Volume 3

Part 11

"I told you. I don't open my heart to complete strangers. I don't know how I could have opened it up to you without knowing it." "In your dreams. Why do you think I've been there all this time? Your soul spoke to mine. You couldn't hear it consciously, but it happened."

"Look, I don't mean to be a bitch or anything. But this is all rather hard for me to understand and believe." "I know. You're not obstinate. You're just scared and confused. It's understandable. That is why I want you to come with me after I get cleaned up. You can stay here in the back while I get changed up. Then we can leave." Chris shuddered for a minute, but accepted the offer. She didn't know if he took rejection well, and would rather have not found out. She nodded hesitantly. "Go wait outside. I'll be ready as soon as possible." Taker said quietly. "All right." Chris said nervously shaking her head. She walked outside to find several wrestlers walking back and fourth, recovering from matches, or getting ready for them. She stayed right outside Taker's dressing room. It wasn't long until he emerged. He looked a tad different. He wore tight black jeans, a black tank top, and a black leather vest. His hair was completely dry. It flowed down his shoulders in loose waves. He saw Chris waiting outside his door. He extended his hand, which she took. They walked out together arm in arm. "Where is, what's his name, the fat little man..."

"Paul. He is going back to the hotel. We are going elsewhere. Don't worry. You're perfectly safe with me." "Where exactly are we going?" Chris asked. "Somewhere more private." Chris followed along side the Undertaker. Her little body was almost over shadowed by his massive frame. They stopped in front of a purple Ford 150 truck. Unlocking the door, Taker opened it up on the passenger side. He helped Chris climb in. She watched him walk around and get in the driver's seat. She couldn't believe she was doing this. What was Chris thinking? How could she just trust a complete stranger? Yet, he wasn't a complete stranger. He was just strange. She looked out the window waiting for the truck to start.

Part 12

Chris and Taker drove up to a huge mansion. This guy's got money, Chris thought. "What is this place?" She asked. "Home." Taker replied. "You live here, alone."

"No. My brother lives here as well."

"You mean Kane? But I thought you two hated each other." "Do not let your eyes or mind be deceived by a pathetic story line. Kane and I are very close. But you must be careful around him. He has suffered much in his life, and does not trust outsiders quickly. So, you must give him time."

"Now just a minute, you talk like I've already said yes to you, and you haven't even asked me anything about this *bride business* yet. Did it ever occur to you I might not be ready for marriage? I mean, I'm very ill tempered, bad disposition, I'm not good at keeping house, I have terrible mood swings," "Yes, and you're afraid of a relationship because half the women in your family have been through disastrous ones. I told you Chris, I know more about you than you think. I know you don't trust me, but you must. This has been destined to happen for some time."

"I don't put much merit in destiny."

"I'm not asking you to. All I ask is you open your mind and try to understand what I'm telling you."

"How can I? How do I know you're not gonna force me out of this truck and drag me up to that place and do God knows what to me." "I've already told you, I would never hurt you. You're sacred to me. I love you more than you are willing to understand. That is why you push me away Chris. You're terrified of someone loving you for fear that someone will leave you." "Now look you. I'm getting tired of you delving into my private life and telling me things I'd rather not hear and have almost mercifully forgotten. Now how the hell do I go about getting a cab?"

"They don't come up here."

"You.... you kidnapped me! You talk me into coming up here with you then tell me I'm going to marry you whether I consent or not and then you tell me I have no means of getting away from here! How can you say you love me when you don't even consider my feelings!" Chris shouted. She realized what she had said and really felt in danger. She feared Taker's short fuse, but nothing happened. He remained quite calm. "I've not forced you up here. And I'm not forcing you to marry me. And your feelings are foremost on my mind." "How do I know you don't have other women on the side? What if all you want me for is your bed? How do I know you won't throw me out on the streets."

"Like your father did?" That did it. Chris could take no more of this. Her right hand suddenly flew to smack Taker straight in the face. She felt a firm grip on her wrist before her palm could make contact. Now she thought she was in for it. But amazingly, Taker showed not one sign of anger, not one. "Now that isn't going to help things." Chris began to break into tears. Her whole body began to shake with muscle spasms. She felt her body suddenly enveloped in a massive pair of arms. "There, there now. I didn't want to force that out of you, but I had to. Your heart is overwhelmed with all this pain you've kept locked away in it for so long. It has to come out. Shhhh, it's all right now. It's all right." He said gently cradling Chris in his arms. He felt bad that he had perhaps pushed too many buttons too quickly. "Chris, I know you're afraid of letting someone love you, but it is a fear you must overcome. I do love you, and I will not abandon you. I want you as my wife, now and for life."

"But why me? Why not someone beautiful, or rich, or experienced?"

"You are beautiful. And as for wealth, I have more than enough. And as for experience, I am not concerned about what you know; it's what you are willing to learn. You have a light in your soul that I have not seen for so long. My soul is dark, but that darkness has become overwhelming. Too much and I cannot exist as the being you see. There must be a balance, and you are the other half of that balance. It is a balance you need as well. I know it is all difficult for you to understand now, but in time, if you will stay with me, you will understand my words. I....I cannot force you to marry or love me. I love you to much to make you suffer like that."

"Please, I'm not saying no...but I need time to think. What you ask is a very big deal for me. I must have time to sort out my heart and my mind. Will you give me that much? Three days, that's all I ask. Then, I'll come back here and give you my answer."

"All right. I will take you back to your hotel. I will await your answer in three days."

Chris and Taker arrived back at her hotel. She got out and looked back at the Dark Lord, a defeated look in his eyes. He felt that he'd lost perhaps the only light he would have in his soul. But Chris could not enter into a relationship where there was confusion and mistrust. She'd seen the consequences of that already in her own family. She would stay there for three days, and then decide whether or not she was ready for this.

Part 13

Chris stepped out of the truck. She looked back to see a look of defeat on his face. She walked in and paid up for an extra 3 days. She went up to her room and changed into her nightclothes. Chris sat on her bed thinking about what Taker had told her. He loved her, honestly loved her, but he didn't even know her. She didn't know him. How could she enter into a relationship where she barely knew a guy or in one where the guy barely knew her? Chris thought about it. But as tired as she was, she lay down and went to sleep. The days rolled by and the third day was upon her. She checked out of the hotel and packed up her things. She rented a car and drove up to the mansion. She saw Taker standing by his truck. She saw the look on his face. He knew what her answer was going to be, and it wasn't going to be what he wanted to hear. He knew, he already knew.

Chris just didn't feel herself ready. She just wasn't ready to enter into this. She was afraid, too afraid to love and to be loved by a man. She walked up to Taker, seeing the pained look on his face. "I guess you know what I'm going to say, don't you?" "Yes. And I understand."

"I don't think you do. I just; it's just that I'm not ready. It's better this way. You don't know me the way you think you do, and I don't know you at all. We'd end up making each other miserable. Please understand. It isn't that I don't think you're not able to love, it's just that, I, I can't..." "Chris, its best not to fight what you feel. I rushed this. I should not have gone about it the way I did. I'm sorry." "Please, I hope you don't think ill of me."

"I don't."

"I'm sorry."

"Chris, you must do what is best for yourself. You cannot do this to please me. You must do it because it's what you want; it's what you know you're ready for. You must do this for yourself as well as me. If you're not ready, you're not ready. You cannot let my behavior pressure you into it."

"Please, please understand."

"I do Chris."

"I guess I should go. I... I hope you'll be all right." "Don't worry about me Chris. I've lived alone for a long time. It's my lot in life." Chris walked back to her car, but as she sat down to start it up, she saw the Dark Lord fall to his knees. Tears streaming down his face. He had lost. The only light he would have in his soul, and he lost it. Chris returned the car and caught a Greyhound back to her home in Oak Ridge. She went to unlock the door to her house. Chris walked in and surveyed her home. It actually felt foreign to her. She plopped her luggage down on the couch and went to take a shower. She dried off and changed into her nightgown. Then she went to bed. She tried to go to sleep, but all she could think about was the Undertaker, and the pained look on his face when she said she wasn't staying with him. She'd tried many times not to break down on the bus ride home. But now, the floodgates were wide open. How could she have hurt him, when all he wanted was to love her for the rest of her life? Chris hung her head down, crying, angry with herself. Then she lay down, upset. Her fear had gotten the better of her again. And what had she to be afraid of. "Dammit Chris, when are you going to learn to trust?"

She laid down mentally kicking herself. She realized now that she didn't have to fear commitment. This dark man loved her, and this was not the way to treat that love. "I have to go back. I have to go back now." Chris said getting up out of bed. "How could I have been so stupid?" She got dressed and grabbed her keys to her car. But as she ran out the door, a car was already waiting for her. In front of it stood a huge man clad in red. He wore a mask. Chris realized who it was. It was Kane, the Undertaker's baby brother. "Kane, what is it? What's happened?"

"Chris, I beg you, you must come back. He, he's dying." "NO! Kane, take me to him, now. I do love him. I will marry him. Please, get me to him before it's too late." The car sped through the streets, taking every shortcut there was to get back. Chris drummed her hands nervously all the way. "I'm sorry Kane. This is my fault. I should have trusted him. I should have let go of my fear. Now he's dying because of me." "Don't punish yourself. There may still be time. But you must go to him before dawn. Or the darkness will possess his soul forever, and he will be lost to us all."

"I'll save him Kane. I'll save him or I'll do my best to." The hours seemed endless as Kane and Chris traveled back to the mansion. At last, the mansion was in sight. Chris rushed out of the car while it was still cruising and she ran with all her strength up to the house. She rushed to it, banging on the door. It opened, there stood Paul Bearer, a bewildered look on his face. "Where, where is he? I have to get to him now!"

"But I thought,"


"Up the stairs, first room to the left." Chris ran with all her might, even though she was out of breath, she still found the strength to run. She ran up to where Paul had told her, and found the Undertaker, lying still on his bed, his body motionless. His skin paler than a ghost. His eyes stared blankly up at the ceiling. Gasping in terror, Chris ran over to him. "Taker, Taker! Wake up! Wake up! You have to wake up! I'm here. I'm here and I'm here to stay. I'm more afraid of losing you than I am of you keeping me! Please, I love you! I do love you! I'm yours...oh my Dark Lord, I'm yours. I'm your bride. I want to stay with you...always...Please, please, don't let the darkness win." Chris sobbed as tears fell from her eyes. She fiercely locked her lips onto his. Her tears soaking his hair. She kissed him with more passion than any mortal woman was capable of. Then, she felt an arm weakly go around her. She broke the kiss to see a somewhat hazy stare in Taker's green eyes. He was beginning to breathe normally again.

His eyes looked up and saw Chris at his side. Her eyes full of tears. He reached up to gently wipe them away. "My love..." he whispered wearily. "I'm here. My Dark Lord, I'm here. And I'm here to stay. Your bride is here to stay. Please, promise me you will live. You must live. You must have the balance, and so must I. I love you." Taker wearily raised himself up. "You, you've come back to stay here with me. But I thought," "Shh, never mind what I thought hours ago, because I was wrong. I can't let you go. I can't live without you, and I know that now. I love you, and I'm not afraid to let my heart love you. Just don't die. Don't let your soul be swallowed up by total darkness. You mean to much to me." "My love, my bride...." Taker said pulling Chris into his arms. Kane lumbered up to his room. He heaved a mighty sigh of relief to see his brother sitting up, and even more relieved to hear that Chris would marry him.

Part 14

Taker held Chris to him, tightly as he could without squeezing the life out of her. Kane looked at him. "She," "Yes Kane. I know. Go tell Paul, bring the priest in the priest tomorrow night. Chris, I know you must be tired. There is a spare room across from mine. Go and rest. Tomorrow night we'll have the wedding."

"All right. I'm sorry. I'm sorry I put you through this. I should not have doubted my heart."

"Hush love. You said it was all in the past now, and it is. Go now. Go rest. Things will be ready by tomorrow night. I will be across the hall if you need me."

"All right." Chris said. Kane lead her to her room. She found it to be large for a bedroom. She walked in and looked around. She found a wardrobe full of nightgowns. He had obviously anticipated her arrival for some time. She picked out a black satin nightgown and laid it out on the bed. She closed the door and changed. Then she turned down the bed and climbed in. So tired was she that her eyes closed the minute she hit the pillow and fell asleep. She was so deep in slumber that she did not notice her future husband walk into the room. He knelt beside her and laid a gentle kiss upon her forehead. "My love, I will do everything I can to make you happy here. Sleep now." He whispered softly and left.

The next morning Kane and Taker woke up. Paul was sent out to get the priest to perform the ceremony. The two brothers walked to Chris' room. "Shouldn't we wake her up now?" "No brother. Not yet. She's had a rough time, and she won't have to get dressed till almost nightfall. Let her sleep. She'll be nervous enough when she wakes up." Taker replied. "Yes, I suppose you're right."

"Then let's not disturb her. I'll have you come and wake her. It isn't good luck for me to see her before the wedding." "Then I suggest we leave before your luck changes."

Evening came, but not quickly enough for the Dark Lord. Kane went to wake Chris up. Her door was closed and he could hear movement. He assumed she was already getting ready, and rather than risk walking in her while she was in a state of undress, he walked back to his own room to get ready himself. He was to be the best man. Paul would have to give her away, as her father and she weren't close, he was the only one who could take the job. Chris found a white velvet gown and chose to wear that. It wasn't very elaborate, but it was still a dress suitable for a wedding and fit for a bride. She got changed, fixed her hair and makeup, and left the room. She walked out where a small assembly of guests was waiting in the main hall. She saw Kane, looking very different. He looked rather handsome himself in his tuxedo. "Kane, tell him I'm ready."

"All right. The bride's maids will be here in a moment." Chris saw the small group of women walk in. They all looked upon her humbly. "Oh, you don't have to do that. I am human after all."

"Yes my lady, but you are very special. For it is you the Dark Lord has chosen to give his heart to. We must make sure you are given the utmost respect."

"Thank you."

"She's ready brother."

"Good, then we can start the ceremony." Instead of the usually wedding theme, he had asked Chris to pick out what she wanted as her bridal march. She chose a song by Enya called 'Marble Halls.' She thought it appropriate for the occasion. She walked down the isle, her groom waiting patiently for her, and her maids walking behind her. Paul waited and took her arm to take her down the isle. Kane stood beside his older brother. Chris walked with Paul by her side; she walked and finally stopped to stand beside the man who would in a matter of moments be her husband.

The minister waited for all the guest to be seated and then began the ceremony. He seemed to talk forever and Taker thought he would actually yawn right there in front of him. Chris looked at him, how handsome he looked in his tuxedo. He looked as good as Kane. His hair pulled back, but not in a ponytail. It fell loosely down his back. At long last vows were exchanged, as were the rings. Everything said, it was the part that the bride and groom had waited for. "Now, by the power vested in me, I now pronounce you man and wife. You may now kiss your bride."

"um, there's a problem." Chris whispered. "What dear?" Taker asked. "I can't reach your face." Taker simply kneeled before his bride and took her into his arms. "Is that better?" He whispered softly pressing his lips upon hers. "Yes." Chris sighed feeling how soft his kiss was, and anticipating when the honeymoon would begin.

Part 15

That evening; there was a short reception. Several of the guests danced and ate. Kane and Chris shared one dance, then seeing as it was getting late, it was time for everyone to go their separate ways, and for Chris and her new husband to be alone together for the first time. As they bid everyone farewell, Kane went to his room, Paul to his, and Chris and Taker to his. He picked her up and slowly carried her into his room. He sat her gently upon his bed. She trembled violently. Taker saw Chris shivering and surmised that she had never been with a man in her life. "Poor thing, you must be terrified."

"I am a bit nervous."

"A bit nervous, Chris, you're shaking violently."

"Yah, I'm....I'm scared. I'll admit it."

"It's all right love. You don't have to be afraid of me." "It isn't that. It's well, I, um, how do I put this?" Chris turned about 5 different shades of red. "Don't worry love. I'm sure you can accommodate me." Chris blushed even more knowing what her husband meant. He chuckled softly seeing her shyness. "Don't be frightened love. I wouldn't rush you. I know you're nervous. I'm very patient, and very gentle."

"I...I know. I guess I'm shy. I've never so much as seen a man without his clothes on, not even my father."

"Now now, love." The Dark Lord said laughing softly. "We are married now after all. You needn't be shy."

"Well, just go slow. I mean I'm.. oh, I'm rambling. I don't mean to slow down like" "Love, it's all right. You don't have to be afraid. There's nothing wrong in us being together now. It's ok." Chris reached back and started unzipping the back of her dress, till she hit a snag. "Oh, this thing."

"Here, I'll get it." She shivered feeling his hands brush against her shoulders as he slowly undid the dress zipper. He slid it off her shoulders. She shivered lightly feeling a rush of cool air blow over her now bare shoulders. She didn't wear tights because the dress slimmed her down enough. She let her shoes fall from her feet as she slid the dress off. She kept her eyes averted slightly while her husband started to undress. He could see out of the corner of his eye she was trying so hard not to watch, but just couldn't help sneaking a peek at him taking off his jacket and shirt. Then he sat at the edge of the bed taking his shoes and socks off. Chris looked at his chest when he turned around. She turned away shyly. She felt a gently tug on her arm. "Love, you don't have to hide your eyes from me. It's perfectly all right to watch me undress."

"Well, I told you, I've never seen a man, undressed."

"You will get used to it. The shyness goes away quickly." The Dark Lord whispered pulling Chris to him. She was still partially clothed. She looked at his massive chest. It looked like it had been carved out of solid white marble. She felt him reach behind and unhook her bra. He slid it off her shoulders. Her breasts were full and swollen from being pressed tightly by the dress and bra. He took her and laid her on her back, gently kissing her as he did. She trembled at first, but soon relaxed feeling the softness of his kiss. He trailed kisses down her neck. He cupped her breasts with his hands and massaged them gently. Chris sighed feeling the blood rush to her nipples making them harden. She felt him take one into his mouth, rolling his tongue around it slowly. "Taker...." Chris sighed. "It's all right love." He whispered softly sensing apprehension in his bride. Chris relaxed. She put her arms around him and held onto him. He worked back up to her lips murmuring softly to her. His hands glided softly down her sides caressing her hips. He slid one hand across her stomach. That elicited a soft giggle. Hmmm, she's ticklish, he thought with a sly smile. Still holding on to her hips, he grasped the sides of her bikini briefs and slowly slid them down and off of her. Then he looked back up at her seeing both anxiety and anticipation in her eyes. He let his hair fall over his shoulders, almost eclipsing his face. He took Chris's hand; his eyes warm yet full of desire. He pressed his lips back on to hers, urging her mouth open, letting his tongue intertwine with hers. The kiss became deeper as his free hand roamed down her body, stopping to feel the nest of tight curls resting in the center of her thighs. She jerked suddenly feeling his fingers ease open her velvet walls. She pressed his lips harder to hers feeling his hand slowly explore her soft hot flesh. She heaved in a deep sigh feeling intense sensations through out her body. "Hhh, Oh God..." Taker stopped for a moment thinking he was going to fast and unnerving Chris. "No, don't, don't stop, please don't stop. I'm ok."

He pressed his mouth on her neck and continued where he left off. She groaned loudly feeling him stroking the tiny swell nestled deep in her flesh. She felt herself ready to go over the brink, and then he stopped. Chris' breathing calmed for the moment. Her body relaxed again as she watched her husband stand over her and finish undressing himself. At last she saw him, all of him, and his body looked even better out of his clothes. He leaned over her as she opened her arms. He took Chris' hand and pressed it against his chest. She felt a growl rumble as she touched him. He guided her hand down slowly letting her grow comfortable with him. She reached up with her other hand and put it on his shoulder. She felt her hand on his stomach, and then he let go. She was hesitant at first, but the soft words of encouragement helped her to continue. She lightly wrapped her fingers around him. The growls grew louder, but there was control in them. He didn't want to shout so loud that he scared the poor girl to death. She entangled her fingers in Taker's hair and pulled him to her, urging him to kiss her. He kissed her with fierce urgency feeling the strokes of her hand grow firmer and faster until he could take no more. "Love, I need you."

"Yes, my Dark Lord, I'm ready." Not another word said, Chris wrapped her legs around his hips and her arms around his neck. Slowly he began to enter her until he felt resistance. He knew she feared the impending pain, and softly reassured her he would spare her as much suffering as he could. Chris took his hand, taking in a deep breath. He quickly pushed forward ripping through the barrier. Chris yelled in pain. A tear fell from her eye. He nuzzled her softly doing his best to soothe her. "Ouu, it hurts." Chris whimpered. "I know. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to hurt you so bad." He said kissing her tear away. He backed out of her a little ways, trying to ease the pain. Slowly he inched his way back in all the way. Slowly he began to move within her, feeling her body relax beneath him. He kissed her softly at first, but as the tempo increased, they both kissed each other with fierce passion. Their bodies moving together, both held tightly to each other. Her sighs becoming united with his deep growls. Her inner body tightly constricted, grasping him and holding him deep within her. He felt himself sheathed in her warmth until he could not go deep enough within her. But no longer could he stand the torture and plunged into her one last time. She felt her body too reaching the point where she could stand no more stimulation. She cried out her husband's name as the wave crashed over her. He groaned loudly and spilled his seed deep within her. As the moment passed, Taker fell off Chris and collapsed onto his back, both of them breathing heavily. He pulled Chris into his arms and held her to him. She laid her head against his massive chest hearing his heart slowly return to normal. He stroked her long hair. "I love you." Chris sighed. "And I love you my sweet bride." He whispered back. He pulled the covers over them both. The newlyweds fell asleep in each other's arms, the Lord of Darkness and his bride.

Volume 4