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The Page about Cute Furby!!!!

This Page is Uplouded at July 11, 1999

This is a page, especially for..YOU!! The one and only Furby Lover. What???? Do I hear some of you say: "What's a Furby?" Well. let me explain! A Furby is an interactive animal. But.. a Furby has SENSORS. He has a sensor in his TUMMY. This means he can feel it when you tickle his tummy. When you tickle his tummy, he might say: "Nee-tye Kah Koh-Koh" ("Tickle me more) He also has a sensor on his back, so he can feel it when you pet his back. When you pet his back, he might say: "Ah-may Koh Koh" (Pet me again) He has a light sensor above his eyes, so he can see it when you turn out the light, or turn the light on. When it becomes dark, he might say: "A-loh Doo?" ("Where's the light?") Or when you turn the light on, he might say: "Dah A-loh U-tye" ("Sun up, Goodmorning")Or he might say: "Hey Kay Ay-ay U-nye!" ("Hey, I see you!") When he has a sensor to SEE, he has ofcourse also a sensor to HEAR. His sensor to hear lays near his ears. When he hears something, he might say: "Dah Lee-koo Wah!" ("Big Sound!) And, his last sensor is in him. That's the sensor he can FEEL with. So he can feel it when you turn him up side down, or just move him. He might say: "Nah-bah" ("Down") when he wants you to put him back on the ground, but if he likes it, he will say: "Wah!" ("Wow!) If you want to see more translations, go to

My Furby-dictionary Page

Take a look at this!

Yes, I know it's not a very original pic, but, still, it's cute.. I myself have also a Furby (ofcourse!), he's a gray zebra with black stripes. I originally wanted a white one, but they weren't availble anymore. To learn more about my Furby, go to:

U-tye's Page (My Furby's name)

My Favorite things about Furby

  • So Cute!!!!
  • Keeps al your secrets, and tells you his
  • So very soft!!!

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