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Adric's Little Home of SF

Adric's Little Home of SF

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Another twelve images added.04.04.00Photos section divided and twelve new images added 17.12.99Around 70 images added to the gallery, gallery subdivided for ease of navigation. 15.12.99 New images from Ghostlands added to the Gallery, info. on Ghostlands added to the about MW page. Info. on MW added to his page 02.11.99 New images added to the Gallery, 'proper' thumbnails added (speeded up load times) New entry added to Room101.Previous updates

Consider this page under construction eternally

Welcome to the re-designed Adric's Little Home of SF, my page dedicated to probably the most maligned Doctor Who companion ever- Adric. Use the navigation bar to the left to find out exactly what you can do here :-) If you find some daft error here, don't hesitate to mail me. Do you like the new design? Do you hate it? email me and let me know!

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