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Happy Birthday Kate Mulgrew (VOY: Cpt.Kathryn Janeway) (29th, April)!

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Voyager News

Learn more about Voyagers´ Royal Fan

TV Guide Q&A with Kate Mulgrew or Jeri Ryan

Paramount Press Release (Dec, 7th.)on Voyager's "Dark Frontier," Featuring the Return of the Borg Queen.

Read the most recent interview with Kate Mulgrew, Robert Duncan McNeill or Jeri Ryan

Voyager is the third of all four series who has just met the 100th episode milestone!
The filming of the episode completed last week and was directed by LeVar Burton (TNG: Geordi LaForge)
If you want to see more, click here

Kate Mulgrew Reflects On Season Four Of Voyager

Read People Magazine´s chat transcripts with Kate Mulgrew or Robert Beltran and Ethan Phillips , Oct. 12th, 1998.

Deep Space Nine News:

Read the Ultimate TV interview with DS9´s new trill Nicole deBoer
or Ian Spelling´s Nicole DeBoer Joins `DS9' As Ezri Dax

Star Trek: Insurrection News

Searching for Insurrection trailers, interviews or TV commercials? Then visit this Insurrection page, there´s all you´ve always dreamed about!

Read following interviews:
Marina Sirtis Soaks Up `Insurrection' by Ian Spelling
Number One: Frakes' film kicks curse by Steve Fritz
Classic Data: Into Brent Spiner's mind by Steve Fritz
Patrick Stewart Comes Down To Earth To Discuss `Trek 9'by Ian Spelling

TV Guide Q&A with Brent Spiner

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Stardate 4980113.12 you have now entered the realms of the Star Trek universe.
Let me welcome you on board the U.S.S. Voyager.
You are the first human we´ve encountered for a long time. Because of the fault of an alien being we now know as the "Caretaker", we, the Voyager and her crew, were transported to the Delta Quadrant, some 70.000 light years away from home.
Now we are battling through this strange part of the universe, trying not to violate the Prime Directives desperat to find our way back home.

Come and join us, if you dare!

First of all new on the ship is the Star Trek Chat so if you´d like to talk to other crew members or to a loved one feel free to go there.
Read the results of previous Star Trek opinion polls.

If you´d like to see pictures from our (and Jean-Luc´s) previous adventures then go to Star Trek Pictures
There are also sounds available which are familiar to everybody who´s ever been on a starship.
You can also read some quotes made by me or other crew members. Or read some exciting, NEW stories written by crew members.
There´ll be an episode quide soon, so you can reread a short discription of each of our adventures.
As well as my history. I´ll promise you, as soon as I have the time to, I´ll sit down and tell you the story of my life, covering my childhood, youth, my time at Starfleet Academy and and how I came to know my beloved Mark. There´s also the possibility to use one of the ships computers. If you need plans and pictures of our ship, Star Trek´s ship classes or other informationjust take a look in the database. Or feel free to download one the Star Trek Screensaver which are also in the database. Or visit some other Star Trek Sites .

I hope I haven´t bored you to much with my introduction.
You are now allowed to move around "Starfleets Lost Ship" and do what you wish as long as you don´t disturb my crew.
I would also like you to sign the Voyager Log, so that you are an official visitor on board.

If you wish to tell me something while I on duty, just leave me me a message.

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