her. "Chris, we have to find a dress for you, after all you are my matron of honor."

"I think I have just the dress. It's like yours, black velvet." Chris said. "Then it's settled. I'll be the bride in red, and you'll be the maiden in black..." Storm giggled. "Exactly. I don't think Taker and Kane would have it any other way." "Well, I think the brides maids would look good in silver, it would balance us out." "I think so too. Well, let's go pay for this and get the rest of the shopping done." Chris said. "Ok. Let's go."

Volume 4