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Materia combos

Tifa, Cloud and Barrett

Materia combos:

This is a section devoted to some great materia combos. You can use these almost anywhere in the game. Some are for attacking the enemy and getting something in return and some are for doing incredible amounts of damage to an enemy. Have fun with these!

Added Effect- This is probably the most popularly used materia in combos. Just make sure the combo is in your weapon. Here are all of the ones you can use it with.

Poison-Could Poison the enemy

Contain-Could Confuse, Stop, or Petrify the enemy

Time-Could Slow or Stop the enemy

Destruct-Could instantly kill the enemy

Mystify-Could Confuse or Berserk the enemy

Seal-Could make the enemy Sleep

Hades-Could cause one of 7 status effects on the enemy

Mime- A good combo with this could be Counter linked to Mime. When you're attacked, you do the last action the party did.

HP and MP Absorb- Linked together-Try linking these baddies to the same materia. Say you've got a Knights of the Round and a Master Summon. Link one absorb to the KotR and the other to the Master Summon. Then go into a battle, cast KotR, and you'll get both HP and MP back! Pretty sweet, huh? This will work on any materia, just make sure you have 2 of it or you have a master materia of it's type. Also make sure that if it is a magic spell, that if you use 2 of the same materia that they can cast the same spell. You could have an absorb linked to a mastered Lightning materia and the other linked to a brand new Lightning. Then the only spell that will bring back both HP and MP will be Bolt. Bolt2 and Bolt3 won't work because not both materia can cast those 2 spells.

Counter Attack- The more of these that you have, the more times you'll counter attack. Say you have 3 of them equipped on one person. If that person is attacked, they will attack 3 times in return! A good combo to use would be to have the 3 Counter Attacks, get a Counter materia, link it to a magic materia, and then link other versions of that materia(master magic or a copy of it, just make sure they're all at the same level) to HP and MP Absorb. What you're getting in return is 3 physical attacks, a magic attack, and HP and MP! The best part is, you haven't even had your turn yet! This is one of my fave combos.

A battle

Deathblow- There are a lot of nice Deathblow combos. If you want the most out of them, master the Deathblow materia so that when you use it, the hit percentage is 100%. Then link it to some materia listed below. Steal as Well-Critical hit and steal at the same time. Absorb materia-Critical hit and HP or MP in return. Try linking each absorb to a Deathblow.

Elementals- These are some good combos. If you link an Elemental materia to a Lightning materia and put the combo in your weapon, your weapon will become a lightning-based weapon. It also does more damage on enemies whose weakness is lightning. This combo also works w/ Fire and Ice. If you link an Elemental materia to a Lightning materia and put the combo in your armor, you will nullify all lightning attacks which means that no lightning attack can harm you. This can also be used w/ Fire and Ice.

Quad Magic- This materia can be used in MANY different ways. The best way though is to use it w/ a magic materia. Say you use it w/ Ultima. If both materia are mastered, Quad will cast Ultima 4 times for the price of 1. But, if you use W-Magic, it will cast it 8 times for the price of 2. If you have Mime materias, have the next characters mime it. You'll actually be casting Ultima 24 times for the price of casting it 2 times! Pretty cool, huh? You could also link further versions of the materia w/ MP Absorb and sometimes you'll get back more MP than it cost to cast the magic twice! Quad Magic can be used w/ any magic materia and every summon except for KotR.

Final Attack- Possibly one of the best materia in the game. There are only 2 combos that should be used w/ this materia. Those combos are Final Attack linked to Phoenix or Final Attack linked to master Revive and another master Revive linked to All. The Phoenix combo casts Life2 on all members and does some Phoenix Fire magic on the enemy. The Revive combo cast Life2 on everyone. Personally, I think the Phoenix combo is better because it saves you 2 materia slots and also it does some damage to the enemy.

A few other Easy Materia Combinations are:

-Cover and Counter Attack - When anyone is attacked, attack back!
-Quadra Magic/Bahamut ZERO and W-Magic - Attack 8 times with Bahamut ZERO!
-Ultima and Counter (not Counter Attack) - When hit, you counter with Ultima.
-MP Turbo and Knights of the Round - About 90000 HP (if you haven't brought Knights of the Round up a level)!
-W-Summon and Knights of the Round - Over 130000 HP (only works if you have brought Knights of the Round up a level)! Two times!
-Final Attack and Revive - Die, then use Life!
-Mega All and Steal - Steal from everyone.
-Hades/Added Effect in your weapon - Attack with a chance of using Slow, Stop, Sleep, Confuse, Poison, Silence, and Mini.


Harder Materia combinations are:

-Mastered Contain/Added Effect in your weapon - Attack with a chance of using Stop, Petrify, or Confuse.
-Mastered Cover and as many mastered Counter Attacks as you can find. Upon any member of your party being struck for physical damage, the person with these materia will hit back as many times as you have Counter Attack materia.
-Quadra Magic/Ultima and Quadra Magic/Ultima and Quadra Magic/Ultima and W-Magic - Attack up to 15 times with Ultima.
-Mastered Cover and Mastered Counter Attack (use as many as possible), and Magic Counter/Ultima (as many as possible), and Counter/ Mastered Deathblow (as many as possible) - Cover, then counter with Counter Attacks, Ultima, and Deathblow, as many times as equipped!

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