Volume 2

Part 6

Tuesday morning. Chris called information and got the number for the Nashville ticket master. She asked when the tickets were going on sale, but found that they had already sold out. Chris thanked the clerk and put down the phone. "Damn! Nashville is the closest place. Well, I guess I'll just have to find another date at a close place, but the only other place is Memphis, and they are not doing any dates there anytime soon. I've got to meet this guy. I have to know why the hell he's in my dreams before I see him for the first time and what it is he wants with me." Chris said with frustration. She went to the kitchen to get something to eat when she heard the mailman leave mail in her mailbox. She went outside and opened it up. She found an envelope with her address on the front. She saw that it was one of her cousins who lived close to Nashville. "I haven't heard from him in ages. Wonder what's up." Chris said and walked back into the living room. She opened up the envelope to find a small letter and something else, a ticket. Chris just stared and looked at the ticket. WWF, Nashville, TN. "Whaaaaa." "Chris, I bought a ticket to the WWF house show in Nashville but won't be able to go because I have to go on a church field trip that I forgot about. I don't know if you like wrestling, but I thought I would go on and send you this ticket so you could check it out. WWF has some awesome stuff in it. Jace."

Chris just stared at the ticket. This was too scary. "Well, I guess I'm going after all." Chris said and put the ticket in a safe place.

Part 7

It was a few weeks from the event. Chris had been watching every WWF show there was, even going so far as to order the November pay-per-view. She taped every match that had the Undertaker in it. She grew more and more fascinated with him every minute she watched the matches she taped. She studied the way he moved spent endless time listening to his voice. It seemed the days passed quickly, yet seemed to take forever to go by, and it was soon the day of the event. She charted a Greyhound to Nashville that morning. It would be late afternoon by the time she got there. A nervous feeling ran through her all day. Even as she got off the bus and went to hailed a cab to her hotel. She somehow knew the Undertaker would be there. And she had to meet him; somehow, she had to meet him.

Part 8

Chris walked into the hotel. She noticed several people had come from all over the place to stay here and wondered if she'd find a room. She got lucky enough to find a nice room on the top floor. She took her luggage and went up to her room. She knew she didn't have long seeing as the event would start in two hours. She quickly got dressed, wearing a black velvet dress and put on some makeup. She wanted to look good. She grabbed a bite to eat at the lounge and then hailed a bus to the arena where the event was being held. She had her ticket in her purse, which she clutched to her very tightly. The bus pulled up to the arena. Chris paid for the ride and stepped out. She walked up to the arena where a line had already begun to form outside the main entrance. Chris looked around seeing fans dressed up, wearing T-shirts with the logo or pictures of their favorite superstars on them. She found that this Undertaker had a lot of fans, many of them female, not suprisingly seeing how gorgeous he was.

She suddenly found herself approached by one fan; another young woman approached her. "Hi. I'm Jade. Is this your first WWF event?"

"Why yes. I'm Christine. Actually I got lucky. My cousin was supposed to be here, but a last minute schedule thing made him have to cancel. So, he sent me my ticket." "I noticed you're wearing black. Have you come to see the Undertaker?" She asked. "Yes. I've seen him wrestle. He's quite extraordinary." "You'll have a good time I'm sure. Seeing Taker on TV is nothing compared to seeing him in person. I've seen him once. How long have you been a fan?"

"It's only been recently that I discovered him." "Well, one look at him and you're a creature of the night for life. Well, I have to go join my friend. Have a good time. It was nice meeting you." Jade said. "It was nice meeting you too. I'm very much looking forward to seeing him tonight." Chris replied. She saw the line beginning to move. She walked in realizing she'd not looked what seat or row she was in. She looked at the ticket, front row, section 1 seat 17. "My gosh, Jace really lucked out when he got seats. I better get my butt down there."

An usher led her to her section and ripped the ticket for her. She thanked him and took her seat. She waited anxiously for the event to start. She didn't know it, but someone was watching her in her seat. It was Paul Bearer. He motioned for someone to come to him, The Undertaker. "Is that her?" He asked in a high pitched voice. Taker looked out the curtain and saw Chris sitting in the front row. "Yes, that's her. She's come. I want her to find her way back here, without problems. Go find one of the stagehands. Get her back here after my match."

"Are you sure about this? You don't even know this girl." Taker gave Paul a hard glare. The dark man did not like having his orders questioned. "Right away." Paul answered with a sigh. Taker continued to watch Christine from the curtain careful not to let her see him, at least, not yet. "You've come. Soon, love, soon you'll understand." He said to himself. He turned around to find the owner of the WWF staring up at him from his wheel chair. Taker looked down at him, smirking wickedly at him. "Hello Vince. How's the leg?" He asked coldly, almost laughing. "Oh, how thoughtful of you to ask. If it weren't for you I wouldn't be in this wheelchair if it weren't for you." Macmanhon growled. "I warned you. And you pushed me anyway. You don't fool with me. I don't care who you are, but no one insults my brother or me like that. You should be thankful Kane and I let you get away with your life. Now get out of my sight." "How dare you speak that way to me! I'm Vincent Kennedy Macmanhon. No one gives me orders!"

"Your ravings won't get you anywhere with me. I am not going to be intimidated by you. You might fancy yourself the ruler of your kingdom, but remember one thing, monarchs, tyrants, rich men, poor men, women, children, all are not immune to death, not even you. Now take that as a warning and do not provoke me further." The Taker growled and walked away.

A stagehand sent by Paul walked up to Christine and handed her a note. She wondered why. She figured it could only mean bad news. She opened up the note and her eyes widened. "I've been waiting for you. Come to me after my match. I'll be waiting for you in my dressing room. Paul will take you to me. The Lord of Darkness, The Undertaker." Chris was in shock. He knew she was here. Now things were getting very serious.

Part 9

The event was underway. The first match involved The New Age Outlaws against Mark Henry and D-Lo Brown. Chris had become a fan of D-X, always laughing at their antics. But outside interference from their archenemies the headbangers nearly cost them the match. Chris watched the match progress and finally end when Mark Henry and D-Lo got dq'd cause the Headbangers interfered. Chris watched several matches, and she saw some unique characters, The Rock, Golddust, Val Venis(he was a jerk to her), Triple H, X-Pac, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Steve Blackman, and others. Then came the match before intermission. That was to be the Undertaker's match for the night. He was taking on Vince's right hand man, The Big Boss Man. He came out first. "The victim," Chris said to herself. She was really getting into the role of being a creature of the night. She and the other attendants waited eagerly, and then, the lights went out and the music Chris had now become so familiar thundered through the arena. And there he came, the Lord of Darkness as he often called himself. And she was right there on the first row, leaning on the guardrail. Taker walked down to ringside. He caught a glimpse of her calling out to him. He looked at her, his green eyes burning into her soul, they way they did in her dreams. He looked back at her as he turned in the ring, and mouthed the words; "I've been waiting for you, Chris."

She looked up at him, suprised that he knew her name. Maybe she wasn't dreaming. Maybe it was for real. She watched the Boss Man take a run at Taker, but the Dark Lord easily brushed him off with one swing. Shaky, the Boss Man swung back at Taker, but BS was caught by UT's massive hand and quickly chokeslammed to the ground. Macmanhon watched the monitor quite displeased with what he saw. His main henchman was being sacrificed. "What do I have to do to find good help these days?" Macmanhon grumbled. "He's a waste of time. Get me the phone. I have a call to make."

Back at the match, after a merciless 20 minute pounding and a little back up from Paul Bearer, Taker decided he'd had enough of this game and decided to put the Boss Man away for good, and that could mean only one thing, the deadly tombstone piledriver. Taker looked to Paul Bearer, then to his creatures, and then to the Boss Man. With an evil smile, he slid his thumb across his throat and signaled that the end was at hand. Before the Boss Man could get away, Taker scooped him up and hauled him over his shoulder. Then he let his victim hang upside down for a few seconds, contemplating his final moments. Then, Taker went to his knees, and Boss Man met his maker. Taker laid out the crumpled heap and laid the hands over the chest. 1..2..3. The win was decisesive. Chris watched the fans roar and she screamed with them overjoyed that the Dark Lord had prevailed. He looked down at Paul. "Go, bring her." He said and walked back to his dressing room. Paul Bearer walked over to the security guard and ordered him to open the rail and let Chris out. "Let her out. She has someone to see." Bearer said cryptically. He motioned to Chris. "Come my dear. He is waiting for you." Bearer said. Chris hesitantly walked out and followed Bearer. "Well well, hello lady." Sneered Val Venis. Chris looked at him, the disgust on her face clear as a bell. "Do not fool with her you gigolo! She is not for you."

"Lighten up fatso! Come here baby!" "Hey, get your hands off of me you, hhhh!" Chris gasped. There stood the Undertaker. His face was cold and angry at this upstart who had dared to his hands upon Chris. "I suggest you unhand that young woman. She is with me."

"Oh please, why would she want you when...UhgG!" Val suddenly discovered he could not breathe. "I do not take kindly to such insololance. Now leave her alone." Taker growled harshly. He watched Val run off, then looked at Chris who was still shaken up. "Are you all right?" He asked. His face suddenly calm once more. "Yyyes." Chris said nervously. "Come. We'll go to my dressing room. It's more ... private." Chris shuddered for a moment. Taker could sense fear in Chris' voice. He turned to her and held out his hand. "Have no fear little one. Come to me." Suddenly, Chris felt no apprehension. His voice, it was hypnotic, calming. Chris walked to him and took his hand. They walked to his dressing room. After the three made their way in, Paul closed the door.

Part 10

Chris stood nervously in her black velvet dress. She twirled her long auburn hair around her fingers. She still had a nervous look to her. She couldn't stand still and felt very anxious. One young girl in a locked room with two strange men. Well, they weren't strangers, but they were strange. Paul Bearer looked at her standing, her whole body shivering. "Leave us Paul. And make sure no one disturbs us." "As you wish." Paul mumbled honestly baffled by the whole situation, but he had learned the hard way not to cross the Undertaker. Those who did usually didn't live long enough to regret it. The door closed, and Chris was alone with him, this Dark Lord. Her heart was racing. "Chris, I promise you, you have nothing to be afraid of."

"Well, hhhhow am I supposed to know that? I don't even know you, and you were pretty nasty with Val Venis guy." "He was hurting you. Those who hurt my loved ones pay dearly. You needn't be concerned with that. I've brought you here for a reason. I know this is all confusing and frightening to you now. Here, come to me. Don't be scared. All will be explained." Chris nervously walked over to the Undertaker. He took her hand feeling it tremble. "Chris, how can I put you at ease? You need never fear me. I could never hurt you." "But you don't even know me. I don't even know how you know my name."

"I do know you Chris. I've watched you for many years, though you never knew it. I've chosen you." "Chosen me?"

"Yes, to be my bride." Chris felt her knees go weak and she felt as if she would faint, which she did. But she was caught in the Dark Lord's arms before she hit the ground. "I didn't think she would take it this well. Chris, Chris, wake up. You fainted." Chris opened her eyes to see she was in Taker's arms. "Now hold on a minute." Chris gasped pulling away from him. "Hold it. You say you know me, you watched me, now you want to marry me! Wait a minute, I don't know what's going on or why you would tell me such a thing..."

"Chris," He said quietly. "Calm down. You're becoming hysterical. I did not mean this very moment."

"But how? You don't even hardly know me, or my disposition, or my life..."

"I know you hide a lot of pain in your heart. I know that you concern yourself with others, yet you often neglect yourself. You punish yourself for things that are not your fault." Chris looked at him. How could he have known about her heart? How could he have told her the things he did? He didn't know her, or did he. "I told you, I've watched you for many, many years. I knew you would come here tonight. I know what I say to you sounds fantastic, but it is true. I've searched for one woman who would be my bride. But not any ordinary woman." "But I am mortal woman."

"I didn't say mortal. I said ordinary. You are not ordinary. You have powers that are like my own, though you are not fully aware of them. You block them out of your mind. You hide from them." Now Chris was getting perturbed. Exactly how much about her did this dark man know? "All right. I want to know just how the hell you knew that. No one knows that, not even my own mother." "I know it because you told me. You just don't know it yet."

Volume 3