Blood Knight

Chapter 1

Part 1

The night was dark. It was the night that a cult of vampires had waited for. It was the night of a new moon. The sky was blanketed by total darkness. It was that darkness that permitted these servants of evil to steal away young virgins. The leader, Drake, intended to mate with a human female in order to produce a new race of demon beings. Many times he had tried, but each time he failed. The infants either died at birth, or were born deformed and died soon after. But this night was to be different. He had sent his followers into the night to bring back yet another virgin girl in the hopes that she would be the vessel that would carry the seeds of Drake’s new race. The beings he so longed to create were a rare half-breed known as a dhampir. Such a being came about because some vampire’s sexual lusts were so strong that they would mate with a human female as often as possible. And sometimes an offspring, usually male, was produced. But such beings were rare and happened mostly by accident.

The castle where Drake and his followers lived was quiet. The followers had gathered in what was once a banquet hall. It was now a room where the unholy ritual would take place. The silence was broken by the screams of a young girl. She was dressed in white robes to symbolize her virginity. Drake entered the room and watched as the girl was stripped and tied to the bed. She cried out for someone to help her, but her cries fell upon deaf ears. Drake walked up to her. She looked at him in disgust and yelled at him. “Let me go you beasts!”

“Be silent virgin! This is not a sacrifice of life. Your living body is needed for this ritual. You shall be the carrier of a new race.” Drake proclaimed. He then turned to the crowd of followers. “Master of all evil, hear me! Let this virgin be the vessel that carries the seeds of a new race. Let her body protect the child who shall be the giver of destruction. He shall be the one to free us from our prison of exile. Let this sacrifice of innocence open the door, and bring him into this cursed world. Let this union be assured, and my promise fulfilled.”

Drake bit his wrist. A stream of blood flowed from the wound, and he forced the bleeding limb over the girl’s mouth. She gagged and choked as his vile blood mixed with hers. Then he disrobed and climbed on top of her naked body. He looked at her with sinful lust and pinned her down. The group looked on with icy smiles as they watched Drake take his victim. She screamed in pain as he entered her. She cried and struggled against her attacker, but that only served to arouse Drake further. “Such fire! You shall bear me a strong son!” Drake hissed writhing upon her. With one final thrust and a loud groan, Drake released his demon seed within her. She lay on the bed heaving and crying. The deed was done. The girl was untied and taken away. She was put in a room and locked within it.

Drake breathed with satisfaction feeling assured that this girl would produce the offspring he so hoped for. “She is surely the one who will give me the son that will carry out our promise of destruction. When she has given birth to the child, kill her.”

The young girl lay in her room alone and afraid. The trauma of the events left her wondering what else Drake intended to do to her. Would she become his lover? Would he make her a vampire? Was she to live only long enough to bear his demon child? The fear in her heart was overwhelming. “Oh dear God, what is to become of me? Help me. God help me.” She sobbed. As she wept, a woman stood in the shadows. She could hear the young girl weeping and took pity upon her. Two guards stood outside the door to her room. The woman transformed herself into a misty vapor and slipped passed the guards. Once inside the room, the woman assumed human form once more. She walked up to the young girl and sat beside her. The girl looked up and saw her visitor. She opened her mouth to scream.

“Don’t, please. Have no fear my child. I have come to help you.” The woman replied. “What is your name?”

“Sara. What do you want with me?” Sara asked fearfully. “I know that you will bear Drake offspring. You are chosen to carry the demon child he hopes for, but there is something that I know that he does not. You shall bear two sons. One of them shall follow the ways of his sire. But the other son is the chosen destroyer.” “But a destroyer is what Drake wants.” Sara said. “Yes, he shall be a destroyer, but not of humanity. The child I speak of that you will bear is chosen by destiny to destroy Drake and his demon followers. Drake hopes for a son who will be both human and vampire. Vampires cannot eat as humans do. Nor can they hunt at full strength during the day. The sun will not destroy our kind, but we are at our weakest during the day. A half-breed can move about by day much easier than we can. With the creation of but one, the army has no hope of existing. But with the coming of the next new moon, Drake will take another female, and try to produce a female offspring. With a male and female, he need only breed them to begin an army that could bring forth the destruction of humanity. It is the chosen warrior who must stop Drake and his demon son from making this happen.” “I have heard of such a being, but the birth of one is so rare. And even more rare is a female half-breed. I thought such unions only produced males.” Sara replied. “Usually only males are born, but once in a generation, perhaps a century, a female is born. And the time may be right for a female to be conceived at the next new moon. I know this. I am his mother. The children you shall bear are my grandchildren.”

Sara’s eyes widened in shock. “You are Drake’s mother?” She asked.

“Yes.” The woman replied.

“I am Deanna. Yes, I am his mother. He brought me across seventy-five years ago. I am ashamed of the life I have lived. This begins my atonement for my horrible sins. There is a passage hidden beneath the carpet here. It has been here long before Drake found the castle. I can take you out of the castle through it. But from then on, you must be on your own.”

“Will you not come with me?”

“I cannot. Drake would sense me and track us both down. Alone, you have some chance of escape. My fate is sealed in this alone. A vampire cannot hide its thoughts. Drake will read them and know what I have done. But as long as you make it away from this place, by the time he discovers my secret, it will be too late for him to hunt you.”

“You said I will bear two sons. How will I know the good one from the bad one?”

“The chosen warrior will bear the mark of an animal present at the time of his birth. Once both sons are born, you must take the one that bears the mark and take him far away from his brother. Drake will find both, and you must get the chosen one away.” Deanna lifted the carpet and opened the door that would give Sara freedom. She helped Sara into the passage. “Go now. Follow the path, and never look back. Protect yourself and your chosen son. God protect and speed you my child.” Deanna said. Sara began her journey away from the castle and did as Deanna told her. She never looked back. Sara started down the dark path that led her away from the castle. Her mind was racked by the revelation Deanna spoke of. One child would follow Drake, and the other would destroy them both. Darkness surrounded Sara. Her only light was the small lantern Deanna gave her to guide her way. She thought about Deanna, and the sacrifice she made to give Sara freedom. “I will remember you, as will my son.” She whispered with gratitude.

After some time, Sara finally reached the outside world. The day was half over. Drake would not be able to go after her at this time. Sara found a forest and hid there. She sat down on a soft mound of grass to rest. Now she could reflect upon the events that had taken place the previous night. She looked at her stomach and wondered about the two sons who would soon grow within her. She could not rest long. Deanna would soon be forced to tell her son about Sara’s escape. “She said to find holy ground. No place can be more holy than a convent. There must be one near by.” Said Sara. She rested for awhile, then got up and began her journey.

For several days Sara searched for a convent or any place of God. Much of the land she roamed was deserted or unfit for human or beast. She began to wonder if there would be any sign of civilization. She lived on what the land provided her, but food was scarce. Water was even harder to find. Her body was weak because of starvation and dehydration. At last she found a convent.

Part 2

She banged on the door with what little strength she had. A nun opened the door and found Sara passed out at the entrance. She called for help. “Sisters! Come quickly!” She cried. “Come, and help me. The poor girl must be starving to death. Help her up.” A small group of nuns helped Sara into the convent. They led her into a modest bedroom and helped her to lie down. Sara looked up to see several nuns surrounding her. “Where am I?”

“Have no fear my child. You are in the company of God’s children. This is holy sanctuary. I am Sister Marie.” She replied. Sara looked around and felt her head. “What happened to me?” She asked wearily. Marie answered, “You fainted outside our doorstep. We found you and brought you in. You poor child. You must be starving.”

“Yes. I haven’t eaten very well for days. I haven’t any money, but I could help take care of your convent to repay the debt. I could work for a few months at least. I am . . .with child.” Sara explained. “Do not worry about any of that. You must nourish yourself and care for the child. Have you no husband?” Marie asked. She saw Sara hang her head down and began to cry. “I wish I did. But I have no husband. I was stolen away from my family by a cult of the devil’s servants and raped by their leader. Oh God forgive me that I did not struggle hard enough.” Sara buried her head in her hands and wept. One nun sat beside her and placed her hand upon Sara’s shoulder. “It is all right child. You are not the one at fault here.”

“It is the unholy servants of the devil that steal away poor virgin girls and defile them. God be praised that you escaped with your life.” Marie said. She looked at Sara and tried to comfort her. “You will be safe here in God’s house. No demon of Satan dare show its evil face here. You may stay here as long as you wish. Once your child is born, it can be raised to know the lord and be loved here. What is your name?”

“I am Sara. I know one of my sons will be a defender of all that is good in the world. I do not know what shall become of the other.” Sara replied. Marie looked at her in shock. “You know what you shall have Sara?” She asked. “Yes. A woman who wanted to repent of her sinful life helped me to escape my captors. She told me of the two sons I will bear. One of them would follow in the ways of evil. The other is chosen to stop that evil. You see the creatures that kidnapped and raped me were vampires. The woman who helped me escape is the mother of the vampire who raped me. She foretold of the two sons I will bear. One will follow the ways of his sire. The other is chosen to be the destroyer of the demon army. She said I would know the chosen one by a mark upon his body. She said he would be marked by an animal present at his birth.”

“What you have said sounds so fantastic. What will you do with the child who is said to follow evil?” Marie asked. Sara looked down and then answered, “I wish I knew. Surely there is some way to convert both children to a holy life and save them both from Drake. But the way I was told was that fate has already chosen who will serve the good of man, and who will try to destroy man. I was told to protect the chosen one and myself. The child of evil must be kept away from us both. She said Drake would find him sooner or later. The last stage of my pregnancy would be when the child would establish a bond with Drake. And that is the day I must leave you. I do not want any of your lives endangered because of me. I will stay as long as it is safe. But when the day comes, I must leave you, for your safety.”

“You will stay with us as long as you can. And when you must go, I will show you a village where people will welcome you and take care of you and your children. I pray to God both of them can be saved from evil. I know destiny dictates many things, but only the person can decide whether or not to serve God, or to condemn himself. I will have food and drink brought to you.”

“Thank you. Your kindness will be remembered in my prayers of gratitude.” Sara replied. She took a plate of food and water and slowly began to nourish herself. At least for now, she and her unborn sons were safe from Drake. The sisters left Sara to eat. She looked up and thought of Deanna and prayed mercy would be placed upon her. She could not have been more wrong. For mercy was the one thing Drake was not very good at bestowing.

“Stretch her.” Drake snarled. A servant pulled the wheel of the rack and put Deanna in great pain. She cried out in agony but refused to give up Sara’s location. Drake looked on unfeeling and walked over to his wailing mother. “Dear mother, why do you protect her? Why do you make me hurt you? All you have to do is tell me where the girl is, and you will be released.” He said coldly. Deanna looked at her son with a defiant glare and said nothing. “Mother, you know I will find her. She is carrying my child. It will only be a matter of time before my unborn son leads me to her. But you would make things so much easier if you just told me where she is.”

“Why, so your unholy race can begin? I will never tell you where she is. She is beyond your reach. I will not betray her. I will die before I tell you where she is.” Deanna said angrily. Drake looked at her with a cold smile. “Dear mother, I don’t have to kill you. I made you immortal, and I can make you suffer ten times the pain that any human would feel. Believe me, I don’t think you want to feel that kind of pain.”

Deanna looked away from her son and began to verbally curse him. “I pray to God you do kill me. I have regretted what I am for seventy-five years. What I have done has begun my atonement for my sins. Torture me all you will. I shall not talk.” The defiance enraged Drake. “So you have converted to Christianity have you? Pray that your God will hear you. Pray to him for mercy, because you will receive none from me. Continue with the rack. Perhaps having her limbs permanently dislocated will change her mind.” Drake growled and left the torture room. He could hear his mother scream in agony. But even her suffering gave him no consolation. The sun had set. It was time for the nightly hunt. Drake and his followers hungered for fresh blood. As he and his servants gathered to prepare for the hunt, a guard informed him that Deanna remained silent about Sara’s location. “Should I continue the torture?” He asked. Drake shrugged, “No. It’s a waste of time. If her screams of agony were pleasing to me I would have a reason to go on with it. But that isn’t any satisfaction for what she has stolen from me. Kill her. If she despises being immortal, then perhaps she will find immortality more tolerable in hell. Behead her and then burn her.” Drake ordered. The guard left to carry out the sentence of death.

Part 3

Months passed and Sara lived contently with the nuns. Her belly had grown larger to accommodate the two unborn sons now growing within her. As each day passed she could feel them growing stronger. It brought her uneasy joy, but also overwhelming fear. The infants had developed enough to the point of establishing a bond with their demon sire. Sara knew the time had come for her to leave the convent and get as far away from it as she could. She knew Drake would follow her and pay no mind to any place she had lived. She was the hunted as he was the hunter. The sun had just risen. Sara dressed herself and went to find Sister Marie. She found her in her room finishing her morning prayers. Marie lifted her head to find Sara standing before her. “Marie,” She said. “I need you to help me away from here. The time has come for me to leave.”

“Sara, you are so heavy with your sons. It would not be safe for you to travel. You will be in danger.” Marie protested. Sara put her hand on Marie’s shoulder. “Marie, you and the sisters would be in great danger if I stay. Drake is a killer. He would surely slaughter you all if he finds me here. You must let me go. I will be all right. Drake will do nothing to me as long as I carry his sons. They are too important for him to kill me now. You must trust me. Please, help me away from here before the others wake up.” Sara pleaded. Marie nodded. She took Sara to the stables where the nuns kept horses and other livestock. She gave Sara her horse and enough food to do her for several days. Marie helped Sara upon her steed and gave her a necklace with a cross. “May God keep you my sister. Be careful upon your journey.” Sara took Marie’s hand and then released it. “Thank you Marie. I will never forget what you and the others have done for me. Fare well.” Sara said and urged her horse onward. Marie watched her leave, and then went back inside the convent.

Sara rode for days at a time. She had to stop often to soothe the pains that would soon signal the coming births. She had to find shelter, and had to find it soon. Food was running out and soon her children would be born. And there was yet another danger. Drake had been following her since she left the nuns. She could not travel much more. It was then that she found a small dwelling. She urged her steed forward and called out for help. A young woman emerged from the simple house to see Sara riding up to her. She ran to Sara and helped her off her horse. “Justin, come out here!” She called. Justin, the woman’s husband came running. “Justin, help me. She rode up to me. Dear God, she must be ready to give birth. Hurry, get her off the horse and help her inside.”

The couple got Sara inside and helped to lie down. “Justin, get some water. Take it easy child. You’re safe now.” Said Xavia, Justin’s wife. She helped Sara to calm down and calm her breathing. “What is your name?” Xavia asked. “Sara. My name is Sara.” She replied. “How far along are you?”

“It could be any time now. I thank the lord I found you. I have been riding for days now. I only pray the beasts will not find me.” Sara answered. “Who is chasing you?” Xavia asked. “I was abducted by vampire. Their leader raped me in a ritual. I am carrying his children. One of them is destined to be a vampire slayer, and the other is the demon seed Drake has long tried to produce. I was told that the chosen destroyer will be marked by an animal present at his birth. I may be a threat to you by staying here. Drake will find me. He has been following for days.”

“We will take our chances. You must be kept safe from these beasts. We will run if we must. You should rest now. Justin will bring you some water. You must be very tired and thirsty.” Xavia replied. Sara nodded. “My travels have not been easy. I am glad I found this place.” As Sara finished her sentence, Justin arrived with a small bucket of water and a water spoon. He gave it to Xavia who in turn gave Sara the water. She drank slowly and put the spoon back into the bucket. Sara laid back and tried to sleep. Justin and Xavia left her to rest. Xavia went to check her own newborn son, Gale. Justin went to work in the back chopping wood. Sara laid in a quiet but uneasy sleep. The time was coming. Her sons would soon be born. She could feel them move and kick within her. “My unborn children. One of you is destined to save humanity, and one of you is Drake’s demon seed. Dear God help me.”

Part 4

The time of birth was soon upon her. Drake and his followers were not far away. He could feel the presence of the demon spawn he would soon call his son. But something prevented him from sensing both of Sara’s children. Perhaps it was the act of a holy power that protected the child that would bring forth Drake’s downfall. But the child that Drake could sense was now in his power. “Soon my demon child. Soon it will be time for you to be pushed into the world, so that you can destroy it.”

A week passed since Sara arrived at the home of Justin and Xavia. Every day that passed brought her closer to the moment her sons would come into the world. The pain became ever more intense for Sara. She could not even walk now that the time was near. She remained bed ridden and ate little. Much of her time was spent sleeping and conserving her strength. The day came and went, and soon the sun set. Sara lay in her bed tossing and turning. The pain of labor was setting in. Not very far from the dwelling Drake prepared to awaken his son and induce labor. “Awake my son. It is time for you to free yourself from the mortal vessel that has held you. She is but a shell. Tear free from her. Come now into the world my demon spawn.” Drake said in a trance. At that very moment, a terrible pain coursed through Sara’s body. The time of the birth had come. “Xavia, Xavia! Help me!” Sara cried. Xavia ran into Sara’s room to find her in great distress. “Sara!”

“A baby is coming out. I can feel it! My sons are being born!” Sara cried. At the moment the birth began, a raven suddenly appeared at the rear bedroom window. Xavia saw the bird perch itself upon the window ledge. Sara struggled to push out the first child. Xavia looked to see if the baby was coming out and gasped at the amount of blood flowing from Sara’s body. Sara screamed in pain as the first son was pushed out of her womb. Then she began to weaken. She was losing too much blood. Sara struggled to speak, now knowing that her life was about to run out. “Xavia, I am running out of time. The chosen one will be marked by an animal present at his birth. You must take him and raise him to be human. He will be half mortal and half vampire. Teach him to love and respect as I would had I lived.”

“Sara, what of the other child? I cannot leave him here.” Xavia gasped.

“You must. He will be a demon child. He is the one who will follow the ways of his sire. You must protect his brother from him and Drake. Please, do not question my words. Love my son as I do. Tell him the truth when he comes of age. Good-bye. Tell my son, I love him.” Sara gasped her last breath and died. “Sara, Sara!” Xavia cried in horror. Sara’s body went limp and cold, but to Xavia’s horror, it still moved. She discovered why Sara’s corpse was still animate. Though she was dead, Sara’s second child continued to push the first one out. Within minutes the first child emerged a wailing and bloody mess. Then the second child literally ripped out of his mother’s dead body. Xavia’s horror soon turned to amazement as the raven looked down upon the first child. It shook its wing and a feather fell upon the crying child. Xavia looked on in awe as the feather landed upon the infant’s chest and then melted into his skin. “The chosen one would be marked by an animal. You are the chosen warrior.”

“Xavia, what is all the . . . Good Lord!” Justin yelled. Xavia picked up the child marked by the raven and rushed to Justin. “We must leave now. Go get Gale and get ready to leave this place.” Xavia said as she hurriedly cut the cord and washed the baby off. “Xavia, what in the name of,”

“Justin, there is no time to explain. The monster that raped her is a vampire. He is coming for the child that now lies at the feet of its mother. This child is the one who will fight the monsters that attacked his mother. Now come on. The demons will soon be coming for the child that is theirs.” Xavia said and rushed to get Sara’s horse. Justin asked no more questions. He gathered Gale into his arms and went to join his wife. Xavia mounted Sara’s horse and Justin got his and mounted it. Together they took Gale and Sara’s chosen son and rode off. No sooner had they left when Drake and his minions found the abandoned house. Drake could sense the stench of death, and life. He looked toward the house that now had become Sara’s tomb. “There.” He hissed. “My son is there.”

He walked into the house and heard the wails of an infant. He followed the cries and found Sara’s dead body. And at its feet he found his demon son. He signaled to one of his servants. “Cut the cord.” He ordered. Then he picked up the screaming infant. “Listen to him. What strong lungs he has. Cut the body of the woman open. My son must feed.” Drake ordered. Sara’s throat was slit. Drake laid the child next to the open wound and watched him suck it dry. “Now, we must go back to the castle. Dawn will soon be upon us.”

Far away, Justin and his family settled into a village. Xavia looked at her son Gale, and then at the child she had named Raven. She looked at the raven’s feather that marked him. “Little one, will you ever understand the terrible destiny that awaits you? My little Raven, I will love you just as you were my own son. Justin will be your father now. Gale will be you big brother. We will all help you to understand what you are and the destiny that has chosen you. Someday you must know the truth of your conception and your birth. Oh God, give me strength to tell him as best I can. Help us to guide him, our little one, her little one, her little Raven.”

Part 5

Drake waited in his private chambers as his son was brought to him. He looked upon the child and smiled wickedly. “He is the beginning of the race that will bring forth mankind’s destruction. Night has fallen. Go and find me a woman to nurse my son.” Drake demanded. He looked at the infant. “You shall be the dagger I will use to stab out the heart of all humanity. And as my weapon of destruction, you must have a name befitting your destiny. Yes, you shall be the blade to cut out the hearts of these weak mortals. And Blade is what I shall name you.” As Drake spoke, his most trusted henchman, Corrine, returned with a woman. “Master, “ he called.

“I trust you have brought a suitable victim, I mean, nurse maid for my son.” Drake said. “I have. I found this whore wandering the huts of a village near here. I trust she will suite your needs.” Corinne replied. Drake nodded in approval. “Leave us.” Drake ordered. Corinne bowed and took his leave. Drake waved his hand across the woman’s face. “Be released.” As he broke the trance, the woman shook her head and looked upon Drake. “Why have I been brought here?”

“I have need of a woman’s service. My servants brought you here. I believe you will suite my needs as Corinne said.” Drake looked at her. “You were found wandering in a village. You give men company for money.” The woman looked at Drake and replied, “I give them the promise of my body, then I steal their wealth, and their lives. I love seeing them beg me to spare their miserable lives. I tease them, promise them pleasures unlike they have ever known. I get them to submit to me, and they become as innocent, trusting little boys. Then I get them to give me all they have, and then I take what I really want, their lives. I love seeing them writhe in pain, gasping and heaving for one last taste life. I love to kill them slowly, and watch them suffer.”

“Yes. Truly you are a woman after my own heart. You say you love taking their lives. You love that power, the power to give or take a man’s life. But what if you could go even further? You love the sight of lifeblood ebbing away from your victims. What if you could taste the suffering of your mortal victims? The sight of a slow, painful death is indeed exciting, but to drink the blood of your victim is truly the most powerful feeling in the world. You can do more than take a man’s life. You can posses it for all time. And the taking of that life can keep you young and immortal for all time.”

“I have heard of your kind. You are a vampire, an immortal creature of darkness. You would give me your gift of eternal youth?” She asked. Drake smiled at her showing his fangs. “Yes. You have a lust for power that matches my own. The condition is, you must bid farewell to your mortal life. In return, I shall make you immortal. And you must also become a mother to my son. He is the first of a new race. But he is but a day old and must have fresh blood to nourish him. You must give of your blood to him, and then to me. Then I shall make you one of us. You shall stand at my side as my queen of darkness.”

“I am Shedia, master. I shall do whatever you require of me.” She purred demurely. “Give me the child.” She requested. Drake gave her his infant son. She held him to her breast. She squealed in pain as the baby bit into her. Then, when she was weak, Drake came up behind her and sank his fangs into her neck. The child in her arms drank very little. And as soon as Drake took what he wanted, he bit his wrist and offered the blood from it to Shedia. She drank from the wound. Seeing she was about to faint, Drake grabbed baby Blade from her arms and gave him to a servant. Shedia fell to the ground and began to convulse. She could feel her mortal blood dying. Her body went limp, and she stopped breathing. A few moments passed by and she slowly began to move once more. Her eyes glowed red and a pair of fangs appeared. Her transformation was complete.

Chapter 2

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