Beloved Dark Lord

By Christine

They say the eyes are the window to the soul...
I have looked into the window, and see so much.
Pain, anger, hatred.
You show your power,
You've made your desires known.
But deep in that dark heart,
That you always hide.
I can see into your soul,
Sometimes I wonder at night,
Do you ever tire of being alone?
So daring in your ventures,
Your threats so bold...
But late in the night I wonder,
Have you anyone to hold?
I lay in my bed at night...
Sometimes all I can do is cry.
I love you so much,
It is hard to put into words what my innocent heart feels.
I know you're a dark being,
And sinister intentions you potray.
But none the less,
You are the center of this young maiden's universe.
At your side I will always stay.
I wish at night I could just lay in your arms.
I would be your shelter,
For you are already mine.
How I long to be yours,
To be one with you.
It is only because of you,
The night holds any meaning for me.
At least, if only in my dreams,
We are together.
I only wish it could be real.