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B-I-B-L-E 10-10 Home Page

What's B-I-B-L-E 10-10?

B-I-B-L-E 10-10 is a Christian mock radio show a friend of mine and I made up for a school project. It was such a success, that my brother, Aaron, and I wrote B-I-B-L-E 10-10 scripts and recorded ourselves unto blank tapes for fun. Our babysitters, Susan and Mellisa Hawkins, heard the tapes and wanted to record one with us. This started the Annual B-I-B-L-E 10-10 tapes, which we do annually up to date. When we moved to Australia, we started showing our Aussie friends B-I-B-L-E 10-10 and have created an Australian B-I-B-L-E 10-10 Office.

Over the years, we've improved B-I-B-L-E 10-10, and today is a quality program our whole family enjoys. Who know's? Maybe someday it will be heard on national radio!!

B-I-B-L-E 10-10 Radio Station and B-I-B-L-E, Yes that's the book for me!:

A few weeks ago, my close friend, Kalem, and I were having devotionals and the Lord gave Kalem this GRRREAT brainstorm. We could create B-I-B-L-E 10-10's for kids and lend them out at the church library! We decided to make two series. One for intermediates(Ages 8-12) which we called B-I-B-L-E 10-10 Radio Station. The other was created for younger kids (ages 5-8) which we en-titled "B-I-B-L-E, Yes that's the book for me!!". We are still working on our premier scripts.

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