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Xoom Xoom best known for their clipart collections. They just expanded their system to a much better one and offer 11 MB free space. You can also get a chatroom and email. No porn material allowed. You will need your email account to register and during your membership, keep this in mind, you will get an email at least once a month from them offering their collection. This all done to keep the site free.
Geocities GeoCities offers free 11 MB of space for your homepage and E-mail. You can upload your files by either using FTP or browser. Upload files from your browser only works on IE3, IE4, NS3. No porn material allowed.
FortuneCity This free website gives you 11 MB space. To sign up, first you have to choose the community which suits you and the address of page registered contains street name and number. They just recently updated their server to a better one. No adult material and commercial pages allowed.
Tripod Tripod just expand their server and now give 11 MB space for their members. Unfortunately, they'll put 'pop up' banner so whenever someone go into your page, the pop up banner will appear in other window. You have to use browser to upload your file. You'll get a free chatroom. No adult material allowed.
Nettaxi At the moment they are still upgrading their server. Members divided into numbers of community and you only get 3 MB space. FTP available to upload files. The good thing about this service is they don't burden you with any banner. They have a special community for adult material. Slow connection sometimes.
Angelfire This free service put 'pop up' banner in your page. You'll get 5 MB space.
The Globe 6 MB space limit for members. They put banner at the top of the page for every pages. Almost anything legal as long as there is warning for viewers beforehand. Browser uploading, no FTP service.
HowdyNeighbor 2 MB space limit.
FreeNation 7 MB space limit. This is a free service based in Hongkong. Currently expanding their server and will not accept new members, but you can email them and they'll let you know when the application for new members open.
Conk!World 1 MB space limit. Upload files through browser, no FTP access.
Patricia Enterprises 2 MB space limit. Free features such as guestbook and form. No adult material allowed.
IntelCities New free web hosting. It is a community based web service. Limit space of 3 MB. Features such as guestbook, counter, form, chatroom, greeting card and much more.
Free Town If you know nothing about html and want to create a webpage, this one is for you. They have online page creator which allows you to just fill in the blank and ta..ta.. your first homepage done.
Free Yellow 2 MB space limit.
Free Site Network Space up to 20 MB. Not accepting new member at the moment.
People City 5 MB space limit.
IceStorm A new site with a good connection. 2 MB space limit. No FTP access, uploading through browser.
Spree Offers unlimited space. No adult material allowed.
Towne Square Using browser to create and edit your page.
Web International For personal page only. Build your page without have to understand HTML.
Freeweb You can design, plan and make your homepage online. All uploading are through browser. There is a chat room so members can interact with each other. But, they only provide 1 MB space.