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Photo Album!!!

Photo Album

Sorors pose after church service.

Spr. '99 (l to r) Natalie, Sabrina, and Michelle at Highway Pick-Up.

Spr.'00 posing in the plaza.

Sorors posing after Founder's Day Ceremony.

Laura, Tantiana and Amy.

Tasha, Angela, and Felicia in the plaza.

Crystal and LaSonya pose with Andya Boykin, Miss Pan-Hellenic Council 2000-2001.

Yvonne, Amanda, and Janine in the plaza.

Sorors and others before the probate show.

Posing at the end of the year cookout/ awards ceremony.

Sorors working out together.

Posing in the gymnasium.

Shawanna, member of the step team.

Sorors posing at the Alpha Xi Reunion.

Posing at the end of the year cookout/awards ceremony.

Profiling in the parking lot after Del-Teens.

Soror Chrystal Ages, Miss South Carolina State University 2000-2001.

Soror Tawanna Horton, Miss Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.

Posing together after a workout.

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