Kanike and Christine's Tribute to the Lord of Darkness

This is a gallery with unique pictures of the Undertaker done by a dear friend of mine known as Kanike. Here you will find her unique work coupled with a few lines from myself as well. There are only a few pictures here at the moment, but this is a very time consuming process for Kanike so please be patient as the two of us collaberate upon this project. I must stress that these visiual representations are to be used on this sight only and may not be used on any other sights

Like a phantom in the night, he appears out of the blackness.
He is the watcher in the shadows.
He is the chill of the night wind.
He is...the night.

Watching over the fortress stands the Dark Lord.
Keeping an ever watchful eye on his followers
Take heed and beware. The Lord of Darkness does not take kindly to those who harm his own.

So much pain you have gone through my love.
All the world would have you think you are not worthy of being loved.
Look to the night sky,
Look to the moon.
I shall be watching over you, my love.