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Disaster struck. Sadly the Betta died after having it's fins shredded at what could only be the Weather Loach. The extra dead biological matter in the water also produced a huge bacteria bloom so thick you could see only about 2 inches into the water. B Clear is awesome to treat this as it started working immediately, should be cleared all up by tommorow.


Once again a new focus. We are entering the realm of room temperature tanks. I decided to try an experimnet and put my other Betta with the goldfish. I turned the air off since it's cooler outside now and the tanks rose to 75 degrees, a good middle ground for tropicals and cool waters to get along. The Betta loves his new tank mates so we'll see if this can work out after all. I don't know of too many people who have tried to keep Bettas and Goldfish together but in room temperature tanks they are working out. The other Betta is just anti-social I guess. Oh, and Bettas don't like Paradise Fish, keep them away from each other.


I have my tanks setup for now until I get a bigger one. I may add one more Zebra Danio to the Critter Keeper but the two that are in there look happy so we'll leave it at that. I have a lot less food come through my filter after adding the Weather Loach.


A word of advice...if you go out and buy a Weather Loach, or Spotted Dojo, make sure to tell your wife it's in there and what the fish is just in case you go out for a bit and she gets home from work before you get back. It can freak her out. Anyways, I set up a nice tank out of the Critter Keeper for the remaining 2 of my Zebra Danios. This will leave the Hex-a-fun open for new additions. So I added a Blue Paradise Fish, it's a good cool water fish to be by itself in a 1 gallon Hex. The focus of my aquariums and this site will be shifting over to cool water tanks only. I really like the different types of Goldfish available and the Catfish and Plecos are catching my eye too.


Last night I lost the other Long Fin Zebra Danio and this morining lost the largest of my three regular Zebra Danios. I don't think I'll be buying anything but feeder fish from Petsmart again any time soon. I am going to return the dead fish today and probably tommorrow again after the other two will most likely die from some disease the Long Fins had. I moved the regulars back with the Goldies last night after the second Long Fin died but the regular died in the Goldie tank. If this kills either of my Goldies I will be very upset.


Today I suffered my first fish loss, one of my Long Fin Zebra Danios. Although it does not make me feel any better this was not my fault as the fish was sick before I got it. The other Danios seem fine and the regular Zebras I had before I added the Long Fins are still fine too. Just in case though I added some Ick and Fungal remover, hopefully this will neutralize any disease. I had failed to do this before adding the Long Fins to the existing tank, hopefully this will not harm the other fish.


You may notice there are new pictures up on the top of the page, PETsMART informed me that I couldn't use the old ones (and yes, I asked them, stupid me). The Aquariums have been updated again and I added some tips to the main page above, these will grow when I think of some more. Also, the title bar has been redesigned, I think it looks much better.


I decided to put my male Bettas in small dispaly tanks. I noticed an immediate improvement in their behavior, for the better, in the smaller, personal tanks. Plus with the lighting I have it keeps the water warmer than in a big tank, which by the way, they never fully used anyways. But now this means there will be 3 more Bettas coming soon to complete the display.


While at my local mall I stopped in the pretty crappy pet store just to check things out. What I found though was so great. It's called the Smallword ThermaLight, made by Penn Plax. My 1 gallon box is compatible with this thing, what you do is switch it with the top that comes with the tank so now I have a light and a heater for that amount of water. So now he'll be nice and toasty and I can keep him out of the goldfish tank. There wasn't any conflictions with the fish but they Goldies were eating all of Pink's food before he could get any. I think I might have to get another one of these tanks for Floyd and let the Zebra Danios have the Hex-a-fun to themselves


Tonight I had to move Pink to the Eclipse System 6 tank because the water in the Box Aquarium was just too cold for him. So to make room there I move Larry, Curly and Moe to the Hex-a-fun tank with Floyd. He doesn't mind them and they keep their distance, plus with less space the Zebra Danios are schooling much better, before they would leave Curly alone all by himself. Also, Sylvester has been eying them for lunch so it's about time I moved them. Pink is also doing much better in the warmer water. So now I have a 1 gallon tank that is vacant.


I have plans to get a very large 100 gallon tank to house my goldfish in and get a Black Moor, a Shubunkin, both are types of goldfish, and about 7 more Zebra Danios and I may try my hand at keeping live plants in there as well. What would I do with the old Eclipse tank? I think I'll make it a Tetra tank or try Angelfish, I'm not sure yet. Also, very soon I will be getting a 20 gallon tank for a female Betta community. There is a misconception the ALL Bettas will fight to the death, that is only the males. 20 gallons is plenty for 7 to 9 females. And of course I will keep getting small 1 gallon tanks for male bettas and put them anywhere I can find space.