A Poem
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I didn't realize how important it was until it was taken away, When they said "no" to me, I had nothing left to say.

I wanted to be mad forever 'cause it meant so much to me, My heart used to be always open, but now I've lost the key.

I used to be an angel but I was taken away, Don't be mad at me because there's nothing for me to say.

I'll never forget you, no matter what you say, You'll be in my heart forever, that's where your going to stay.

I really miss you guys and i hope you miss me too, I just wanted to let you that, I BELIEVE IN YOU!

This poem was written from one of the Ice Angels team member. She is no longer a member of the Ice Angels because she is not capable of skating. She misses the sport tremedously and we miss her too. The reason i decided to put this poem on the net is because every team has problems one time or another. We all come togetther to work as a team to fix the problem. I thought that when I read this poem that it made me realize how lucky we are to have each other has friends, teamates, etc.

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