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TAHIRA is a storyteller, poet, vocalist and percussionist with a Bachelor of Arts from Temple University's School of Communication and Theatre. She has been writing since she was old enough to hold a pencil!

Whether performing her original works or her vast repertoire of stories from the African oral tradition, she brings to her audience messages of courage, hope and spiritual strength. Blending, song, poetry and story her high-energy performance delights listeners of all ages.

TAHIRA is an advocate of using the arts to bring about social change. "My mission as an artist is to shed light in dark places to reveal the brilliance of the human spirit."

TAHIRA Productions, Inc - Who We Are


TAHIRA Productions, Inc. is the premier company in the world for storytelling products and services. We leverage the world-wide web to deliver storytelling programs and products through downloads (video and audio), podcasts, internet radio, CDs, books, DVDs, and blogs.


TAHIRA productions, Inc. mission is to empower others through story to think critically, choose wisely, and believe fervently in their ability to succeed.

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