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about me
bad picture of me
Who am I?
Good question. The best answer I can give you is: I'm Heather Smith, a devotee of cult TV (esp. Doctor Who, Blake's 7 and The Avengers, but *not* X-Files, it's CRAP). I enjoy reading (mostly SF and fantsy (esp. Terry Pratchet)), and listening to music that suits my (somewhat bizzarre) tastes. I live in Staffordshire, England, but I'm from (the most beautiful county in the most beautiful country in the world.). I can usually be found either a. In a pub b. In a darkened room tapping away at a keyboard, occasionally getting something useful done but usually just fiddling with this website. c. In the middle of nowhere with an upsidedown map d. In front of a Television watching SF e. Clinging on for dear life halfway up a sheer rockface. To the left is a two year old, rather bad photo of me with the sun in my eyes (at least that's my excuse)