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Email for HMM-365 Vietnam, 2003


1st LAAM
Agent Orange
H-34 Restoration
Hachmiester, Wm. F.
HMM-361 Association
Martin, William
McEachran, Robert
Monkey Mountain
Reunion 2002

Date: Sun, 19 Jan 2003 19:16:34 -0600
From: "Bil & Patsy Martin"
Subject: Reunion 2002 pictures


Sorry I have been so slow about getting these pictures to you. What can I say --- I'm old and slow.

To get to the pictures use member name "hmm365".

I have been going back to Bell as a contractor a fair amount lately. We are trying to get the XV-15 back to a flyable status for some more experimental work this late spring or summer. The FAA license has expired, ejection seat pyrotechnics had expired, time life had run out on proprotor blade T-T straps etc., etc.

I have to make about a hundred mile round trip tomorrow to pick up the ejection seat parachutes from the rigger who has done the required repacking to them.

Hope these pictures are useful. I have never used any from Picturetrail so if you want them but cannot obtain them from this site, let me know and we can try something else to get them to you.

Bill Martin

Date: Fri, 17 Jan 2003 15:51:28 EST
Subject: HMM 361H-34 restoration project

Hi Guys,
A while back I got a mailing from HMM 361 Vets. Assoc. about a H-34 they are restoring. Bureau # is150570 which was one of ours that we turned over to them when they relieved us in July of '65. They were asking for money so I sent along a check and wished them LUCK. I had mentioned that I had flown the a/c in Country and got a call from Al Weiss the project coordinator asking for all and any info on the history of the a/c. To that end I direct this correspondence. Should any of you have worked on, flown, crashed, etc., this a/c or wish to aid in it's resurrection contact: OR

Semper Fi , Bob

Date: Sat, 11 Jan 2003 12:55:16 -1000
From: "Dixeen Sakamoto\\WF Hachmiester"
Subject: 1965/66 DaNang airport

Aloha, In 1965/66 I was with 1st LAAM Battalion located at the DaNang airport, and Monkey Mountain. I recieved your name from your web site:

Now I'm under agent orange and PTSD review by the VA. I have many medical issues which are proving true for AO or tropical related illnesses.

From those history studies and contacts with former members of our unit, I think it would be in the best interest of the SeaBees, who I was with on Monkey Mountain to be in contact with me, and other members of our HAWK unit in 1965. I think they can also help me with establishing entitlement.

I was on LAAM's Switchboard watch the night the sappers blewup the Airforce jets, and Ranch Hand C-130s, and killed Jenson.

I recall a helicopter crash in DaNang where the copter came down hard, the crew chief fell, or jumped out, and the copter bounched up, flipped over, then came down killing the pilots. Do you have any record of that event.

Thank You,

William F. Hachmeister
Former USMC, L/Cpl
1st LAAMs, "B" Battery
Marine Medium Helicopter Squadron 365, Vietnam
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Enrique del Rosario, Editor

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