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I often receive requests for the value of beer bottles that people have come across. View Beer Talk message board to find people with bottles to sell or collectors interested in buying your specific bottle.

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Bottles less than 30 years old often sell for just $1-3.

Below are comments, bottles for sale and information needed.     Please email anyone you can assist!
Note:   I can't take responsibility regarding the authenticity of any of these comments. They may have been written when the person was intoxicated!
Good luck!
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For Sale: 1981 Courage, UK bottles - 11/2/04

Hi I have come across 9 bottles of unopend bottles of beer from 1981. These where brewed in the uk by Courage for the wedding of HRH The prince of wales and Lady diana spencer. All the bottles are labled and in good condition with all the dates and information ect on them. I also have 2 bottles of Presentation beer again from courage. Also I have 4 bottles of courage beer brewed to commemorate the silver jubilee of Queen Elizabeth 2. 1 has Buckingham palice on it one windsor castle and the other 2 have a coat of arms or a seal type thing on them. I have 2 john smiths bottles which were ment for export to belgium export and brewed in Tadcaster Yorkshire uk. All bottles are sealed and in good condition.
If any of these would be of interest let me know or let perhaps pass my deatails on. I thought they might of interest to some in the USA? tel +447747792555 .
StarrBen - Great Britain

For Sale: Budwieser millennium limited edition bottle - 11/1/04

I have a LARGE Budwieser bottle, (glass with plastic cap, bank)? that says it's the millennium limited edition bottle. I also have the original Spuds McKenzie (Bud light) dog bar light. Any clue to its value, and who would want to buy it? Both are in excellent condition. Thank you for your time.

For Sale: Collection of antique beer bottles - 10/30/04

Hi:) My name is Karina. I have been mandated to liquidate a collection of worldwide antique beer bottles (btwn 8000-10,000 bottles) that have been estimated to be worth $120,000. The collector is wanting to get rid of them fairly quickly and open to offers for a MUCH lower price. I have pictures available to me and other info available if anyone is interested. Any guidance in terms of people or groups that may be interested would be extremely helpful and appreciated:) If anyone is interested in contacting me, you can email. Thank you very much. Office phone number is (604) 484-5611
Karina - Vancouver, BC, Canada

For Sale: Union Brewing Company Sharon PA - 10/29/04

Union Brewing Company Sharon PA. I know the company was only in business from 1901-1920. The bottle is in excellent condition and is empty. It's amber in color and "UNION BREWING CO SHARON, PA." is embossed in the glass

Value needed: Grolsch lager bottles - 10/28/04

I have about 6 cases of empty Grolsch lager bottles From Holland does anyone know how much they are worth? Thanks

Value needed: Pabst beer bottle - 10/25/04

Hello, could you tell me the value a Brown glass Pabst beer bottle, with raised lettering in a 3" circle. It reads Pabst on the top Milwaukee on the bottom, with a raised hop leaf with the letter B in the center. Glass bottle has two seams. Thanks

Information Request: Anchor can from Hull's brewery England - 10/20/04

I am looking for an Anchor can from Hull's brewery England. It has a picture of a tall ship on it. Most likely a flat top. Any ideas where I can buy one? Thank You

Value needed: Drewrys Old Stock Ale - 10/20/04

Value needed, Will sell, Drewrys Old Stock Ale. 18 empty 8oz bottles in original cardboard case. All bottles have labels on them.

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Corona - Corona Bottle Cap
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For Sale: London--- Assorted beer bottles - 10/18/04

Hi, My Father used to Manager a Public House in North London upto 1979 and collected Beer Bottles,most of which are commemorative ones i.e. Jubilee's, etc,there are about 50/60 of these which I could list out for anybody that is interested in aquiring them. 90% are still unopened. Any interest of question on these please email . Many thanks,
Chris L.

Value needed: Crazy Horse Malt Liquor - 10/17/04

Howdy! I have an unopened case of Crazy Horse Malt Liquor. The cardboard case is battered, and the malt liquor itself is undrinkable. (Perhaps toxic . . . ) Does anyone have any idea what this might be worth? I believe this is from 1995. Thanks in advance.

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Information Request: Green Stroh's bottle - 10/12/04

I have a green Stroh's bottle. It says Stroh near the top of the bottle and on the bottom says Contents 7 Fl ozs. Registered Detroit. We were wondering if anyone knew how old the bottle was or where I could find out.

Value needed: Coors clown bottle - 10/10/04

Hi, A few years ago I bought a "Coors clown bottle". Suposedly they were designed and produced without the authority of coors by a coors bottle designer. He suposedly produced 500 of them, but coors destroyed all but one case of 24 that the designer snuck out of the plant.
I wrote to Coors and they confirmed that the bottles were produced for only one 8-hour run on one production line in 1973. I am curious if the bottle is as rare as I've heard, and also what the value might be. Thanks,

Value needed: Fort Pitt, Miller High Life, Coopenhagen Castle bottles - 10/1/04

We have several beer bottles from over 50 years ago. There is an empty brown Fort Pitt beer bottle. We have a Clear bottle of Miller High Life. We have 2 Copenhagen Castle clear unopened -- one has the neckband and label intact, the other has just the label. We have 1 Sparkling Extra Dry Champale in a clear bottle, all labels intact. We have one empty brown F & S beer bottle with labels intact. Does anyone know the value (if any) of any of these beer bottles? Thanks.
Contact me

Value needed: Budweiser King Pitchers 6-pack - 9/28/04

I have a sixpack of Budweiser King Pitchers. I would like to know the value of them. All the bottles are different. Theres 2000 nascar, 2001 St. Pats day, lets cinco 2000, cubs baseball,quail unlimited, and ducks unlimited. They are in exellent shape.
Ron G.

For Sale: Coors cans and bottles (110 pieces) - 9/15/04

Need advice:   I recently came across 110 Coors cans and some Coors bottles. Each is different and many are unique. I haven't the slightest how to research the value of these items. I do want to sell them to a collector whom will appreciate them.
One was a promo for a million dollars if it played music when opened. All of these items are still originally sealed and never opened. I believe the "saver" (not a collector) began saving these about 30 years ago. One has a picture of the late John Wayne, another is a route 66 promo. Most are 12 0z, some are not. I would appreciate any advice on how to sell these 110 items. Any serious collector may e-mail me. Thank-you,

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Value needed: Budweiser Beer Bottles c. 1900 - 9/8/04

Hello, I just recently purchased 5 Budweiser Beer Bottles all of which are clear glass and I assume by where they came from that they were made in early 1900. What type of value do these have? The labels are still on the bottles and they each have some type of maybe batch # on the bottom of the bottle. These bottles were inside a barn wall which was built in the late 1800's so they were well preserved...the carrying case is pretty deteriated though. Can you or anyone help me?

For Sale: Beer Bottle Collection (3000 pieces) - 9/3/04

Have an approximate 3000 piece beer bottle collection including numerous bottles from each of about 130 countries. Is there any interest out there in purchasing such a collection, sold as a whole or by the piece?
Nick, Canada

Information Request: 49ers beer bottle, Lucky Ale bottle - 9/1/04

Hi. I was wondering if you have any information on the beer bottles I have five paper label says 49ers beer amber color the picture has a man gold panning and says 11 fluid bottle lucky ale date on the paper label 1936 also 11 ounces amber color....... one bottle says tecate pilsner type cerveza also amber and 11 ounces any information would help thank you

Can wanted: Anchor Beer can, Hulls Brewery England - 8/28/04

I am looking for an Anchor Beer can from Hulls Brewery England. I was hoping top buy an older can that needed a can opener. Can you help?
Thank You,

Value needed: Pete Coors 50th birthday bottle - 8/27/04

My friend has a perfect bottle commemorating Pete Coors 50th birthday and is a not offered for sale bottle. Worth and demand?

Bottle wanted: Moose Brown Ale bottle - 8/24/04

I am looking to purchase a Moose Brown Ale beer bottle from anyone who may have this. I believe this beer was made by the Shipyard Brewing Company. Please email me. Thanks.
John, State College, PA

Welcome to The Beer Machine

Value needed: Down's Arf & Arf Beer-Ale, Buffalo, NY - 8/21/04

Hello! I have an unopened bottle of Down's Arf & Arf Beer-Ale from the Down's Brewery in Buffalo New York.The bottle is brown in color and the label is in very good condition. I have learned that the Down's Brewery was in operation for only one year fron 1939 to 1940. Could anyone tell me the value of this bottle?

Value needed: Herancourt Brewing Co. Cincinnati, Ohio - 8/19/04

My father found an old bottle under the floor boards of my grandparents house that he is remodeling. It is just a plain brown bottle (beer) with the following imprinted: The Herancourt Brewing Co. Cincinnati, Ohio Union Made The only other thing on the bottle, is the word foot imprinted on the bottom.
I haven't been able to find any info of any value on The Herancourt Brewing Co, other than it was Cincinnati's Oldest Brewery, but that's it. Can anyone help? Thank You!
Becky - Ohio

Value needed: St. Ides. can - 8/18/04

Hello Ray; We love your site! But we are wondering if you could help us find a value of a can of St. Ides. It is The Sound and The Fury Holyfield/Tyson Special Commemorative Edition. 1997.
It still has the beer inside...LOL...The can itself is dated May 3, 1997, and is in very good shape. No rust, major dings, scrtaches or etc. Thank you for any info....

Information Request: New York beer bottles - 8/17/04

I have three antique beer bottles in great condition.
First one is a Geo. Hauck & Sons Brewing Co. out of Kingston NY. It has the embossed name and address with "contents 12 fluid ounces" embossed in the back of the bottle. It has an aqua tint.
Second is a John F. Trommers Brewing Co. bottle out of Brooklyn. It is aqua in color and has the embossed "star w/an E inside". I am assuming that was it's logo. It is embossed with "Trommer's Evergreen Br'y", "Brooklyn, NY", "Registered", "This bottle not to be sold". This one is a great bottle.
Third is a clear Herman Von Hinken bottle with the name embossed. Also embossed is "larger beer", "357 West 52nd St.", "N.Y.". In the back of the bottle the work "trade mark", "Registered" and the logo which is an embossed man with his arm up and two kegs next to him. I cannot find anything on the web associated with this brewery. Thanks for your help!

Value needed: Regal Brewing company, Detroit,MI - 8/1/04

Have old beer bottle from Regal Brewing company, Detroit Michigan. Anyone know if it's of any value? Please respond. Thanks.

Information Request: Tempo beer (Blatz brewing) - 7/25/04

I was wondering if you could help me to identify what a certain beer bottle is worth. I would send you a pic but I don't have my camera with me at the moment. Anyway this bottle is a "TEMPO BEER" bottle made by the Blatz brewing Co. in Milwaukee, WIS. It dates from 1955. I know because that's what it says on the label. It is in very good condition with all original label in tact and in very good shape and it also has it's original cap still on top. There is no beer in the bottle. Could you give me an idea of what that is worth, please? I would really appreciate that!
Alan N.

Value needed: Coors & Coors Light Baseball Bat bottles - 7/20/04

Ray, I came across two 8 packs of Coors and Coors light baseball collector series bottles ( Dam good shape ) they still have beer in them and I have the carry cases every thing is in good shape. You have any idea about what they are worth and would it be to my behalf to hold on to them. Now the important question do you think the beer is still fresh enough to drink? They was bottled in "97". Let me know what you think. Oh and by the way I like " Natty Light ".

For Sale: Henry Weinhard's #1 - 7/16/04

I have a Henry Weinhard's beer bottle with a number 1 on the neck. My uncle was given the bottle when Weinhard's first came out by a golf buddy who worked at Blitz. Do you know anyone who would be interested in purchasing this bottle? Thanks for your assistance,
SE White

Value needed: Clear Budweiser bottle - 7/4/04

I found a clear Budweiser bottle in a ceiling of an 100+ year old hospital that is being turned into condo's. It is in mint condition with full label and no rips or tears. I'm guessing it was put there during construction and sealed away. It has a #74 that sticks out from the glass on the bottom rim. Any ideas on age and value.

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