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Champagne Dinner

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Author’s notes: This is one of Angel's first fanfics (thank you Angel for allowing me to put it on my site!!!), so please tell her what you think. It’s lemon and somewhat PWP, so if that’s not your cup of tea, don’t read it. The characters aren’t her, unfortunately, She is just just playing with them a little (And making them play wirh each other :D) Enjoy the fic. ^^

Champagne dinner

Kurama did one last check and smiled. Everything was in perfect. The candles, the table and the champagne were done and the food was almost ready. The only thing, or rather person that was still missing was his lover. He hoped that Hiei had received his invitation, otherwise all his planning would be for nothing.
He heard a soft tap on the window and smiled. Even now that Kurama had his own apartment, Hiei still always used the window. Kurama opened it and let the fire demon in. He had missed his lover, he had been gone for three weeks and he was happy that Hiei was alright. He opened his arms and hugged the fire demon, relishing in the warmth of his body. Hiei hugged him back and Kurama sighed, it was always so good to be in Hiei’s arms. He kissed the top of Hiei’s head and whispered softly: “I missed you.”
“Hn, missed you too.” Kurama smiled at that. In the beginning of their relation Hiei had been reluctant to say such things, but now they came natural. He let Hiei go and watched how Hiei took off his boots and cloak and thought of the other clothes he was going to take off Hiei.
The petite demon straightened and looked at Kurama. His fox looked gorgeous as always. The beautiful silk white trousers and the green blouse he was wearing were perfect with his sparkling green eyes.
“What was that surprise you had for me?” He asked impatiently, he didn’t like surprises much, but for his fox, he would make an exception.
“It is almost done, don’t worry, I’m sure you’re going to like it.” The redhead smiled and walked towards the kitchen, gesturing Hiei to follow him. Hiei trailed after Kurama and moved his gaze over the redheads body. The clothes were gorgeous on him and he had really missed him. At first he’d had a hard time atmitting that to himself, but now it didn’t trouble him anymore. After Kurama had shown his surprise he had a little catching up to do, two weeks were a very long time for a hot fire demon.

When Hiei walked into the kitchen Kurama was standing next to the table, smiling brilliantly. The fire demon blinked a few times and looked at the nicely decorated table, the candles and the food. Kurama had outdone himself. Whenever he came to the ningenkai Kurama always cooked for him and he was a great cook. The food in Mukuro’s castle wasn’t bad, but this was much better.
He sat down and regarded the food with a hungry look. He had been so caught up in seeing Kurama again, he hadn’t thought about food. Good thing his fox had.

Kurama took the bottle of champagne of the table and poured Hiei a glass. Hiei looked at it suspiciously and sniffed it. “What is this?” he asked.
“It is champagne, a ningen drink, try it, you’ll like it.” Kurama sat down at the opposite of Hiei and poured himself a glass as well. The fire demon sniffed the drink again and then took a sip. He licked his lips and took another sip. He gave Kurama a little half smile. “Hn, nice.” Kurama took a sip of his own drink and swallowed it, then he licked his lips sensually.
“Told you so.”
“Enjoy your meal Hiei, but leave a little room for dessert.” Kurama winked and smiled seductively. Hiei smiled a bit to himself, that naughty fox, he was going to get dessert alright… He took a bite from his stake and chewed it carefully. It tasted delicious. During dinner Kurama didn’t stop giving Hiei seductive looks. When he took a sip from his glass of champagne he always licked his lips clean slowly all the time looking Hiei straight in the eye. It made Hiei even more hot then he already was, no-one but Kurama could do that and he enjoyed the fox seductive ways a lot.
When dinner was finished Hiei wanted to drag his fox to the bedroom to show him how much he had loved the delicious meal, but Kurama shook his head.
“You haven’t eaten your dessert yet.” Hiei looked Kurama in the eye with a little smile and crossed his arms.
“I thought you were for dessert…” The fox chuckled at that comment, Hiei was sometimes such a hentai.
“No I have something else in mind, wait a second please.” Kurama walked to the fridge and took out a bowl with strawberries. He gave Hiei his most gorgeous smile. “This is for dessert, they taste very good with champagne…”
Kurama put the bowl down onto the table and pushed Hiei down in the chair. Then he sat down on Hiei’s lap one leg at each side. Hiei looked a bit startled and Kurama licked his lips. The fire demon had been away too long and he had missed him a lot, especially when he went to sleep in a cold and empty bed. He put one hand behind Hiei’s head and kisses him deeply, wanting to taste his fire demon. Hiei responded enthusiastically and put his arms around the redhead’s slim waist. The fire demon moaned softly when Kurama deepened the kiss. When Kurama pulled away they were both flushed and Hiei was panting a bit.
Kurama reached out for the bowl with strawberries and drew it a bit closer. Then he selected one and drew it across his lips. Hiei was watching the fox attentively and his ruby eyes shimmered with desire. Kurama licked the strawberry while looking the fire demon deeply in the eyes. Then he took it away from his lips and held it out to Hiei. Obediently opening his mouth the jagainshi let Kurama feed the strawberry to him. Two fingers went with the strawberry into Hiei’s mouth and the fire demon suckled them softly. Kurama closed his eyes and enjoyed the feel of Hiei’s lips around his fingers. He wanted to feel those lips on some other places on his body as well, but all in time. First they were going to have dessert.
The youko took his fingers out of Hiei’s mouth and watched the fire demon sucking and munching the strawberry. Hiei swallowed it and licked his lips sensually.
“I want another one.”
Kurama chuckled and selected another one. He reached out for Hiei’s half full glass of champagne and dipped the strawberry in it. He held it out to Hiei but shook his head when Hiei opened his mouth to take it.
“You have to lick it clean first, then I’ll give it to you.” Hiei gave Kurama a fanged grin and started to lick the strawberry, slowly, carefully clean. He also licked Kurama’s fingers and Kurama’s cheeks flushed a little. The fire demon gave Kurama’s fingers a little nibble. He used soft little licks to clean the piece of fruit and Kurama watched the Jaganshi attentively, then he decided that Hiei had cleaned it enough.
“Ok, open wide.” Kurama put the fruit into the jaganshi’s mouth and Hiei chewed and swallowed the fruit happily.
Kurama wanted to pick another strawberry, but Hiei shook his head. He grabbed Kurama’s sidelocks and pulled him down for a long, deep kiss. Kurama’s cheeks were flushed by the time they drew away and Hiei reached out for the bowl.
“Now, it’s my turn, fox.”
“I can’t wait…” Hiei almost moaned at hearing the sound of that sensual voice. He selected a strawberry and put it in his mouth. He held the strawberry in between his teeth and beckoned Kurama with his finger to come and get it. Kurama came closer to get his price but Hiei leaned back a bit with a challenging look in his eyes. The youko reached out and grabbed the fire demon, kissing him passionately on the lips. The strawberry was shared between them as they kissed. Hiei’s hands roamed over the youko’s back and they kneaded Kurama’s firm buttocks. The redhead moaned softly in the kiss and rubbed against Hiei. They were both aroused and the feeling of Kurama’s hard member against his made Hiei almost go wild, but he kept himself in check. It wasn’t time for that yet, first he wanted to feel his fox again. He pulled away and looked at the fox smugly.
“I thought you said that we should finish dessert first?” Kurama gave him a half smile.
“We should, now it’s my turn again.” Hiei wanted to protest that Kurama had had more turns than he, but the redhead held the glass of champagne in front of his lips. The fire demon drank slowly, tasting the exquisite wine on his tongue. He closed his eyes and yelped in startlement when Kurama spilled the cold champagne over his tanktop.
“Oops, sorry Hiei I spilled a little.” The fire demon glared at Kurama, the fox was trying to look innocent, but the mischievous glint in his eyes told Hiei that he was about as innocent as his youko form was virgin. He still glared at the kitsune and opened his mouth to say something, but Kurama put a finger on his lips.
“Well, you can’t wear a wet shirt, you’ll get a cold, so you have to take it off.” Hiei wanted to point out that he was a fire demon and wouldn’t get a cold. But Kurama’s hands were already under his tanktop, one hand touching a hard nipple and Hiei hissed a bit when he felt that. Kurama’s fingers pinched the little bit of flesh softly and Hiei groaned in his troath. Then Kurama drew his hand away from the fire demon’s nipple and pulled his tanktop over his head. Kurama gazed hungrily at Hiei’s perfectly muscled chest. He stroked the pink, hard nipples softly and Hiei sighed, closing his eyes again. Being bare chested wasn’t so bad, the only problem was how to get Kurama out of those annoying clothes. The youko continued his gently ministrations to his chest and he moaned softly, his fox was so good at this.
Kurama looked at Hiei’s beautiful face and smiled, he took the glass filled with champagne again and poured some over the jaganshi’s chest. Hiei hissed at the sensation, but it didn’t startle as much as the first time. Kurama got an impish smile on his face.
“Oh I spilled again, how clumsy of me… I’ll have to clean that up.” He bend forward and licked Hiei’s chest, cleaning up the champagne he had spilled. He used soft little licks to clean Hiei’s left nipple and the fire demon grabbed his hair to push him closer to his chest to get more pressure from that teasing tongue. The youko smiled against Hiei’s chest at the gesture, but didn’t give in. He moved onto the other nipple and used the same technique. His lover was making a soft sound in the back of his throat that sounded much like purring. Kurama loved that sound, it was so cute. Of course he would never tell Hiei that, because he would never make the sound again if he knew that.
He concentrated again at the task at hand, cleaning Hiei. Kurama gave the fire demon’s nipple one last little lick, for now. The touch made Hiei shudder and groan, getting really turned on. He licked a path up Hiei’s throat, and stopped at the collarbone. Then nipped the collarbone softly and Hiei mewled softly, squirming to get more of that touch. The jaganshi’s throat was one of his sensitive spots and Kurama loved to explore Hiei those leisurely. He trailed the jagular with his tongue, leaving a wet trial. Hiei’s heart was pounding fast when Kurama sucked the skin softly. His left hand stroked Hiei’s nipples softly and the fire demon writed with pleasure.
The youko looked up at Hiei’s beautiful flushed face and captured his mouth in a passionate kiss. Feverishly the fire demon responded, his hand roaming over the kitsune’s still clothed back. They had to end the kiss because their lungs were bursting and they both gasped for air. Kurama wanted to take the champagne again, but then he got a better idea. He reached out for the wine cooler, where the bottle of champagne had been in and took an ice cube from it. The fire demon didn’t see what he was doing, he had his eyes closed, panting heavily. Kurama smiled a bit evilly and flicked the ice cube briefly against Hiei’s right nipple. Hiei hissed sharply at the touch and the hard bit of flesh became even harder. The fire demon shivered, because he was a fire demon his skin was ultra sensitive to cold. He hissed again when Kurama repeated the touch with his left nipple. The sensation was the perfect mix between pleasure and pain and Hiei let out a strangled moan.
Kurama smiled, the ice cube had it’s desired effect and he trailed it over Hiei’s chest and the jaganshi was writing under the cold touch. The skin of Hiei’s chest was feverishly hot and when he trailed the ice cube across the skin goosebumps formed at the sudden change of temperature. The fire demon could not stay silent and he kept giving little mewls and groans from pleasure. Kurama traced the ice cube across Hiei’s belly button and Hiei hissed. It was almost too much to bare, too much pleasure. He felt Kurama’s member being rubbed against his and he moved his hips, matching Kurama’s rhythm. The fox was moaning too and he could see that his fox also was very hot. His beautiful face was flushed and he was panting too. It was such a lovely sight.
Kurama could feel Hiei’s hard throbbing member against his own. They both needed release, but Hiei needed it more then he did. He stopped the gentle torture with the ice cube and slid of Hiei’s lap. The fire demon made a little sound of protest, but stopped complaining when he felt Kurama’s hands at the waistband of his pants. Kurama slowly unfastened Hiei’s belts, making sure that the fire demon could feel every movement. When he had unbuckled the belts he slowly took Hiei’s pants off. Hiei was very helpful and lifted his hips. He wanted, needed release. Kurama looked at Hiei’s huge member and licked his lips. To him this looked more tasty than those strawberries… he took the fire demons hot shaft in his hand and licked the tip. Hiei couldn’t stifle a cry of pleasure when he felt that.
“K.. Kurama!” he tried to push Kurama’s head more towards the ache in between his legs, he needed it so badly. “Ah, give it to me….” he groaned. he didn’t need anymore teasing from the redhead.
Kurama drew his lips away from Hiei’s member and the fire demon groaned in protest. Kurama took the ice cube he had been using earlier in his mouth and munched it, he was going to give Hiei the blowjob of his lifetime. He smiled and took the juicy shaft in his mouth.
Hiei cried out in ecstasy when he felt Kurama’s cold mouth engulf his shaft. The contrast between his hot shaft and the youko’s cold mouth made him shiver with pleasure. Kurama’s tongue licked his shaft expertly and Hiei couldn’t help but moan and groan with every lick. He had placed his hands on the youko’s head and tried to push his member further in the redhead mouth, but Kurama didn’t let him. The teasing youko was taking his time, giving him little licks and occasionally a soft nibble. The fire demon pulled Kurama’s hair and gasped as the redhead licked the central vein. That damned fox was too good with his mouth…
Kurama massaged Hiei’s cock with his mouth as he sucked hard. The fire demons breathless moans and gasps were almost frantic and Hiei was trying to push his head further down, wanting more. Decideding that he had teased the demon enough he took his whole shaft in his mouth. He almost gagged at the large volume, even though Hiei wasn’t tall, he was big down there. It was something Kurama appreciated very much, Hiei was so big and tasty. Kurama sucked hard and the jaganshi cried out as he climaxed. The youko drank every drop and then pulled back, wiping his mouth with his hand. His lover was such a beautiful sight after he had just climaxed. His cheeks were flushed and his lips were a little opened. He was still panting and he had a bit of a dazed look on his face. He was so beautiful with that sated look on his face. Kurama moved his right hand to his erection, still constricted by his pants. He wasn’t sated yet and his pants felt much too tight for his arousal.
Hiei’s body still hummed with the wonderful feeling of his orgasm and he sighed. He looked at his fox and realised that Kurama hadn’t had his release yet. Well, he was going to do something about that. Kurama was still overdressed and he yearned to see his lovers beautiful body naked, to taste his delicious lips and skin. The left corner of his mouth lifted a little in a smile, but he was going to tease the fox as much as he had teased him. He touched Kurama’s cheek softly with his hand.
“let’s go to the bedroom, that’s more comfortable.” Kurama nodded, it was exactly what he had in mind. He had put quite some work in decorating the bedroom for this evening and he was planning to enjoy it. Kurama tried to stand up, but that was very uncomfortable because of his raging hard on. Hiei smiled at the redhead and lifted him up in his arms. Kurama put his arms around the jaganshi’s neck and kissed him on the lips. First it was just a brush of lips, but then he captured them in a passionate kiss. Hiei felt himself hardening again and quickly made his way to the bedroom.
When they got in the bedroom they were still kissing passionately and Hiei gently eased Kurama down on the bed. Then he looked at the decorations. On the bed were beautiful silk red sheets and soft black pillows. The fox had lit some candles that gave the room a very warm and intimate atmosphere. His fox really knew how to get him in the mood. Not that he wasn’t already in the mood… He looked down at the smiling redhead on the bed and was pulled down onto the bed, next to Kurama.
“Do you like it?” The redhead asked with a sensual smile. He was playing with the fire demons hair a little and giving his neck soft nipping kisses. Hiei moaned a bit, he was fully aroused again and he just loved it when Kurama kissed him like that. It was also a very nice feeling when Kurama petted his hair, it made him feel loved. Kurama’s hand traced his jawbone and then his neck, then down and gently stroked a nipple. Hiei sighed softly.
“It looks nice.” His eyes were half lidded and he was purring under Kurama’s gentle ministrations. His fox had such soft gentle hands…trough his eyelashes he saw the colours Kurama had chosen and smiled.
“I like the colours.” Kurama chuckled softly and stroked Hiei’s cheek with his fingers.
“They reminded me of you, your crimson eyes and your dark hair and clothes.” He kissed the demon softly on the lips. The fire demon opened his lips for the gentle invasion of Kurama’s tongue. They kissed for a while and then Kurama pulled away. Hiei smiled a gently pushed the fox on his back. Kurama had taken care of him so now it was his turn to take care of him. It was a task he was looking forward to. Kurama was still very much overdressed. He had even still his shirt on. ‘Not for long’ Hiei thought and licked his lips. Yes, he was certainly looking forward to give his lover pleasure. He softly touched an erect nipple through the cloth and Kurama gave a shuddering sigh. The redhead was so aroused that even the lightest touches send jolts of pleasure towards his groin. And Hiei’s touches were always so hot and passionate. Hiei stroked the erect bit of flesh and then gave it a wet kiss through the cloth and nibbled the very tip a little. Kurama gasped and arched his back, wanting more of Hiei’s touch.
“Hiei, please, take them off, I want to feel your skin against mine…” The fire demon obliged the request and slowly took Kurama’s shirt off. The redhead was most helpful and soon the beautiful silk shirt lay forgotten on the ground. The next item of clothing to be removed were Kurama’s pants. Hiei first traced the waistband and stroked Kurama’s quivering belly. He stroked the redheads arousal softly and Kurama gave a loud Ah! when he felt that. Sometimes Hiei was such a tease… that was probably his own fault because he had taught him everything. And Hiei had been a very quick learner. Kurama felt how Hiei slowly pulled his pants down, making him feel the whole movement of silk against his arousal. It was torture and it was pleasure all in one the soft feeling against his rock hard prick… Kurama had to control himself not to cry out, not to beg Hiei to hurry and go slower at the same time.
Hiei enjoyed the little mewls Kurama gave. He was so beautiful when he was aroused, even more so than he was normally. His body was flushed and he had a passionate look in his eyes. His lips were moist and half parted and his nipples were beautifully erect. Hiei decided to have mercy on his beautiful kitsune and took his pants off in a swift motion, then throwing them at the ground. The fire demons eyes glinted with lust when he saw that the youko wasn’t wearing any underwear, how thoughtful of him… He stroked Kurama beautiful erection softly and gave him a kiss on the tip. The fox gave a shuddering sigh and pushed his hips up, urging Hiei to take his arousal in his mouth and suck it hard. The fire demon looked at the gleaming cock and licked his lips, Kurama was delicious and he wanted it in his mouth, but he also wanted to tease his lover some more. Kurama had teased him a lot and he wanted to drive the fox wild with pleasure and then give him a slamming release.
He stroked his lovers inner thighs softly, urging him to put his legs wider apart, so he could have better access. The fox bend his knees and put his legs wide apart, giving Hiei a beautiful view. The fire demon licked Kurama’s thigh and bit the sensitive flesh softy. With his hands he had gripped the youko’s slender hips and kept him firmly in place. The jaganshi tasted the redheads delicious skin and Kurama gave little groans of pleasure. Hiei’s sharp fangs scraped the youko’s delicate skin softly and Kurama yearned to have that mouth somewhere else, at the centre of all his pleasure. Hiei’s mouth was deliciously so hot and wet and he wanted to have that mouth closed around his penis.
“Hiei, uhn, don’t tease…Make me come.” The fire demon gave the head of Kurama’s cock a teasing lick and Kurama tried to push his hips up, but couldn’t because Hiei held the firmly in place. The youko gave a strangled moan and tried to push the jaganshi’s head further down, but Hiei moved his head away, watching the panting youko. Then he looked around in the room and he got a little idea. he straddled Kurama’s hips and bend down to give the youko a soft kiss.
“Your little play with those ice cubes felt delicious, especially because my skin is very sensitive to cold.” He gave the redhead a soft nipping kiss at his neck, tracing the jagular with his tongue, then scraping the skin with his fangs.
“Do you want me to show you how it felt?” He breathed softly in the youko’s ear. Kurama shivered at the sensation and at his lovers sexy proposal.
“Show me…” He whispered back, wanting to know what Hiei had in mind for him. The fire demon sometimes had the most delicious idea’s, thing even his youko aspect hadn’t tried out yet. His lover had a very creative mind...
Hiei licked his ear softly and then sat up. He gently scraped Kurama’s nipples with his nails and then reached out to take something from Kurama’s nightdesk. The redhead closed his eyes, he didn’t want to ruin the surprise for himself. He trembled with anticipation, wanting to feel what Hiei had in store for him…
Hiei took one of the candles Kurama had put on his nightdesk and looked the molten wax. He wondered for a moment if this was such a good idea and then he cast his worries aside. Kurama was no frail human and he knew the youko would enjoy it. He would just have to be a bit careful with the redheads satin skin. Gently he stroked the kitsunes chest with the back of his hand. Kurama’s skin was so soft, and he could feel the hard tense muscles underneath the skin. His fox looked so frail and yet was so strong…
Kurama shivered with the light strokes Hiei was giving him. He wanted his demon to move on, to show him pleasure, but Hiei was still teasing and Kurama’s patience was running out. If the fire demon waited much longer he was going to grab him and have his wicked little way with him until they would be both totally exhausted. But since he was a fox he was also very curious about Hiei’s little idea so he waited, trembling with anticipation. Hiei noticed the fox impatience and bend down giving the fox a soft kiss in the neck. Because of his koorime heritage, his lovers neck was one of the most sexy spots for him. He loved to trace Kurama’s vein with his tongue and suck the skin lightly. He loved the way his lover sighed and shivered when he gently, or not so gently when the were playing rough, scraped his fangs across the skin. The fire demon sat up again and scooted back at little so that he was now straddling the fox thighs. Now he had also a very nice view at the youko’s erect penis, which was gleaming and moist, begging for some tender attention. He was going to give that attention, but later, now he had something else in mind.
“If you don’t like it, tell me to stop.” Hiei told the redhead in a low voice. He didn’t want to hurt him or do things that Kurama didn’t want. The youko’s answer was a nod and then a sigh, urging Hiei to go on and stop hesitating.
The fire demon scraped Kurama’s nipples softly with his nails, making the skin around it even more sensitive and then he dripped some hot wax from the candle on the sensitive skin. The action brought a sharp hiss from Kurama and the fox wriggled. The fire demon couldn’t make out of the hiss had been from pleasure or pain, but they way the youko was arching his back told him that the fox wanted more. He used his left hand to caress the slightly reddened skin and Kurama gave a soft “Uhhn..” at that. Because of the slight burning his skin had become even more sensitive to touch and this soft caress was sending waves of pleasure though his body. The jaganshi spilled more of the wax on his lovers skin and smiled at the little moans Kurama was giving. These moans were definitely in pleasure and they encouraged him to go further, to give him more of the hot caress. He gently teased the youko’s left nipple and bend forward to give it a little lick. Then he blew the moist little piece of flesh softly and Kurama shivered at the cold sensation. Fire and coldness, so very much like his lover, since he was born out of fire and ice.
Kurama hissed loud when Hiei spilled the wax onto that sensitive nipple. It was not in of pain, but pleasure. The hot wax on his skin felt like Hiei’s most hot and fierce caresses and his body welcomed them as pleasure rather than pain. He arched his back and moaned in pleasure when he felt more of the hotness being spilled on his skin. This was such a delicious idea from his fire demon, he was going to make sure to reward his koi well…
Hiei revelled in the gasps and hisses Kurama gave trying to remain silent. A little smile touched his lips, oh he was going to make his fox scream, make him scream his pleasure out. Kurama was wriggling and squirming in delight, his breath now coming a short feverish little gasps. The skin where Hiei had dripped the wax was slightly reddened and looked just like the little blush Kurama had on his face. He band down and licked one of the marks softly, making Kurama give a little cry of pleasure. ‘That is just one scream, fox, I’m gonna make you give much more…’ Hiei thought
Kurama gave a moan of delight when Hiei softly pinched his reddened nipple. The pinch send a wave of ecstasy though his body and he shivered. His gleaming penis twitched. He wanted to be touched there, he wanted Hiei’s hot and strong fingers around his cock and make him come. He grabbed the sheets in tight fists as Hiei bend down and gave the abused little piece of flesh a soft lick. He lapped the nipple with his tongue, sending jolts of need through Kurama’s body. The fire demon was so good, he had taught him a little too well… The Jaganshi smiled against the youko’s nipple and closed his lips around it tightly. He sucked the erected piece of flesh hard, feeling Kurama moan in ecstasy.
“AH!” The fox gave a strangled cry and gripped the sheets so tight that his knuckles turned white. Hiei was teasing the tip of his nipple expertly with his tong and Kurama did his best to stay silent. He couldn’t, he wriggled and moaned and this sounded like music to Hiei’s ears. He loved to see his fox wriggling in pleasure, knowing that he was the one giving that pleasure to the gorgeous redhead. Then he stopped stroking the youko’s nipple and sat back again.
Kurama’s red tresses hair was plastered to his forehead and he had a dazed look on his face. The pleasure was so much that Kurama couldn’t really think anymore. He acted solely on desire. The only thing on his mind was Hiei, who was giving him the fierce caresses and hot kisses. The youko was panting heavily and his eyes were half lidded with desire as he looked at his lover.
The teasing little demon was also very hard and he looked at his big moist cock with hungry eyes. He wanted to have Hiei inside him, wanted him to be part of him. He let go of the sheets and reached out to touch the fire demons erection. Hiei moaned at Kurama touch, but then gently took his wrist and pushed his hand back at the mattress. If Kurama touched him like that he wasn’t sure if he could hold himself and he wanted to wait a little longer. He hadn’t done everything he wanted to do to the fox yet and he wanted to hear more moans from his sweet lover.
“Hiei, stop teasing…I want you…inside me.” Hiei groaned at Kurama’s sexy plea, but he didn’t give the fox it his way, not yet. He licked the redheads chest, he just loved Kurama’s taste, it was sweet, but there was a spicy aftertaste. Just like Kurama himself…spicy and sweet. He took the candle again and Kurama watched him in anticipation, wondering where Hiei was going to spill the wax now.
With the candle in his hand Hiei bend down and kissed the left side of the youko’s belly, then he spilled the wax on the spot where he had kissed him. The redhead threw his head back and gave a soft “uhhh” at the feeling. What Hiei was doing was torture, but it was the sweetest kind of torture Kurama had ever endured. The skin of his belly was very sensitive from the hot wax and Hiei stroked it softly with his callused palm. Closing his eyes again Kurama lost himself in the sensation of that rough hand stroking his skin softly. The hand travelled down and Kurama pushed his hips up to make Hiei stroke his length. The demon gave his member a featherlight stroke and the moved down to the youko’s slender thighs. Kurama trembled with anticipation at the thought of his lover using the wax on that sensitive part of his body. The demon sensed his desire and dripped the hot liquid on the skin of the youko’s inner thighs. A sound that was something between an moan and a sob escaped Kurama’s troath. The pleasure and pain were mingled together in a perfect balance, making the youko almost black out. Hiei put the candle away and looked at his beloved. Where the wax had touched the fair skin, slightly red spots had appeared that were somehow very sexy. The youko was slick with sweat and Hiei could smell his desire. The smell of his fox made the fire demon even more aroused that he already was and he decided that if was time to stop teasing. The redhead wouldn’t be able to take more teasing and Hiei almost came at just seeing the sexy redhead breathing.
Hiei kneeled in between Kurama’s parted thighs and pushed them a bit wider. Then he licked two of his fingers wet and took Kurama’s hand. Sexily, he sucked the fox’ index and middlefinger and then drew them out. He lead the youko’s hand towards his own opening and pushed Kurama’s index finger together with his own into Kurama’s tight ass.
“Ahhhh yesssss” hissed the youko. Touching himself together with Hiei touching him was a very sexy experience. He parted his thighs a bit wider and pushed himself onto the invading fingers. He wanted Hiei deep inside him, joined with him in one. The fingers stretched him a bit wider and the youko groaned. It had been a while since he had been touched in that way and he had to adjust to the feeling again. Slowly the fire demon took his and Kurama’s finger out and the youko felt empty. Then, three fingers were pushed in. Two fingers of his own and one of Hiei. His hole was being spread wide, but it didn’t hurt. The jaganshi was very careful with him and took his time stretching. The redhead wished that Hiei weren’t so careful, because he could hardly wait to feel something longer and much thicker shoved into him. The three fingers left him slowly again and Kurama tried to find the words for Hiei to stop the preparation and just fuck him.
“Hiei… nhh fuck me, please…” The sweet request of the redhead made waiting for Hiei unbearable. The fox had put his long legs around the demons waist and Hiei hard sex was pressed against the youko’s opening. The jaganshi grabbed the slender hips tightly and pushed in slowly, still being careful not to hurt his fox. Kurama let out a long “yessss…” as Hiei pushed in. The youkai almost came when he entered Kurama. The youko was so hot, so tight that he had to repress his orgasm. He wanted to enjoy the fox first before he came. He wanted to ride his lover good, making Kurama moan his name over and over.
Kurama moaned loudly when the wonderful sensation of being filled by his lover rippled over him. His whole body tingled with pleasure and he sighed the fire demons name. He lover was so hot, so hard, having the fire demon in him was almost too much for Kurama’s control. His lover wasn’t moving in him yet and the youko was impatient. He wanted to feel the jaganshi, it had been too long since they had last made love and the redheads body was hungering for it.
Hiei chest was heaving and his breath was ragged. He trusted slowly in the kitsune and was rewarded with a breathless moan from Kurama. It was very hard for Hiei to take it slow at this moment, but he wanted it to last. It had been too long and he wanted to make up for lost time. He was also afraid that he might hurt Kurama if he started too roughly. The kitsunes moans encouraged Hiei to go further and he drew almost all the way out and then trust back in. Kurama let out a loud “AH!” and tightened his legs around the demons waist, pushing him deeper inside. Hiei let one of his hands wander from the youko’s waist to his sex and brushed the tip softly. The redhead groaned his name and pushed his hips up so that his sex was rubbed harder against Hiei’s hand. The youko cried out again and moved his hips harder up and down, wordlessly telling Hiei to trust harder, faster, deeper. The jaganshi gave in to his need and pounded hard into his fox and they both cried out.
Kurama knew he was very near his orgasm, his lover was hitting the pleasure spot inside him every time he pushed in and he would climax soon. The trusting combined with Hiei’s hand rubbing his member was making that Kurama almost was drowning in pleasure.
“Itoshii, I want to come together with you.” Kurama moaned breathlessly as he panted and gasped when Hiei’s speed increased more.
The fire demon wrapped his fingers around the kitsunes erection and Kurama trusted into the tight sheath. As Hiei trusted deepest into the fox they both cried out as they climaxed.
Hiei collapsed on top of Kurama exhausted from the intense love making. He gently pulled out of Kurama and then laid down with his head pillowd onto the youko’s shoulder. The kitsune wrapped his soft arms around the fire demons waist. The fire demon snuggled closer to Kurama and buried his face in the redheads neck, sighing softly. It felt good to be home again in the arms of his fox, he felt safe here, protected by the kitsunes love.
Kurama pulled his lover a bit closer and buried one of his hands in Hiei’s hair. He heard the jaganshi sigh as his hair was petted and smiled. He was glad that he had his lover back, three weeks separated of him had been too long. As he closed his eyes and gave in to the sleep he murmured softly “Welcome home, Hiei.” The jaganshi sighed softly in answer. Curled up together they fell asleep.

~ Owari ~

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