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"The Approaching Storm" Marching Band

The Delaware State University Band Better Known As "The Approaching Storm"has quickly become one of the top University Band programs in the nation. The D.S.U Band is known as "The Approaching Storm" because of it's cascade of sound and it's kaleidoscope of movement.It's an exciting, enteraining, highstepping, dancing and prancing unit. The Storm also features the "SWEET 16" ( The DSU flag Team) And "D" ELEGANCE (The DSU dancers).

Tamika shows why the The D.S.U dancers are called D'ELEGANCE.

What Is The Delaware State University Marching Band??

The Delaware State University Band is a total Band Program dedicated to academic excellence, citizenship and musical development of it's students. The Band Program has four componets, which are: Marching Band, Concert Band, Jazz Band and Pep Band. The D.S.U Band is a dedicated group of students who work together in a cooperative manner. If you're in a high school band and interested in receiving a quality education, then this organization is for you.

Dewane(above) in concert formation.Wayne(left) is a member of "The Eye Of The Storm", The D.S.U. percussion section