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Not quite a SF version of the TV series with Jonathan Ross (at this point Americans *start* to get confused. Never fear, it'll only get worse) Similar, but not quite. This is more true to the orginal Room 101 of the book 1984, this is a place for cultivating your own private Hell. This is a place to submit the worst events in the history of Cult SF. *The* most cringe worthy line of dialogue. *The* most contrived plot maneuver. *The* worst character. *The* worst piece of acting. *The*........... You get the idea. The bits of SF that, had you been a naughty boy (or girl), Satan would make you experience over and over again. So come on let's hear them, what do you hate most? Mel? "No! Not the mind probe!"? The entirety of The Time Monster? Mail me at the address below and let me know!

Want to know more about the *real* Room 101? Then check out my Real Room 101 page

My own personal piece of Hell from Doctor Who (my favourite series, please note) Stephen Thorne's portrayal of Eldrad at the end of The Hand Of Fear, Judith Paris was doing a wonderful job as her (him?), and then along comes Thorne and acts as if he were in the world hamming-it-up championships (a contest he could no doubt win) with his best Brian Blessed impression. He was fine as Azal, but a part like Eldrad that requires a bit of subtlety scuppered him completely.

And yet another example of Hell from me; the two American agents from Delta and The Bannermen, a story I am generally rather fond of. However those two make me cringe every time I see them, Americans bug me enough in general but they managed to scale new heights of irritatingness (is that a word? No I don't believe it is, oh well).

An example from another series: The Tomorrow People. In fact, I think the series in its entirety would be in my own personal Hell. The effects are bad, but passable, no, it isn't the effects the condemn the show, it's the ACTING. Or rather, lack thereof. The only regular to show even a glimmer of talent was Peter Vaughn as John, and even his acting was pretty dire at times.

The Classic Star Trek episode 'Spock's Brain'. Need I say more?

An entry from DAVE WILLGOOSE: Captain S. Janeway from Star Trek: Voyager

An entry from DAVE WILLGOOSE: Capt. S. Janeway's voice from Star Trek: Voyager

An entry from DAVE WILLGOOSE: Lt. Cmdr. Tuvok from Star Trek: Voyager

An entry from DAVE WILLGOOSE: Lt. Paris from Star Trek: Voyager

An entry from DAVE WILLGOOSE: Ensign Harry Kim from Star Trek: Voyager. You get the idea. However, Dave specifically told me 'NOT the Doctor, but only because he's Doctor Zimmerman from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

An entry from IAN GASKIN: The entirety of Space: 1999, for general crappiness, the presence of flares, Martian Landau's acting, the awful title squence, and the sheer irony of BBC2 showing it now. Sorry Ian, don't agree, I love the show. But I won't try and impose my views.........

An entry from EDWIN HEAPY: Space: Above and Beyond. Why? Because it's Top Gun in space, and it's American, in that patriotic "yee ha we're American" way. And it actually takes itelf seriously.

Another entry from EDWIN: *Anything* by Gerry Anderson, except Stingray, becuase it's a yellow submarine.

Another entry from EDWIN: Star Trek: Generations, even though he's a rabid Star Trek nutter (he even likes Voyager, but that's mainly due to Seven of Nine). Also Battlester Galatica, and Buck Rodgers, because they were Paramount's answer to Star Wars, and they fucked it up big time.

An entry from JOHN HAMMERSLEY: The woman who plays Deanna Troi from ST:TNG should be congratulated for landing such a large and long-running part with no acting ability whatsoever.

An entry from TIM SMITH: All those daft aliens on Deep Space Nine, who supposedly become alien just with a bit of latex, and are really only there to make the crowd scenes more interesting.

An entry from MICHEAL HUTCHINSON: The Cat and Kochanski never getting any funny lines in Red Dwarf anymore, just standing there looking stupid.

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