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News from AquaRose

Hi, I am the new Webmistress here... I am just getting use to html codes so it could be awhile before I get it under control... but do not fear... I plan to make Otoh Gunga a better site... So hold tight and give me a few days to figure this all out...

Sorry about not updating this site recently... I might add more later on this month... but I barly have timet to get online at all anymore. So I will add more. Sooner or later*smacks her head on her keyboard and falls asleep cause it is 3 in the morning*

News from Lucas about Episodes 7,8,9:

Question - "Do you have a Jedi apprentice appointed
to continue the story after you're gone?"

Lucas - "(joking) Well if something ever happens to me they will quickly put me in my refrigerator. (laughs) But no I have no Jedi apprentice. I have people in place to oversee the my companies after I'm gone but as for the movies, I don't want there to be any more movies after I do these 6. The movies are my thing and even though Star Wars has grown to be this huge thing I don't want anyone doing more movies after this. The story will be continued in book form at what-have-you, but not in movies. I don't want it to become like Star Trek where they just go on-and-on with the same stuff."

What you should expect...

Let us say that AquaRose is no html Queen and is planning on getting a book from a guy she knows... once reading this she might have a chance at adding some new stuff to this site... But for now I am just going to add a few new things and leave it at that.

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Padme Naberrie Online

I think I found a new webmistress for this site
Aqua Rose