Raven road the rest of the night until morning came. He returned to the site of the now ruined castle. The stench of death was heavy in the morning air...then he found out why. Though Blade and Drake has escaped, perhaps with a few followers, most however could find no shelter from the sun. He rode slowly into the great hall now filled with debris from the roof and the sight of decay all around. Some bodies were still somewhat recognizable, their faces twisted in agony and horror. Others has apperantly tried to flee the rays of the sun and the flames took them where they ran. Others still, most in a huddled mass, had accepted their fate and simply waited for death to release them. The scene was one of horror, pity and death. Raven shook his head in dismay. For as much as he hated Drake, hated Blade and their followers, he had a blood tie to these creatures. For their blood ran in his veins. But he had no true sympathy for them. They had chosen to follow Drake for whatever reason. Raven was cursed with it by birth, and his mother was not given a choice. He rode on looking for some sign of Drake and Blade, but none could be found. They must have fled into the night and found shelter, Raven thought.

He would search, search forever if he had too. His heart would be hardened against the evil that had cursed him and caused so much pain and suffering to those he loved. He rode over the land, over the country side trying to figure out where they could have gone to avoid daylight. He closed his eyes and concentrated. Now the bloodlink was the only thing that could possibly lead him to his enemies. Peck sat on his shoulder. He concentrated for a moment and tuned in to their minds. He found them, many days journey away. But the days would not last enough when he finally got his hands on them both. He saw a small run down villa full of prostitutes and beggers...perfect victims for Drake and Blade. And there were dozens of them. The two would have an army again in no time. He fixed upon the location, and urged Demon Hunter forward. "What did you see?"

"Some run down place...filty town, full of victims waiting for Drake and Blade to feed upon them. He can have a legion of followers again within days. I have to stop them both. He might not have Cinda now, but that will not stop him from trying to find another human female to mate with to produce another like Cinda. And if he's successful, then God help us all." Raven said and urged Demon Hunter into a gallop.