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Tree Zones


          Trees!  Rocks!!  People!!!  Anything you can think of!


            Basically, this section functions alot like the Texture zones.


  1. First you choose the lowest to the highest elevation where you want your first set of trees to be "planted".

  1. Here you give the prefix name of tree set you've created( or rocks, or park benches, or people, or.........?)  Now, it's unlikely that you'll be putting lots of different varieties in one spot, but you might want to vary the size of the trees?  

  1. Here is the starting (suffix from) and ending (#of trees) suffix numbers.  This is confusing.  But, as an example, if you have a set of trees that you want to put in a zone (designated by the elevation parameters) And lets say they are named mytree1, mytree2, mytree3.  You would then put "mytree" in the prefix  box and "1" in the "suffix from" box and "3" in the "# of trees" box.  Just like with the textures.

  1. At the "Height Offs", you choose how high or low from the modular ground the object should be set.  Rocks are great for this option because you could "sink" them in the ground, making them more natural looking.

  1. Clicking in the object zones boxes activates that line's choices.

  1. Finally, "Random Rot" will randomly rotate the objects so they won't all be in the same direction - good for actual 3d model trees that are asymmetric or, again, rocks.


            Last, but not least (sorry, I had to do it)........(anticipation).....

                                                    Log Options!


Cme visit me in Active Worlds, my world is called ArtDeco!