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An update! oh my god. I know I've been lathargic as of late but that's cause I've been working on my personal page. I also had an ephiany! I'm really getting annoyed at the herds of eight year olds who play Pokemon. I like the Game and the idea but this is nuts! So I've decided that my home will be a garden for "older" pokemon fans. So I'll focus on game stats, Advanced stuff and updates and hopefully this will die down and everything will go back to normal

My pokemon file archive
Pokemon Chat
Yes its back my half 150 archive. Hey at this point it's a signautre feature
Pokemon Game Info...Pokedex, Items, Trainers, and Tm's
Pokemon Image Gallery
Web Rings

3-25-99 Site hits 100
4-12-99 Site hits 500
4-28-99 Site hits 1000

The Best Pokemon
Who's your favorite pokemon

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People In whom I am in debt to...
Cyber Pokemon (gave me the sounds and some stuff in the image gallery)
Pokemon Illustration Marathon.(gave me the 150 pics) (the trainer badge and other Pokemon stuff)
The cavern of fallen gods (something about a link or something)

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