Fire Lord's Bride

Part 1

It had been several months since Taker and Christine were married. She stayed at home for the most part, but visiting her family every now and then to have time with them. The newlyweds had honeymooned in New Orleans the week after they were married. At first, Taker couldn't figure out why of all places Chris would want to go there, but after all the spiritual contact he experienced, and Chris learning how to use her powers, it all made perfect sense to him. She was for the most part, still a normal young woman, who just happened to be married to the Dark Lord.

She walked around the halls of the large house. Taker and Paul were at a venue along with Kane. She hated that the script the owner of the company followed made the brothers fight against each other, but knowing that there were still fans that supported the two dark brothers. Of course, that Taker and Chris had their love for each other gave him strength. But still, it was not easy. She waited for her beloved to come home. He had an autograph session with Paul and Kane, and then he could retreat back home. She walked around for a bit. She suddenly began to feel the room beginning to spin. Before she knew what happened, she fainted. That very moment, Taker and Kane and Paul walked through the door. "Chris!" Taker yelled seeing his bride lying still on the floor. "What happened to her?" Kane rasped seeing his sister in law lying on the floor. Taker scooped her up into his massive arms and rushed to their bedroom. "Kane, Paul, go get a doctor! Chris, Chris, wake up!" He shouted trying to revive his wife. Slowly Chris' eyes began to open. She slowly came around to find the Undertaker sitting at her side with a fearful look upon his face. She watched the fear turn into relief as he saw Chris coming too. "Chris, what happened? I walked through the door and found you lying on the floor. Are you all right?"

"I don't know. I remember walking around, then I suddenly grew dizzy. The next thing I know I passed out. Then I woke up I guess."

"Don't worry love. I've sent Kane and Paul to get a doctor. I want to make sure you're all right." Taker replied feeling greatly relieved that his bride was all right. "Ohhh, I feel so lightheaded. Oh, my stomach. Oh God, I think I'm gonna be sick. Chris staggered up and got two feet out of their bedroom, and then lost the contents of her stomach. Two maids helped her clean up and then helped her back into bed. "What the hell is keeping that damned doctor!" Taker barked. "Now Taker, she'll be all right. She's probably got a little touch of a flu bug. There's been one going around you know." Paul said trying to calm his protégé. "Don't worry brother. Chris will be all right. It probably isn't as bad as it appears." Kane replied. "Never the less, I want to be sure that she is all right. She's the dearest person in my life. I don't want anything happening to her."

After 30 minutes, the doctor did finally arrive. He entered the bedroom and started to examine Chris. Taker had to wait outside along with Kane and Paul Bearer. He paced nervously back and fourth. "Will you stop worrying? She'll be fine." Paul said, the pacing getting on his nerves. "How can I not worry? My bride lies there potentially sick, and I not knowing what's wrong with her."

"Father; take it easy on my brother. Chris is his bride, and a very dear person to him. He cannot help but worry. Brother, she will be all right." Kane said softly. A few minutes later the doctor came out and informed the three the results of his exam. "Well, how is she? Is she all right? Is she sick?" "Calm down son. Your wife is perfectly healthy." "Then why the hell did she pass out and throw up like that." "Hormonal changes. Her body is adjusting to what it will have to endure for the next 8 months."

"8 months, what are you...." Taker stopped. He suddenly realized what the doctor was saying. "You mean Chris is..."

"Yes. It looks like you're going to be a father, and your brother an uncle." The doctor replied. "The fainting spells and nausea are associated with morning sickness. It's very common throughout the first three months of pregnancy. Chris will need to take very good care of herself." Taker felt both great relief and great shock. His beloved now carried their child. "Thank you. I'm just glad to know it wasn't anything that threatened her health." He said. "I....I need to go see her now." He said and went to see his wife. He found her lying on the bed. Chris looked up at her husband, a look of both anticipation and fear in her eyes. Taker walked over to her and gently took her into his arms. "A baby, we're going to have a baby. You're not mad are you?" Chris asked. "Why on Earth would I be mad? You're carrying our child. I was going to ask you about starting a family soon anyhow." Taker replied holding his wife to him. "I'm scared. This is all new to me. I don't know what to expect."

"There now love. Everything will be all right. I know a lot of this must be frightening to you, but I will be here. If I have to, I'll demand time off so I can be with you." "I just can't believe it. A baby."

"Not a baby, my love, our baby. Our child. My darling, my love." The Dark Lord whispered holding his beloved close to him. Chris took his hand and placed it on her stomach. They held each other for sometime. In the beginning, they had love to bond them together, and now they had their love, and a new life that would soon come to be with them, their child.

Part 2

Kane walked away and headed for his room. Despite the good news that Chris was pregnant, Kane felt more sorrow than joy. He was happy for his brother, but he was alone. Though there were women who found his body attractive, they'd never seen his face. No one except his father and brother had seen the terrible scars that lay beneath the mask. Chris had seen a faint glimpse of Kane's face, but dared not tell him she had. She did not think him ugly at all. But she did not have the heart to tell him she had seen him. She kept it to herself. She felt sad for Kane. He was a gentle soul, though the script Vince Macmanhon put him in made him look like a monster. She knew Kane was lonely and wished that he had a bride to love him as Taker had Chris. She peeked out of the corner of her eye and saw Kane walk by, his head hung low. She got up as Taker let her go. She watched Kane walk into his room and shut the door. "Poor Kane. He should have someone to love him."

"He has his father and I, and you have become a sister to him."

"No, I mean, he should have a woman to share his life with. Kane is a good man, but he's so lonely. I know he thinks he's ugly and that no woman would want him. I...I haven't told him this, but I...I saw a glimpse of his face."

"'s best that you do not tell him that. Kane is very sensitive about his appearance. Paul and I both have tried to convince him his face is not that hideous. But he is convinced that it is, and this damned story line doesn't help his self esteem either."

"Oh Taker, Kane shouldn't have to be lonely. He deserves someone who will love him and accept him for who he is, and someone he can love. He shouldn't have to be alone."

"I know love. There is someone out there for him. And hopefully, he will find her. I'm glad that you feel so much compassion for him." "He deserves to be happy." "I know. I know." Taker said walking over to his wife and pulling her into his arms. He held her and then picked her up in his arms and carried her back to their bed.

Kane sat in his room. He was glad that his brother had finally found happiness with Christine, but it didn't make Kane feel any less lonely. He wanted to believe that somewhere there was a woman, who would love him for what was in his soul, not was laid hidden under the leather mask he wore. He huffed a heavy sigh, removed the mask, and lay down on his bed. A single tear fell from his eye. "No one can love someone as ugly as me. I'm condemned to be alone for the rest of my life. I'll never know what true love is." He said and tried to go to sleep.

The next morning, Chris woke up, her husband still sleeping. She put on her satin robe and walked into her private room. She made sure she had her computer sent to the house so she could continue her writing and corresponding with friends over the internet. There was one young lady in particular that she had grown close to, a young lady named Storm. For almost three months now the two had corresponded through email, and chatted together for several hours at a time. Then Storm told her about a web page she had done. It was a page dedicated to Kane. Chris decided to contact Storm. Storm, elated to find out Chris and Taker had married, yet, was sad because she had a love for someone she felt she would never know, Kane. Storm told Chris about her love for Kane, and Chris told Storm about how lonely Kane was. She felt it was meant for the two to be together, as it was for Chris and Taker.

After some coaxing, Chris convinced Storm to come up to visit her. But had no idea about how to get Storm and Kane together. Then, she got an idea. She would have Storm come with her to see the two brothers at a show. Chris and Storm considered each other sisters in spirit and had been anxious to meet one another for ages. Storm accepted the offer and Chris sent her tickets to get into the show. She ended their conversation with "Sister, he needs you. He is so lonely. Poor Kane, he's so alone. He needs you. You need him."

The two sisters gave each other virtual hugs and said good bye. Chris was excited, as was Storm. The two sisters would finally meet. And hopefully, Kane would at last have someone to share his life with.

Part 3

The day came when Chris awaited the arrival of her sister. She'd told her husband of her idea, and though he was hesitant, he knew Kane desperately needed and wanted someone in his life. He told her Storm would be welcomed in their home. Chris waited impatiently in the living room, being careful not to be too excited, as undue stress could cause harm to the tiny life that now grew inside of her. She put her hands on her stomach, feeling it. The child she carried was special, not just because it was hers, but the child was no ordinary child. It had the Undertaker for a father.

The front door opened, and Chris rushed to the front to see who it was. There stood a young lady, who in many ways looked just like Chris. She was short, a little heavy set, long dark red hair, pale skin, and a shy demeanor. Chris smiled wide and rushed up to hug her sister. They hugged and then let go. "Storm! It's so good to see you at last. I'm so glad you came. Kane, he's so sad. He thinks himself too deformed to be attractive to anyone."

"Chris, I don't think he's ugly at all. Ever since the first time I saw him last year, he's completely stolen my heart. It must be something to get to live in the same house with him." "He is like a brother to me. I'm....I'm pregnant. Taker and I are expecting a baby."

"How wonderful! I'm so happy for you!"

"We'll go to the show tonight, and then I'll introduce you to Kane. You'll have to excuse him if he tries to avoid looking at anyone. He....well, he's very shy around strangers. That he took to me so quickly is amazing. I guess it's because his brother loves me so much."

"Chris, do you think Kane will like me?"

"Once he comes out of his shell, he will love you. You're the sweetest person I've ever met, and my dearest friend. I don't see how Kane couldn't help but love you. Come on. I'll show you around."

The day was spent as the two friends got to know each other and their way around the house. That night, they went together in Storm's car to the house show. "Have you seen Kane wrestle live before?" "No. This is my first time. I'm so glad we're going to see our men together." Storm said gleefully. "You must love him very much."

"Oh I do. Ever since the first time I saw him, I felt so much sadness and torment in his soul. So much loneliness. It's terrible he thinks himself ugly. I think he is very handsome."

"Hopefully, he will open up to you. He needs someone to love him, and someone he can give his love to."

"My heart is his, if he will just accept it."

The two walked into the arena and took their seats at ringside. They stood on their feet when Kane came out to battle D-Lo brown. Storm and Chris cheered on as the Big Red Machine (as Kane was often called) took his opponent apart. It didn't take long for D-Lo to be completely dismantled. Kane finished the match with the tombstone, just like his big brother did many times. The ref. counted to 3 and the match was over. Kane got up and began to exit the ring when he saw Chris, and next to her, Storm. Kane tilted his head looking at Storm. Somehow, he knew her. She had reached out to him, though she was never sure if she got through to him. Kane got out of the ring and lumbered over to where Chris and Storm stood. Storm looked up mesmerized by Kane's steel blue/gray eyes. He was equally as awestruck by her. He gave Chris a look, the type that meant he wanted her and Storm to follow him back to the locker room. He instructed a security guard to let the gate open. Chris and Storm stepped through the crowd and followed Kane back to where Taker and Paul waited. Chris went to join the side of her husband. Paul went to negotiate the terms for the next match. "Kane, this is my friend Storm. She has been very anxious to meet you."

"I know you. You have been in my dreams." Kane said. "I....I have." Storm said her voice shaking. "Yes. I knew you from the moment I saw you. I heard your voice in my dreams." "I was reaching out to you Kane. I wanted you to know that ....someone ...loves you." "Come dear. Let's leave them to get aquatinted. Besides, you look tired. Come on, I'll take you to the back where you can rest." Taker said. "All right." Chris replied.

Part 4

Storm stood in front of Kane, her knees turning to jelly. She tried to find someway to tell this man she loved him more than life itself. But the words were stuck in her throat. How could she tell him? Kane looked at her and placed his large hand upon her face. "I know." Kane replied. Storm's eyes grew wide. "" "You reached out to me. Chris brought you here, didn't she?" Kane asked. "Yes. She wanted us to meet. Please Kane, don't be angry with her. She knew you were lonely and was trying to help. She knew that I love you. She simply wants us both to be happy." "I am not angry. You are the one who I've seen in my dreams for a long time. But can you accept me as I am? You have seen only what is covered by this suit and only this mask. My face is scarred for life. Can you deal with what I am about to show you?" "Kane, I don't care what you look like. It is your soul, you heart that I love, not your face."

"We shall see. Come with me." Kane said gesturing for Storm to follow him. He went into his locker room. Storm followed and entered the room. There in the privacy and light of his dressing room, Kane slowly removed the mask. Storm's eyes widened. "Oh.." She gasped. Kane lowered his head. "I'm sorry. I've frightened you. I'll put the mask back on."

"Oh, you're beautiful." Storm said. Kane stopped, his eyes widened. Had he heard her right? "What did you say?" He asked. "I said you're beautiful. How can you think a face so beautiful can be so hideous?" Storm asked walking closer to Kane. She reached up and touched the scars on his face. Kane was amazed. No woman had ever wanted to see, much less touch his face. "You, you don't think I'm ugly?"

"No! I've told Chris for months how much I love you, and how beautiful your soul is. Now I know there is a beautiful face to go with that soul." Kane's eye began to tear up. Storm saw a tear drop fall from Kane's eye. "Kane, what is it? What's wrong?"

"It's just one has....ever said that to me. No one has ever felt that way about me before." "I do feel that for you. And my feelings come from my heart. I've felt this way ever since you first came to the WWF. I never thought I could love anyone so strongly, but Kane, I love you, with all my heart." Storm just wanted to wrap her arms around the giant in red, but apparently, Kane beat her to it. For he had already pulled her into his massive arms. "Oh Kane, I want to stay with you. I want to make sure you never feel lonely again." Storm said pressing her head against his massive chest. "Then let's go home." Kane said.

Hours later, Storm and Kane stood out on the verandah. They had talked for a long time. "You honestly think I'm handsome?" "Of course I do Kane. I know that deep down you have a kind and gentle soul. I only wish you were allowed to portray yourself as you really are. It breaks my heart that you must hate your brother in this storyline you've been forced into." "Someday Macmanhon will pay for the pain and humiliation that he has inflicted upon my family. Tell Chris that I am glad she asked you to come here. I want you to stay. I am lonely, very lonely."

"You need not be lonely anymore sweet Kane. It was meant for us to be together, just as it as meant for your brother and Chris to be together." Storm said hugging her beloved. Then she did something that shocked Kane even more, she kissed him. No woman had ever kissed him. The move suprised him at first. Storm took his hand and led him back into the living room. There Chris and Taker were already waiting for them. "I thought we would let you know Chris and I are going to retire for the evening." Taker said. "Don't mind us. We've just been talking." Storm said. "Good night sister." Chris replied. "Good night sister." Storm answered.

Part 4

Storm led Kane into his bedroom. There she removed his mask. She put her hands upon his face. "Kane, I love you. More than anything in the world, I love you." She said. She looked at him shyly, as did he at her. They'd both had bad relationships. Storm had been in the clutches of a controlling and jealous ex, and Kane, the one woman he had been with had tricked him into getting drunk and pretty much took advantage of him. But Kane could sense Storm didn't want to use him, she wanted to love him. "It's been a long time since I've been alone with someone." Storm said blushing. "I haven't been with anyone for a long time either. The first and only experience I had with a woman, well, she got me drunk, and...."

"Kane, that's terrible! I would never intentionally hurt you. You deserve to be loved, just like everyone else." Storm said her heart going out to Kane. Kane lowered his head, feeling terrible sadness. "I didn't think anyone could love me. So many people believe I'm a monster."

"You're not a monster. You've just been taken advantage of. I...I admit that I have powers like Chris, and have tried to send you strength." "That is why I've seen you in my dreams. You were actually there."

"In a spiritual sense, yes. I want us to grow close. I want to be a part of your life, and I want you to be a part of mine." Storm said. She pulled Kane close enough to her so she could kiss him. They shared one innocent kiss, then she let go. "I don't want you to think I am leading you on Kane. I want to be with you, but let's wait just a little while. We just met, and I don't want you to think I'm taking advantage of you." "I know. I'm not quite ready myself either." Kane said blushing himself. "It's ok. We'll both know when we're ready."

"You're saying you really want to be with me Storm?"

"Yes. I've felt love for you since the first time I saw you. I feel your soul, and you have felt mine. This was meant to be Kane. I've always believed that."

"There is a room down the hall. It's the one Chris stayed in before she and my brother got married. You can use that one for the time being. I'm sure Chris wouldn't mind."

"If it's all the same Kane, I would rather stay here with you." "Really?" "Yes. I'm tired of sleeping alone. I want to stay here with you. I'm just talking staying here in the room with you. Nothing more for the moment." Storm said. "If that is what you want. I should get some rest now. I have a match tomorrow and I need to be well rested." "Yes Kane. Get some rest. I'll be right here by your side if you need me." "Good night Storm." "Sleep well my dear Kane."

Volume 2