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  My Personal ABC  

Animals -- I love those creatures
Books -- Give me a good book and I'm in heaven
Curiosity -- That should be my middle name *grins*
Dancing -- Can't dance, have two left feet I guess
Ethnic Food - All of if, from Chinese to Italian
Faith -- I believe in God
Germany -- The country I was born and raised
Honesty -- It's very important for me, I hate lies
Internet -- Was there life before internet? *LOL*
Jokes -- As long as they are good
Kisses -- What a wonderful way to get closer to someone
Love -- I live and breathe it, life without love... a terrible thought!
Music -- Many styles, but I hate rap and hard metal
Northpole -- A place I'd like to be sometimes... quiet and peaceful
Outdoors -- I love to be outside
People -- I'm pretty outgoing and like to meet them
Questions -- If you have any about me, just ask *warm smile*
Romantic -- I got that one down to a tee
Scorpio -- Born on a cold gray day in mid November with molten lava in my veins
Travel -- One of my greatest joys in life
Unicorns -- I wish they were for real...*dreamy sigh*
Vongole -- Those little muscles that go soooo good with spagetti
Woman -- 100 % !!
X-Files -- I watch it now and then if I have time
Yellow roses -- my favorite flowers
Zero -- As in zero idea what to say here *warm laugh*

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