Here are a few pictures I have gathered from the new seventh season on the X-Files. (Please click on the pictures for larger images.

From the Sixth Entinction I(Director: Tom Wright Writer: Jeffrey Bell) 7X03:

Click here for more pictures from "The 6th Extinction."

Mulder lying in a hospital bed.

Fowley next to Mulder.

Another picture of Folwey next to Mulder.

The Sixth Extinction: Amor Fati (written by: Chris Carter & Frank Spotnitz & David Duchovny directed by: Kim Manners or RW Goodwin) 7X04:

Scully and a sick Skinner

Fowley and the CSM

Skinner helping Mulder

A picture from the episode Hungry (Written By: Vince Gilligan Directed By: Kim Manners) 7X01:

Click here for more pictures from "Hungry."

Mulder and Scully with guns (scanned from the official X-Files magazine.

The Goldberg Variation (Written by Jeffrey Bell, directed by Thomas J. Wright) 7X02

Dana Scully standing against a door

Mulder and Scully, they appear to be looking at something

Scully shining her flashlight upon something

Henry Weems, guest star Willie Garson

Millennium (Written by Vince Gilligan and Frank Spotnitz, directed by Thomas J. Wright) 7X05:

Rush (Written David Amann, directed by Thomas J. Wright) 7X06:

Orison (Written by Chip Johannessen, Directed by Rob Bowman) 7X07:

Mulder and Scully

Pfaster attacking Scully :( (again...!)

Image Credits:

The X-Files Search for the Truth

The X-Files Underground

Fox Flash


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