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The following programs are offered as performance, workshop or artist-in-residency program.


A 45–60 minute on-stage persentation. Our school performances can be directly linked to core curriculum standards, such as social studies and language arts.


A 90–minute instructional presentation usually done in a classroom setting. Workshops are available for community programs, as well as schools. Workshops utilize the art of storytelling to address specific issues. Workshop subject matter may include: appreciating differences; promoting literacy; and positive self-concept.


A series of workshops offered consecutively over a specific period of time.

The Gift of Story

TAHIRA performs stories of hope and humor, triumph and tragedy drawn from TAHIRA’s diverse repertoire of original works and those based on the West African Oral Tradition. In this program, TAHIRA opens with an introduction of the call and response style of singing. “Call and response” is a requested or spontaneous verbal and non-verbal interaction between the performer and the audience. The major theme in this program is the role of stories and storytellers in the recording of historical events.

Folktale Fun

Clever spiders, signifying monkeys and grinnin’ buzzards are just some of the intriguing characters in the Folktales told by TAHIRA. Family audiences around the country have remarked how inspiring, as well as entertaining TAHIRA’s folktales are.


This storytelling program provides a history of Kwanzaa, an African American cultural holiday which is celebrated from December 26 to January 1. In addition, the meaning of the seven (7) principles and symbols of Kwanzaa are explored through story and song.

Young People, Difficult Choices

The program utilizes stories and guided exercises to demonstrate to young people, the impact of life's choices. It involves an in depth discussion on issues youth face such as peer pressure and resolving personal conflict.

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