My Thanks Too:

Here are some of the people who are helping to make this site what it is. It is to them I owe a great deal of thanks for helping me make this sight what it is today.

A few places that helped make the website more snazzy with animated gifs and backgrounds and buttons are:

Clip Art Castle
Flaming Text

Much thanks to Kanike for the exquisite picture on the front page, and for contributing pics to the galleries. Some of the best damn pics in the world!

Thanks to Storm*love ya sis* for screen captures and for such wonderful support through the making of this site.

Thanks to Denise Williams*The Mistress of the Ministry* for the ministry pics of UT and for some wonderful poems on the Dark Fiction section.

Thanks to Qosa of FFA for the lovely banner.

Thanks to everyone who let me use pictures for my galleries.

Thanks to all my sisters who supported and continue to support me in all my efforts to keep up with this site. Ya'lls ecouragement is part of what keeps me going.

Thanks to the fans who continue to support and stand by the Undertaker and won't back down for anything.

Thanks of course to the WWF for the Undertaker existing.

And of course, the biggest credit of all...thanks to and for the man whom this website celebrates...The Undertaker and the man behind him. This site would not exist without you.