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Famous Sorors of Delta Sigma Theta

Famous Sorors of Delta Sigma Theta

Soror Carol Moseley-Braun

Soror Braun made history by being the first Black woman to be elected to the U.S. Senate in 1992. She currently serves as senator for the state of Illinois.

Soror Johnetta B. Cole

Past President of Spelman College, Soror Cole served her students well over the years and was embraced as "Sister President" by the Spelman students. In 1992, she was asked by President Clinton to help set the nation's educational agenda.

Soror Aretha Franklin

Soror Franklin has rocked America for the past three decades and has generated 17 number-one songs. She is currently back on the music scene with a hit song entitled "A Rose Is Still A Rose". No wonder she is known as "The Queen of Soul".

Soror Paula Giddings

Soror Giddings did an excellent job of researching the history of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. Her work is compiled in a very informative book that she authored - In Search of Sisterhood. She is currently working on a biography of the antilynching crusader Ida B. Wells.

Soror Nikki Giovanni

Soror Giovanni has made her mark in society as an innovative poet. Her latest book is entitled Racism 101. One of her poems that is very dear to our chapter and an inspiration to all Black Women is "Ego Tripping".

Soror Lena Horne

In addition to her dynamic voice, Soror Horne has been greatly admired for her youthful beauty. At 80 years of age, she has performed all over the country for more than 60 years.

Soror Judith Jamison

Soror Jamison has astounded audiences for years with her graceful dancing style. She has danced with the Alvin Ailey dance troupe and has also organized her own modern-dance troupe - the Jamison Project. She currently works as the artistic director for the Alvin Ailey company.

Soror Barbara Jordan

Soror Jordan has been a very influential figure in the political arena. She was the first Black Woman to serve the state of Texas as a Congresswoman and later held a position as a professor at the University of Texas.

Soror Leontyne Price

This acclaimed opera diva has charmed audiences for several decades. Soror Price has helped to open doors into this profession by becoming one of the first Black opera divas.

Soror Wilma Rudolph

Soror Wilma Rudolph was the first American woman to win three gold medals in track and field at a single Olympiad. Before she died, she served as Track Director and Special Consultant on Minority Affairs at DePaww University.

Soror Betty Shabazz

Before her untimely death in 1997, Soror Dr. Betty Shabazz was the Director of Communications and Public Relations for Medger Evers College of the City University of New York. She was also widely recognized as the widow of Malcolm X.

Soror Niara Sudarkasa

Soror Sudarkasa made history by becoming the first woman president of Lincoln University, America's oldest historically Black college. Prior to he appointment at Lincoln, she made history by becoming the first Black woman to receive tenure at the University of Michigan.

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