DOB: August 17th 1973

I'm a Leo.

Why I'm a Bride of the Dark Lord.

I love the man with all my heart and soul. He's now so despised and hated and that only makes me love him even more. I made a pledge that no matter what he does or says, I will love him without condition. I accept him for all that he is, dark or light, good or bad.

Other fans of other wrestlers can think what they will of UT or his devoted followers. We will love him for all that he is. Nothing more, nothing less. My hobbies

My loves are of course, Taker...his brother Kane, writing about them, writing about vampires, and things beyond the normal mortal realm. I also love painting, both pictures and plaster sculptures, collecting and learning about native american culture*as I have Cherokee blood in my family*, watching wrestling, watching horror movies, sword and sorcoery movies, and my newest fascination, LEXX! (I'm particuarlly fond of the character Kai) I also love animals*I have two cats*well, one is mine, the other is offically my mom's. Some of my other fave shows are Who's Line is it anyway, LEXX, and oddly enough, court tv shows..*Judge Judy rules!*

My Faves:

Fave Music: Ozzy! He is one of the best rockers in the whole world! Nuff said.

Fave Movies: The Crow, Dracula, and Interview With The Vampire

Fave wrestlers:



Edge, Christian, Gangrel and Luna

My likes:

Taker and Kane, vampires, the supernatural, the strange and unusual, but also simpler things in life...quiet time, burning incense and candles, and listning to music*mostly Rock and Roll, but I also listen to New Age as well, and talking with my closests friends.

My Dislikes:

People who have no sense of humor*or people who find amusement in the suffering of others*, those who are close minded, those who judge people for what they look like on the outside, men who judge a woman by her breast size and not her brain capacity, bigotry, self-rightouness, and those who would harm animals or humans.