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in Vietnam

Personal Data Form

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For the HMM-365 Vietnam Living History Raw Data Bank

Which of these duties/sections were you involved in with HMM-365?
Naval Aviator/Naval Aviation Pilot
Forward Air Controller
Aircraft Crew Member
Combat Air Crewmember
Aircraft Observer
Aviation Meteorologist
Flight Surgeon
Navy Corpsman
Aviation Ground Support
Aircraft Machinegunner
Administration Section
Intelligence Section
Operations Section
Logistics/Supply Section
Ordnance/Weapons Section
Aviation Mechanic/Machine Shop
Aviation Electrician/Electronics
Radio and Communications
Parachute Rigger/Paraloft/Flight Equipment
Ground Transportation
Combat Recovery Team
Ground Security


Medals, citations, badges, awards, and honors received while serving in the armed forces of the United States (entire military career)

What is the highest rank you held in any of the armed services?

What rank did you leave the Marine Corps with?

When did you enter the Marine Corps?

When did you leave the Marine Corps?

Did you retire from the Marine Corps (or other service)?

When did you retire from the Marine Corps (or other served)?

What units did you serve with while in the Marine Corps?

What units did you serve with while in Vietnam?

What other years were you in Vietnam?

What other wars, campaigns, deployments, etc., did you participate in or out of the armed forces of the U.S.? (e.g., USMC Korean War, Air America Laos, UN Bosnia, etc.)

In what state (or country) do you now reside?

What are you doing with yourself nowadays?

What unit were you in prior to reporting to HMM-365?

When and where did you join the squadron?

What was your primary duty with the squadron? (regardless of MOS)

What secondary duties did you perform with the squadron?

How were you trained for your primary duty? secondary duties?

Did you feel that your training adequately prepare you to perform your duties in a combat environment?
no yes

Did you volunteer to join HMM-365 knowing that the squadron was to assigned combat duty in Vietnam?
no yes

How did you feel about the prospect of being involved in combat?

How did your family feel about your assignment to a combat unit?

When and where did you first enter Vietnam?

What was your first impression of Vietnam? the Vietnamese people? the ARVN? the VC? the Vietnamese political situation?

What was your first impression of the USMC personnel in Vietnam? the living quarters/compound in DaNang?

What weapon(s) were you issued or use during your tour of duty with the squadron?

What equipment did you use?

What aircraft did you fly or crew?

When and where was your most memorable combat mission?

Who was with you on that combat mission?

What happened during that mission?

What was the terrain like around DaNang, enroute, and at the mission site(s)?

What was the weather like around DaNang, enroute, and at the mission site(s)?

What weapon(s) did you carry on the aircraft/mission site? what other equipment/supplies?

Was contact made with the enemy?
no yes

Was there an exchange of fire?
no yes details

Did any USMC/USN personnel get hit during the exchange of fire? if so, who, and details of the hit?
no yes

Did any USMC aircraft sustain any damage during the mission? if so, details?
no yes

(optional - to be added to the Squadron Directory and protected by a password)
Address and phone number


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Semper Fi.........del Rosario

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