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HMM-365 Vietnam

Reunion 2010, Reno, Nevada

Advisory Message, 1/11/10


The Popsamoke reunion is to be held in Reno, Nv. on July 7th-11th. Popasmoke was initially formed to encompass all Marine Vietnam helicopter squadrons however has since exanded to include all Marine combat helo sqdns. The reunion is essentialy run by Popasmoke and Armed Services Reunions. The Armed Services Reunions seem to do a good job in organizing the events. The hotel will be the Grand Sierra Resort/Hotel, formerly the Hilton.

To partake in the Popasmoke reunion activities, one must be a member and that entails a $35 annual dues. As a member you can obviously bring guests however as the reunion packet will advise, all parties are accountable to the registration and event fees. Popasmoke ordinarily sends out the reunion packets about March.

For the nonmembers of Popasmoke, more info can be accessed via which will have instructions on how to join. On the home page to the left is a list of the directors with their email addresses or "contact us" if you have any specific questions.

In addition to the activities, HMM-365 is planning an informal buffet dinner at the downtown Eldorado Casino, July 8th, Thursday, 5 pm. We will have a buffet/show package, with the show Shake, Rattle & Roll, R&R music from the 50s, following the buffet. Prepayment for this Thursday buffet/show package would be to HMM-365, not Popasmoke and is estimated at $40-$45. However if you choose buffet only, you would probably pay at the cashier as you enter the buffet and join us for seating. For Popasmoke members, keep in mind you might be choosing between the 365 and Popasmoke evening meal as it is possible both may be scheduled for Thurs. There will also be an approximately six hour HMM-365 bus tour, on Friday. Additionally we expect there will be a minimal squadron fee for incidentals.

Should one not wish to enroll in Popasmoke they have the option of staying at the Eldorado which is downtown, approximately 4 miles from the Grand Sierra. You would reserve the room with 365's code @ $65 per eve, so that we will be credited with reaching our minimum room requirement and hopefully qualifying for complimentary breakfast buffet coupons. Naturally those selecting this would not be eligible for any Popasmoke activities however it would provide them the opportunity of seeing old friends, the buffet/show, Friday bus tour, sightseeing and doing things on their own. Some attractions within walking distance of the Eldorado are, Harrah's National Auto Museum, the riverwalk, National Bowling Stadum, minor league baseball and the Reno Art Museum

All attending, both Eldorado and Grand Sierra guests, would hopefully attend the 365 buffet or buffet/show package at the Eldorado plus the all day Friday bus tour of Virginia City, Carson City and Lake Tahoe.

Again,it is suggested that attendees, in addition to 365's adgenda, join and enroll in Popasmoke and its events as it is well organized with numerous activities to choose from. Also all members and squadrons will be at one hotel, the Grand Sierra.

We expect there to be problems with our email roster regarding currency. If you know of anyone not reveiving this, please have them forward their address to us or advise Basil at 209-941-4839.

If you think you are attending, for our planning, please advise Include if you are considering the Popasmoke package or the Eldorado. Also include number of people, your email address, if you plan on the Thursday Buffet/Show package, the Friday bus tour, and if you will have access to a vehicle. Help in transporting personnel from the Grand Sierra to the El Dorado buffet will be needed. This info is solely for planning and is not binding on your part untill the monies are collected in the following months. If you will be driving, possibly you might give thought to taking the squadron's foot lockers for safe keeping until the next reunion at which time arrangements will be made for transportaion to such location.

Advisory Message, 8/24/09


Recently Popasmoke selected Reno as the site for the 2010 reunion. It is to be held at the Grand Sierra Resort, Reno, Nevada, July 7- July 11th, 2010. Although still a considerable amount of time until then, this email is intended to simply allow for some thought regarding such. Popasmoke has recently contracted Armed Forces Reunions for coordinating the events and from the DC reunion, it seems they do a good job.

As many squadron personnel are not actually Popasmoke members, we are also considering a secondary option for those nonmembers, of staying at a common downtown casino. This might allow for a larger attendance. That way those registering with Popasmoke would stay at the Grand Sierra and partake in their functions while still being able to see other squadron members. In addition to the sqdn buffet, there will hopefully be some other joint event(s) that both groups could enjoy. So for those of us registering with Popasmoke, nothing will change from previous years. For the nonmembers, you would be reserving rooms at a yet to be determined downtown casino and would essentially participate in the squadron events and not the larger Popasmoke agenda. Also to reiterate, the Popasmoke enrollment is the primary option with a full schedule and numerous events that hopefully most of the squadron attendees will opt for. Should anyone not be familiar with Popasmoke, please reference

From the sqdn directory it is obvious there is a large number of people who either don't have email, their address has changed or we simply don't have the address. Since our communication is essentially via email, it would be helpful if you are in contact with another squadron member, to mention the oncoming reunion in case they may not be aware of it. Hopefully they could then forward us their email while updating the directory. We will be following up with additional emails as well as reunion postings on the HMM-365 website,


Henry Heinzerling    Basil Atad