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Dark Haven

Horror is by far my favorite genre. It has captivated me since the beginning of my existence. I assume you're here for the same reason. Please stay awhile, weave a horror story or two...leave with some really cool links...see sights you haven't seen before. Be sure to email me if you run into any dead links, links you don't fnd appropriate, something misspelled...basically anything.

Read my thoughts on Censorship!

My favorite authors include Clive Barker, John Saul, VC Andrews, Ramsey Campbell, Robert Bloch, and almost any other artist into the darker side of writing. To view my other site, the Writer's Web, click here and you will be brought there shortly. The Writer's Web is based upon another writing group...there's an interactive horror story there on the Fun Writing Page, and a Writer's Message board I'm hoping you'll enjoy.

This page is based upon the group, Dark Haven, which has recently begun. If you'd like to join this group, don't hesitate to email me and I will get back to you ASAP. Now, on with the Horror!

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Vampires Venture into the darkside by reading about these blood-sucking femes...
Ghost stories Dare to be haunted? Read these fiction tales of horrors from the dead...
Darker than Dark Poetry Think your poetry has what it takes to make the blood run cold?
Psychological Horror This has to do with mind tricks and dreams. Serial killers and mind-boggling tales. Check it out!
Gore and Slasher Stories- Is blood and guts your fav? Then go in here and lose your supper...
Other- Don't be afraid. These are tales that don't quite fit in with the others.
The Club Want to join a really cool horror writing group? Click here to find out more...
Meet the horrific members
See who makes up the Dark Haven club and what they're all about
Book reviews Read tons of reviews written by different people. Chategorized by author.
The Dark Haven Award Does you story make the cut? Let's see...
An award for your site- Does your site contain ghastly images?
Links Follow these links and trail further into the madness.
Webrings And Awards View the webrings Dark Haven is part of. See the awards we've been fortunite enough to win.

Thanks for visiting...I do hope you come again soon...

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