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mission statement

Basically, this site is for gathering together all the info about both Adric and Matthew Waterhouse that I can find, especially info that presents them in a favourable light! They've both been the butt of all fandom's jokes for over 15 years, and I know there are Adric supporters out there, so come on, crawl out of the woodwork :-). The site was launched early January 1999, but I'd been thinking about it ever since I saw the funny but cruel Coffee With Adric site, so cheers Kim for inspiring me! The other purposes of the site are: Pissing off friends with the 'embarrassing photos' section, and teaching people the art of Britishness with the 'Best of British' section

This site is also for campgaining to get the ADF into existance. The ADF is a organisation that if it doesn't exsit, it damn well should. The Adric Defence Force would swoop down upon anyone foolish enough to use Adric as a bad plot device to get a cheap laugh. And unfortunately, I didn't think it up. Doug Killings did [sulk]. But he uses it for laughs in (brilliant) pieces of This Time Round fic, *I* however really wish it exsited. mail Doug and annoy him by asking to join :-)

ADF- "Better understanding through nuclear weapons"

The site is also for having a laugh. So please don't take anything on this site *too* seriously, because I surely as Hell don't :-) feedback is always welcome, but guess what happens to flames? That's right, they get the DEL treatment......

I just like to say a big hi to my ole pal ^MAYHEM^, whom I've finally found again after missing for so long. Missed ya babes! 'May our souls combine in the never ending pool of darkness and evil that is our hearts, my sword is your sword brother'.