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Welcome to my homepage! In case you have never met me, I will give you a brief synopsis about myself. I like to have fun and enjoy life to the fullest. I detest people who lie, cheat, and deceive (this means you, E. B.). I love animals and nature. I am single but have not ruled marriage out quite yet...I just need to find the right one! (That is what my grandmother, "Sweetie" tells me, and I trust her judgement after being around for 91 yrs. so far!!! Go ahead, Girl!!!). In the meantime, I am happy to be alive and to have God, friends, family, and pets for reciprocal love.

Samoyed Ring

This Samoyed Ring site
is owned by Zen and Cierra.

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Want to see my Family Photo Album? (Currently undergoing approval by family members...)

Visit My Friend Shelbie's Arizona Hideaway!!

If you click here, you can go and see my Samoyed family, Zen, Cierra, Champagne, and Tara!

Want to see the Gift of Hope? By clicking here, you can see the Volunteer work that I do in my spare time when I am not raising my Samoyeds and African Ciclids...I am working on fish pics; they do not hold very still though, for the camera... :)

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