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Whitby Precision Teams

In Whitby, we have four diferent teams. Our youngest team is the Ice Chips. They all range from 9 and under. They are currently not a competitive team. The Ice Chips are coached by Amber Frost.

Our Juvenile team who is coached by Nancy Meredith has a strong competitive team this season. There ages rank from 9 to 12. You may know them as the Whitby Ice Pix. The Juvenile teams skate with 24 at a time.

The Whitby Ice Angels is our novice team. Last year our Novice team had a very good season. They came in 5th at Canadians. In the past 4 years the Ice Angels have accomplished 2 canadian gold medals.The Novice age rank is between 12 and 15 as of July 1st. The Ice Angels is coached by Kristen Jennings. The novice teams can have up to 28 people on the ice at a time.

The Whitby Ice Crystals is a junior team. They are coached by Mona Gibney. Whitby has had a junior team in the past but this is the first year that they are becoming competitve again in about 5 years. They are very excited and determined to do well this season. Juniors age rank between 15 to 18 as of July 1st. Junior skates 20 on the ice at a time and has both a short and long program.

Good Luck to everyone in this upcoming season!