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SeaGarden Aquarium Plants

In a perfect world every aquarist would keep live plants. But unless you have the time and space to care for them several problems can occur which include algae growth, uncontrolled growth of the plants themselves and of course your fish could eat them away. But what alternatives are there? I was using those ugly, really fake looking plastic plants that have the light plastic bases. To anchor them down I used way too much gravel that led to a very dirty and bacteria filled tank. The solution is the wonderful line of silk plants by SeaGarden. These plants look just like the real thing and come in much more exotic designs opposed to the grasses and cambomba plants that everyone else makes. But that isnít the best part, all SeaGarden Aquarium Plants have weighted bases which make them very hard to move by fish which means you can use just a little bit f gravel with them. I would highly recommend these plants to anyone who cares about the aquascape in their tanks.