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Welcome to my LINKS page
Here you will find some interesting links

If you find any broken links, please
be so kind to let me know. Thanks!
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Angelfire - Free homepages, email. And more. Great place!
Aprilfools - Send bogus messages. Also great for April's fools day.
AstrologyNet - It starts with "Scorpio", just choose the sign you want.
BlueMountain - Greeting Cards, many styles, different languages.
Bravenet - Free guestbooks, counters, and much more. Great place!
Cat Stuff - Cat graphics, cat borders, cat backgrounds, and more cat.
C N N - News, national and international.
Dragon cards - Cute dragon cards!
Fantassia - Fantassia's Palace - Great chatsite !!
Flaming Text - Make your text look like fire, plus many other styles.
FreeFind - Make your entire site searchable by keyword.
G A M P - German American Meeting Point. Bilingual text.
Help "Border" - Find help how to keep text out of bordered backgrounds. Site also offers backgrounds, buttons, and more.
McAfee - Virus protection for your computer.
Shakespeare - His plays with full text.